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VHBL: Neur0n improves homebrew compatibility


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35 Responses

  1. kitzuki says:

    Cool Stuff keep up the good work guys

  2. Andalia says:

    Thats awesome! Thanks a lot for that neueOn!

  3. Zach says:

    What if Sony is just playing the waiting game by waiting to release 1.80 after your exploit is released so they can instantly patch it?

    • Jd8531 says:

      They’re not, waiting costs them money and also 1.80 is a system update, VHBL runs through a game exploit…they’d have to patch the game on psn. The only way 1.80 could hurt us is if it has new security measures which is unlikely. Otherwise they will probably pull the game like before and release a small update to change things like eg 1.80.1

  4. ZeRo says:

    Yei! Waiting, go go go !

  5. razor says:

    what’s the difference between Snes9xTYL and uoSnes9X?

    • wololo says:

      They are completely different ports of the snes9X emulator. They use different functions, optimizations, etc…

  6. Praxis says:

    Hey wololo,
    for the next 2 weeks im going to be out of the country, so im obviously going to miss the 1.80 + VHBL release.

    I was wondering since im going to miss it, is there a way to get the game ISO pirated(somehow edit the eboot so that its under my PSN)and transfer it to my vita with content manager? thanks and i hope you respond to this

    • wololo says:

      Sadly, no, this will not be possible

    • Dutt says:

      Only way you could get it is to get a friend to log in with you PSN account Buy and download it then you have it..(they will need to do this on there ps3..

  7. Jd8531 says:

    Hey Wololo, i was wondering if you have tested any newer builds of Daedalus64 since your post that run better, and im also curious to what you meant by “even on CFW it runs slow” because i was running mine full speed, no lag on both my pspgo and psp 2-3k before i got my vita.

  8. Etnies22 says:

    Maybe it was meant that now with vhbl there is no kernel acces and only psp ˝emulated hardware˝ acces is unlocked…
    We need to find working kxploit to fully unlock all hardware performance, am I correct?

    • Jd8531 says:

      That’s right but he said on CFW, which vita doesn’t have. So Im under the assumption he was referring to psp. I guess he meant using the VHBL version on psp

  9. shennaichuangji says:

    we need psp games

  10. TelcoLou says:

    “Really soon” can’t come soon enough 😀

    • Jd8531 says:

      Well “soon”, it might just be today. Gamescom is today and Sony is announcing vita stuff. It would shock me if they didn’t release it.

  11. James Way says:

    So being that my vita is on craigslist and I have 5 offers for it already, I mean wifi vita w/ 32gb card, rayman origins, charger, usb and invisishield for $250, should I wait. And if there are rumors, rumors as to when? I’ve looked everywhere I can’t get an answer of a week, a few days or anything like that. At this point I got a rooted android app with a psone emulator to play FF7. I bouhgt FF7 from PSN and it was the only reason I wanted the vita, FF7 on the go. In essence no real reason to have the vita, aside from analog stick. Will it be a few days?

    • kitzuki says:

      you bought a vita to play psone games?…
      please sell it
      and know that every system and handheld have issues with games within the first year

    • Jd8531 says:

      DON’T SELL IT. Trust me, keep it or you’ll regret selling it. It could be today at Gamescom, if not we will get a release date but otherwise better things are coming.

  12. King says:

    cant wait to play nazi zombies on my vita how do i put the homebrew after getting the game exploit and stuff pm me on youtube SuperVisionaryHD or Follow My Twitter TheAwsome0N3

  13. Vero says:

    Hey wololo, will I still be able to access the PSN store after they have ‘patched’ the game?
    I have been waiting for the PS1 games for a long time and if I can’t access the store to buy the PS1 games with VHBL I think I will skip this release.

    Anyways, you and the other guys are doing an awesome job with VHBL and I hope that you will continue doing what you’re doing. 🙂

  14. tromendus671 says:

    So I have to use the ps3 to get the vhbl 1.80?

  15. Martin says:

    Hey wololo can you tell me if there is any VHBL compability for gta china town wars?

    • Toni Lee says:

      I dont think so. It would be touch the core of psp emulator which is out of their hands at the moment.

  16. James Way says:

    I didn’t buy it. My girl got it for my bday. Reason I didn’t get it was because I didn’t think it was worth it yet. No ir, no psone games, expensive *** games, few games too, and too early to have used games. I think I can wait a few days.

  17. Bobby Harrell says:

    Wololo, do any of the exploits that have been found make it possible for Permanent CFW like my PSP Go has with 6.20? .. Thanks

    • Khyle says:

      I wanna say permanent cfw requires a kernel exploit and if they have one which someone does they aren’t going to release it any time soon just wait =D

      • trey says:

        I thought Davee had found one for a previous firmware, but he decided not to release it to the public.

  18. winterer83 says:

    Does the newer VHBL contain hk version?

    • wololo says:

      As far as I can tell there is no HK version of the game. Usually it means HK gets the EU or US version

  19. MrRetard says:

    i missed the vhbl of sc3 so i was watching youtube of someone using it i think his user name was wololo france i think and he told me to f*k myself for missing and make my own exploit. well if ur the same wololo im def not a hacker or do i have the feasible brain to make it so.. ive been checking here everyday hoping i wont miss the 1.80 release. but sony takes games off psn within 4 hours right?

    • wololo says:

      That probably was me, yeah. Do you think I went to a “Sony hackers” school? No I didn’t. All the stuff I know, I learned from the internet. ALL the information you need for PSP basic hacking is available for free on the net. You should trust your brain more. finding the exploits we use for VHBL is fairly simple. Not “dead simple”, but reasonably simple. Tutorial here: http://wololo.net/2009/03/11/finding-gamesaves-exploits-on-the-psp/

      and remember: I’m telling you to find your own exploit not to insult you or anything like that, but to prove you that it’s not as difficult as some people believe it is. Again, it is not dead simple, but not too difficult. The more of us get the knowledge on how to do this, the more of us will be able to get to the next levels (kernel exploits, etc…). By gaining the knowledge to find your own exploits, you become a huge asset for the scene.

      • Malin says:

        If you had a +1 button here I’d be clicking it wololo, great post and something all noobs should see, hacking, cracking, exploiting and coding aren’t some voodoo black magic but are actually real obtainable skills if you are prepared to put the time an effort in.

        Very few people have the ability to look at and understand code without having spent a number of hours learning previously.

        These days kids want hacks and exploits instantly without being prepared to do any of the groundwork themselves

  20. Drew says:

    Will there ever be a hack where you don’t need to purchase any games?