Vita: New exploit and VHBL port in the works by Xerpi


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  1. TicoSneaks says:

    you guys are amazing thanks for all the work. Waiting patiently

  2. Peter says:

    im bored of waiting

    • wololo says:

      Then find your own exploit 🙂 Dozens of people have found their exploit, a good half of them were able to port VHBL to it. Even for newbies, with a bit of luck, porting VHBL takes about 2h if you have an exploit with “good” imports.
      It *really* is not that hard.

      Otherwise, just wait.

      • dimy93 says:

        It’s about that luck U need to hit the right game that would prove to be exploitable and then prove to have the right imports

      • z3r01 says:

        hey wololo, to find exploits, i need a psp right? I’m thinking of buying one, although i have a psp but the screen is eh i think and the mud tray might be messed up

        • dimy93 says:

          cfw +remotejoy should do the trick – no need of new psp for that purpose(as long as pspsh and remotejoy don’t mess with each other)

        • xSpectrum says:

          My screen is jacked up too (I can’t see anything, its 100% out), I use RemoteJoy and plug it into my computer. It would probably be better to use PSN games too.

          Just trying to help, since none of the games I have turned any results.

  3. mirko8054 says:

    wololo, when the VHBL can be release for 1.69, i can’t wait.

    • hene193 says:

      If you can read the blog he says that he won’t relase VHBL to 1.69 or 1.67! He will relase it when we get 1.80 (or 2.0) that will bring us ps1 support.

  4. cristian says:

    can be for the version 1.67

  5. OMightyBuggy says:

    Nice work. 🙂

  6. tut31 says:

    OK if there are two exploits in the works, certainly one can be released now in the event Sony patches later right? Why wait for 1.80 and risk Sony getting wise and patching the potentially exploit? Please release one of these now so users can enjoy the sweet nectar of retro gaming

    • UE says:

      Or they could keep both in the wings and stagger the release so that people who miss the first one get the second release (the smart move)

      • MrBrN197 says:

        Stop giving suggestions to them. We are the ones who cant hack the vita so i think they know what is best. So just be patient, we are not waiting for no reason.

    • SSJ-Vita says:

      I think I feel you on that, maybe throwing sony a bone and let them know that it’s about the users. Make ourselves slightly vulnerable to one less entry with 1.8 or 2.0 whichever, and maybe they’ll change their tactics and lighten up. Probably would’nt work though so I PERSONALLY wouldn’t try it, But yeah I feel what that guys saying though.

  7. DrROBschiz says:

    Hopefully all this work will eventually lead to PSP CFW functionality.

    At least seplugins support… Really want to play my psp imports in english again.

  8. vhblfans says:

    wololo,i waiting for you ! ha~ha~

  9. DongsMBM says:

    lol, i just pick up a psp3000 for finding exploit and there’s another been found?…..oh guys, leave one for me, XD

  10. jd20dog says:

    nice work
    hope that its not needed any time soon though

  11. shades says:

    Awaiting the day until PSVita SCFW! until then, can’t wait for the next game title is released~at least after my Vita finally ships here, anyway. Keep up the great work guys!

  12. jawsus says:

    No it’s their exploits they will release it when they think it is the appropriate time. If you are so anxious for vhbl then find your own exploit and port vhbl to it.

  13. Nobo says:

    Is there any tutorial for finding exploits?

  14. Chocogow says:

    I sugest that you release xerpi exploit on 1.691 because it couldbe that sony patches the vhbl for good with the new usefull update im was lucky enought to get super collapse 3 but some people arent that lucky in my opinion you have 2 exploits why not releaseone on1.691 I knowits up xerpi to release but it would be great for the people who dont have it

    • ryugi says:

      what? because he release the vhbl for the 1.691? the sony don’t know the game for the 2 exploit and if we use one for the 1.80 the other we use for the next firware because use it for now and for release the 1.80 if blocked the exploit? i don’t understand…

      • dragng8 says:

        Maybe Sony is waiting for an exploit to be released or leaked publicly before they release 1.80. Their deadline i believe is by the end of the summer, so im guessing they may be doing final touches to the new firmware or just making us wait a little longer in hopes that they can patch a released exploit.

        • dragng8 says:

          So the best move IS to wait till 1.80. Until then, Im trying to decide on Gravity Rush or MGS HD. Decisions…….

  15. Chocogow says:

    What im saying is that xerpi shouldrelease his exploit and this firmware not 1.80 since we aslo dont know ifsony might patch vhbl for good rather they fix all of the exploits or renove something forit to run so it not 100% if sony will block it or not cause even do they dont kniw the games there is still a good chance they fix everything so vhbl wont run but its better that someone releasesone now

  16. G33420 says:

    you guys are awesome. its as simple as that.

  17. Multiboy2k says:

    This is awesome news.

  18. Green Ranger says:

    1. There’s no use to release it for now and it would be a waste to release it for FW 1.691.

    It still belongs to xerpi what he does but you guys crying around now that he should release ASAP. After this you guy’s would crying, because no exploit were available for FW > 1.80 FW or even better, If a PSP SCFW or even a way to break through the sandboxed emu gets released (don’t wont happen for now) and only works with a Usermode-Exploit with the right syscalls then you would have no way to use it because you want to play GBA Games a few weeks earlier…

    So be patient and stay calm…..

