Alright, VHBL is back on 1.80!


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  1. A-12 says:

    WOOT! Waiting anxiously

  2. Wololosupporter says:

    Sweet scared me for a bit

  3. jotax says:

    Super!! Waiting… thanks

  4. theknox1992 says:

    great to hear

  5. Draven says:

    Happy, happy day. Please, though, wait until Friday. Friday is payday for a LOT of people. That way, the maximum amount of gamers can get in on this round. You rock.

  6. Oops says:

    Just spent my money… Lets just hope one of the games are manhunt 2 D:

  7. ILOVEWOLOLO says:


  8. Jvhellraiser says:

    So one thing wololo i would like to ask
    Was open CMA updated? Or was only
    VHBL or both and if open CMA got fix
    is there a new version or is just the old
    One with new files? If it is when we can
    See the downloads of the update files?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Link2999 says:

    YAYA!!!! Now to stare at my inbox for the next few days…

  10. jacob says:


    – Sorry for the caps but this is vital:

    You shouldn’t release it yet as the compatibility for ps1 games differs between regions… and we Americans cannot play most games yet MEANING…

    We’ll need a firmware update before most of our ps1 games will become compatible.

    • wololo says:

      This is not relevant. There will always be a next firmware.

      • GingerIpods says:

        Will the current OpenCMA suffice for copying the files over or will there be an update?

      • -X-77 says:

        i would have to agree. The longer you wait before you actually publicly release the cobra game the better.

        But thats only cause i get the feeling these game exploits dont exactly grow on trees in you get me. Just use them wisely is all.

    • Wrozen says:

      No. They said they will roll out more and more each week. No firmware update is neccesary for them to do that. Perhaps a store maintainance could be neccesary but still unlikely.

      • Wrozen says:

        And right wololo, they will always have to eventually update the firmware to improve (or worsen) the software and hardware.

      • jacob says:

        Hm. Okay, I gotcha! Sorry about the caps, I just thought it was something to be aware of. Thanks for the comment, Wololo =) I really appreciate what you’re doing!

        And so the ps1 games that wont transfer on the usa vita (despite doing so on the eur ones) are still compatible? =)

    • GingerIpods says:

      The support to play ALL PS1 games is already there, there will be no further updates needed to play PS1 games, thats like bringing out a new FW every time a new Vita game is released. All that will happen is that your PSN store will be updated with more Classic titles

  11. CooLMaN says:

    Great! Nice Work WOLOLO!

  12. stonie says:

    worry not jacob, for if u did alittle reading here u might have found that these good gents have been hanging onto multiple exploits, and it’s not like they are going to release more then one at a time. big rule of thumb in this sceene is to NEVER leave ur backdoor open, for sony will surly close it πŸ˜›

  13. ghack says:

    do we have to join the forum to get the files???

    • Jose says:

      Not exactly, but it would be best to join the forums because you get the release much, much earlier than the normal blog post.

      I’d say join, and contribute to the community a little, and you’ll get the game at an earlier time than the rest.

      But NO, you do not have to join, you could get the game here in the blog, but keep in mind you’ll only get about 2 hours from the blog post to acquire the game.

  14. HIMFan says:

    Maybe we see a ninja release while you fine tune VHBL?

  15. Multiboy2K says:

    Fantastic news.
    Hope restored to all!

  16. Khyle says:

    Fantastic news thanks!

  17. abdou005 says:

    Wololo you are the MAN :D:D:D. We are proud of you πŸ˜€

  18. Psvitality says:

    Can’t wait for the release

  19. CrystalMusic says:

    WooooooooooHoooooooooooooo!!! Oh yeah!!! vita is going better than ever πŸ™‚

  20. josama says:

    espero con ansias que se entregue luego… gracias wololo

  21. uzku says:

    great news!!!! Im only worried if one can still use psn store with vhbl and the new 1.80. firmware.

    thank you soooo much for your incredible work!

  22. -X-77 says:

    So with this news its finally the confirming news i needed to suck it up and update from 1.61 to 1.80…

    Here i go! Updating!

    note- I will take my very sweat time updating. Anyone feel free to stop me if you object.

  23. spokmoppa says:

    can you confirm whether the game is available on the au ps store?

  24. zero says:

    Thats right. . I have 2 vitas( i sold 2 πŸ™ ) waiting for test the xploit =]

  25. jon says:

    wololo so is the game available in the asian psn store?

