Alright, VHBL is back on 1.80!


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  1. Pokemaster says:

    how are you eligible for the ninja release again i cant find the page and i remember it being brought up a few posts ago

  2. 91 says:

    Psx and Vhbl. Win win. B Thanx wololo

  3. g815 says:

    How can I register to become part of the ninja release?

  4. Minimur says:

    so vhbl is like a game save thats a game in itself that plays emulators? simples

  5. pain says:

    wow! i cant w8 for this.

  6. AyeGuy1 says:

    Hopefully “Tony”‘s Costume Firmware will be out soon.

  7. theone says:

    VHBL VHBL hmmm, i want it but is it really worth to stop accessing psn or updating my ps vita because of emulators? i don’t think so, i got excited when i heard about the ARCHOS gamepad with physical buttons -7inch screen- yeahh emulation without any restriction , plus no longer need to wait for any sort of ninja release , :),

  8. oxMUDxo says:

    So I have SC3/VHBL, if I update to 1.80 will I lose it?
    lol, really want to play Twisted Metal 2 on my Vita.

    • Asmith906 says:

      if you update to 1.80 you will lose access to the SC3 VHBL

      • oxMUDxo says:

        I thought so. :/ what to do what to do….
        I guess I’m gonna risk it, and hope to get the next VHBL.
        Gonna miss Wagic and the NES.

  9. Fabian says:

    dear wololo, we all need soon back to school,
    so give a fast answer!!
    do u gonne release it before school time begins or later!!!
    plz we need to know it tell us plz. i dont wanne mis it again!!!

    i dont want a answer like : Do as everybody and follow the site!

    i need fast and Good answer !!! like every body here.
    every body here know’s that u and ur team awesome is!!!
    plz i dont wanne mis it again !!!
    do u understand me?

    we are waiting sooo long!!
    oke good bye 🙂 !!!!

  10. Fabian says:

    yo wololo well, when do u know more about the VHBL release? (Ninja release)

    well can u give us some more information?
    not only this info: ”do the same as everybody and follow the ninja release”

    ok good bye 🙂 !

  11. thevoice says:

    Well it made sense to me (if close to ready) it would have been released this weekend as we all know the $ony trolls aren’t all working on the weekend and less on stat at taking things down.

    Of course, if not the case on being ready, I still think we should wait until a “saturday or sunday” release.

  12. Devan says:

    Soo when is it coming out?

  13. cain kirisgai says:

    wow all these damn people keep asking when its released just wait damn it i hope wololo looks at everyone that keeps asking and then denies them access to the ninja release be glad you guys even have something to look forward to.

  14. cain kirisgai says:

    oh and a big thank you out to wololo, vhbl team, and any coder out there that has brought this over from the psp and made any sort of homebrew,app, or mod possible on the vita

  15. Manuelito says:

    What kind of studies i need to do, to become a coder? Is it hard? I think is very exiting, o well, thank for all your work, i want to learn to be helpfull to the community.



    All I want to know is if, like Frank said, we could get the post emailed to us. Thanks Wololo I for one appreciate all that you’ve done for us!

    • mingmong24 says:

      im like everyone else cant wait for it to b released, but wont b asking for a release date/time. just wish u wud inform us when u go shopping and stuff like that cos im visiting the forum all the time whilst your probably putting beans and stuff in ya trolly lol i cud relax for a hour then ha

  17. reaper says:

    Thank you wololo and take as much time as you need.

  18. Georg says:

    awsame i got the update a fue days ago

  19. oxMUDxo says:

    Firstys! 😉

  20. wimmy says:

    la espera se hace insufrible !!!!!! para cuando el nombre !! cuanto costará como máximo???? saludos…

  21. biboune11 says:

    it’s too hard to wait
    you is very cruel 🙂

  22. AyeGuy1 says:

    I just put $20 dollars in my account. Can’t wait for the ninja release. 🙂

  23. psvita_user says:

    Wololo do u think u can make a ds emulator for the ps vita

  24. psvita_user says:

    Cant wait to play gba games on the ps vita screen

  25. Pluging_Xd says:

    Hello, i just wanna know when the will be full jailbreak for ps vita.
    Please answer on my email THX

  26. ssman says:

    Im looking forward to getting this it sucks when you miss it like i did last time 🙂 would be nice if i already have the game
    Thank you wololo.

  27. Jdubs says:

    Arrrrg. Only been a forum member for 2 months so i know i have some waiting to do. Cant take it!! Lol. Thnx btw to everyone for making this happen.

  28. psvita_user says:

    how can i start on my own exploit/ hack

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ok guys, you know the drill!

    On this page I reveal the name of the PSP game used by Neur0n to run HBL on the Vita.
    Due to the many securities on the Vita, We are now doing “ninja releases”, so please bear with me, and read this.

    You are one of the very few people who can see the contents of this page. This is because I trust you to not make this information public, and keep it to yourself, until I let you know it’s not a secret anymore. If this information is not kept a secret, Sony will remove the game from the store, and we will lose the exploit, so I’m hoping I can trust you here. In a few days/weeks you will see a download link for HBL itself on this same page. I am not distributing HBL now because Sony monitors the crashes that come from the PS Vita, and if you were to use HBL extensively now, Sony could see what game is being involved, and you would unintentionally leak the exploit to Sony.

    By releasing the exploit this way, I’m trying to make sure that at least the people I trust have a few days to get access to the game, and then even if Sony patches it later on you should be able to use the exploit.
    Ok, let’s sum this up again

    You are seeing this page because you are one of the few people I trust with the secret, and I found no more efficient way to make the exploit “public” without wasting it
    This page for now will only give you the name of the game, HBL itself will come later
    Please do not share this information publicly, with your friends at school or whatever, this is the only way this thing will work. Other people will have access to the exploit too very soon, assuming we don’t mess things up
    The game with the exploit is not free, and what we are giving you is only HBL, a Homebrew Loader for the PSP within the Vita. This exploit is not convenient, probably not very useful, and easy to patch. I cannot even guarantee it will work for you if Sony decides to patch it randomly, or if they find ways to force patch our PSPs or something. It is also very possible that other people are working on much more intersting hacks that will render this one useless
    OK, read the point above once more, I give no guarantee, you don’t have to buy the game, so don’t make me responsible if for some reason that doesn’t work out for you. It’s your money, and your choice
    Ok here’s the name of the game Show
    The Game is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Monster Hunter 2ndG in Japan)

    Availability: The game is Available in most stores as far as I know. If you know a store where it cannot be found, please let me know. BE SURE to use the SEARCH function of the store before reporting that the game is missing!
    Compatibility and limitations: check this blog post for a list of tested homebrews
    Not happy with the limitations and/or the price of the game? It might be ok to wait, we potentially have other exploitable games, but we cannot promise anything, the choice is yours.

    VHBL itself will be released at the same time we make the public announcement, in a few days/weeks. Thanks for your trust, and again let’s keep this a secret so that as many people as possible can benefit this hack.

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us

  30. tiago_tommy says:

    wololo..i can update 169 to 180 normal?…with no fear…i have much games 4 games demo an 2 games free(thanks to the two free 😉 if i have 180 i can run hvbl with no money 😉 ????

  31. tiago_tommy says:

    It’s Me That You understood!!!!? 😉

  32. psvita_user says:

    is this true

  33. PAULO says:

    Anonymous Did you get this information directly from neuron?

  34. tiago_tommy says:

    have vhbl to 1.69?
    need money in 1.69?

    pleeeeease wololo