    2. Grab your PSP and enjoy GBA Games and such things on it for now…

  19. jdubz says:

    I think for most of us its not necessarily being impatient and needing it now, I think its the fear of missing the ninja release. As for me I can wait, I just don’t wanna be left out of the loop if i go a day w/o checking the site. I’m registered on the forums so I hope that won’t be the case. Btw, you guys are amazing.

  20. Mr_Lick_An_Areola says:

    Its great to know that there is two working exploits cuz I missed the first three by a long shot. PSP Go was so much easier to but HBL on -_-

  21. nune says:

    i just got one thing to say WHAT IF sony already knows the games that can be used at the moment and testing the devs to wait then when it 1.80 is released everything is gone don’t you think if you release it sony would release the update faster because many ps vita owners would want vhbl ?

  22. James Way says:

    If sony doesn’t release the new firmware by end of july I’m selling my vita with a game, 32gb mem card and zagg invisible shield on it all around coverage. I’ll get the samsung galaxt tab 2 with the IR capabilities. Id get the tablet S from sony, but screw them. They can’t work faster despite that they had promised this a while back and they won’t at least let the hacker community do it. Lose lose for all. I still question if it was that hard to include IR with the Vita, we have an unused port on the top of the device for future peripherals but based on Sony future releases, maybe by 2014. It would have been a good reason to not sell this paper weight. The games that I have been playing are mostly psp games, as there are few games worthy of the capabilities of the vita and then on top of that $40 a pop; even used games are still in the $30s. If I wanted to stick to minis, indie games or psp games I would have gotten a PSP and stuck with some online flash game site.

    • No1 says:

      What is the point with IR? Controlling the TV? I already have a remote for that, what else is it good for? Honest question.

  23. natsu says:

    Tony’s cfw.. where are you.. xd

    • Aye Guy says:

      Sleeping. XD

    • Green Ranger says:

      It won’t be released because it would be an waste of a kxploit.

      There’s no use to waste an rare kxploit for something we already have in a better way on the psp 😉

    leaked alpha footage of the new Medal of Honor Warfighter!
    btw sub to my channel thejimsterjim for more vids like this. I also post vita hacks, tutorials and info, but its pretty much what wololo posts, except you can see vhbl and all that working

    here is the link to the leaked footage:


  25. Raziel says:

    Really tired of all the little *** that keep *** and moaning about Wololo not releasing it now and rather waiting till 1.80. Waiting is a better idea then releasing it now, there is a extremely low chance of Sony ever finding out what games can be exploited if the only ones that know are Wololo and a few selective “hackers”
    Find your own exploit if your that keen for it, I know I come off as a *** but seriously tired of people telling Wololo what to do, for *** sake shut up.

    Do whatever the *** you want Wololo keep up the good work :).

  26. memku says:

    please give us a price rate of the game u.u

  27. Acid_Snake says:

    lucky guy, I’m having trouble with my exploit, but I think it’s doable

  28. luis says:

    wololo!!! when the hack will be release 4 i can hack the ps vita and get all game free am interest in mario games or is another thing please help i want emulator for that games or i need to wait the hbl for hack ps vita ?? i new on this

  29. do this wordk for ps vita and how to instal for ps vita
    i try this on my psp3000 and it dont work i see my old hbl do i need a pandora batery pls answer

  30. Kalda says:

    I think we all should wait with the cfws and exploits and all other stuff… I believe that if cfws come really early then Vita is gonna get ruined like PsP got ruined by Cfws…Btw on PsP u atleast had tons of games already to play but on Vita meh u know theres only few games… mho is we should wait till lots of kewl games come out and then hack that little ***… thats just ma honest opinion…

  31. zejose says:

    I dunno…
    Maybe these announces of new exploits wont make sony delay 1.80 fw release?
    Once again they will probably launch the fw to see vhbl running on it on the next day…
    Owww I want that PSX support that much!

  32. God says:

    Sony will try to crack it and be dicks. This only allows for homebrew like snes, nes stuff right? It doesn’t work for pirated new games right? But maybe Sony is right for trying to crack stuff like this if it leads to piracy. Meaning someone else might use the source-code and try to make it so Vita games are playable off the memory stick.

  33. Lucifer Kain says:

    Can’t VHBL be ported to PlayStation Mobile SDK?

  34. uzi says:

    how about we stop looking for a “glitch” or an “exploit”

    and start going back to hardware mods to hack the console..

    • wololo says:

      Be my guest. I’m a software developer. I don’t have the space in my apartment, the required hardware, or the skills, to dig into hardware hacks. I’m sure others are doing this, and I’m sure some of them will come up with a nice expensive dongle for people to play pirated games.

  35. plinker says:

    just backtracking

    signed keys doesn’t work on the vita even in psp emu mode?

    then what is sony’s beef with GEOHOT then? there must be something there.

    Maybe someone was able to get some of the secrets that geohot discovered but doesn’t know what to do with it.

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