  26. james way says:

    Yeah any updates for PS1 compatability will be done on the game’s end, not the Vita’s. From personal experience. I had the install file for FF7 on my ps3. As soon as I updated to 1.8, I transferred it over and also Syphon Filter. FF7 the buttons did not work in-game, for some reason it worked in the menus at the beginning, but once the game loaded, nothing. syphon filter worked perfectly fine. A few hours later, when the game was available through the vita’s store, I re-downloaded it and it worked fine. Syphon filter was not in this version of the store, but that still worked fine, I also got some games that are not on the list that wololo gave us. I got like $60 worth of ps1 games, strange that I am using the vita more to play psp and ps1 games, so getting VHBL now is awesome and I’ll be playing until the next firmware and VHBL release.

  27. james way says:

    Oh and one question to Wololo. Once you release the game to be exploited for the VHBL install, all I need is to purchase it from the Vita’s store and have it saved on my vita. When I choose to install VHBL is of no relevance, right? Only reason I ask is that I’ll have the Vita with me all the time, to get the needed game, but I may not have the USB cable to transfer the needed files over, or a pc for that matter.

  28. Thorwak says:

    Really looking forward to the release, I have been missing VHBL lately. Many thanks to Wololo who keeps coordinating this effort, you are something else! Also thanks to everyone who contributed and made this possible!

  29. youngoz says:

    smh… now I won’t fall asleep anytime soon!!! Thanks Wololo!!! Keep up the great work!! πŸ™‚

  30. Raziel says:

    Jesus Christ lol.. *Wait For THiS Day* *Do This* *Do That* It really is a almost thankless job..well I wouldnt say *job* but it must get annoying at these demands. Release it whenever the *** you want Wololo thank you for all the hard work you have done for us.

    Can’t wait till I can play some old games from my childhood and fiddle around with some *small stuff for now* I hate being stranglehold by a Company like this.
    Hopefully I can Sprint to the shop’s in time for when it is released to buy a PSN card haha !.

    • Draven says:

      No one was “demanding” anything. Since I am not greedy, I want as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of this as possible. Friday IS payday for most people. If the entire intent is to make sure as many gamers as possible are able to enjoy VHBL before it the exploitable game gets yanked from the PSN, then my request makes sense.

  31. OMightyBuggy says:

    Awesome. Keep up the good work.

    As for me I am leaving the PS Vita and Sony scene. I sold my Vita, I am done with Sonys ***. Going to get an Android device and wait for my Ouya.

    • xSpectrum says:

      Because we all know that the Ouya is going to be perfect.
      Good luck with that Nexus tab though.

      • OMightyBuggy says:

        I doub’t it will be perfect but it will be better then all the lies and waiting from Sony.

        Not gonna get the Nexus, no idea yet of what I want.

  32. Lolipoop Chainsaw says:

    Damn it Wololo just release the *** goods. I wait no longer ***. -___-

  33. Γ—_Γ— says:

    Release it tommorrow i cant wait

  34. scooter61686 says:

    just wanted to say thank you Wololo for all your hard work, and neurOn, The Cobra and anyone else who has helped in any way, shape or form, the excitement makes people crazy. Just keep up the good fight and i cant wait to see all the cool things you have planned for this and future VHBL releases!!!! -sincerely, THANK YOU ps are you interested at all in homebrew on the 3DS/3DS XL?

  35. I got a question, say someone bought the game on psn store to get the VHBL, can they share the game to get VHBL

    • Jose says:

      You cannot share PSP games I think, I think only one Vita can be activated to an account at a time.

      So it would be impossible or a pain at best.

      Just try to find ways to get money before the game is released, most of the time it’s worth it.

  36. Chomp1Ra says:

    Where is the price of game?

    • Jose says:

      He doesn’t release any information about the game until:

      A. You get the Ninja release from the /talk boards.

      B. You wait until the game itself is released on this page

      Don’t ask for details just yet, wait patiently like all of us, then we’ll be happy.

      Just trying to help.

  37. Reaper666 says:

    you cant share the game with other people if that’s what you mean because of the licencing … or something … i did manage to mess around in older versions of the vita tho .. and got it to install but i guess it wasn’t the right path or something so it didn’t work … tho….. ah .. never mind … long story short you cant…or cant/yet … never mind noob talking

  38. Teleus says:

    Great news Wololo; thank you, and the rest of the scene, for all of the hard work. I only want to put Bookr and a comic reader on my Vita, then I can leave my Android tab at home. Sony really have no idea what a great piece if kit they are wasting!

  39. MGB says:

    looking forward to try it for first time πŸ™‚

  40. Fabian says:

    Yeaaaa!!! Niccceee wololo but can u give the instrictions how to download it, its my first time for the psVita!!?

    ok goodbye!!!

    P.S i know that u was a HERO!