Bumps in the road to VHBL


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  1. Wololosupporter says:

    Thanks wololo for everything of I was literate in any of this I would definitely help but unfortunately I cannot. If there was some way to break down how to look for exploits I would definitely help. Anyway thanks for everything

  2. dimy93 says:

    It was about time to save some VHBL exploit from being publicly exposed.There must be some of these in case sth big happen(for example someone decides to reveal publicly a kernel exploit)

  3. youngoz says:

    Thanks Wololo for the update and all your hard work. I will continue to have faith that one day I’ll be able to enjoy VHBL on my vita again!

  4. auron says:

    Thanks for the effort wololo, have you tried “Tony’s” PSP CFW on the vita? If so whats it like?

  5. WTF says:

    🙂 btw, jpn psn has many psp demos runnable on vita, i wonder if they’r exploitable

    • ??? says:

      Why not try to find out yourself, wololo put a link above on how to find user mode exploit and he said that it’s not that difficult

    • Sharo says:

      is this true? if yes i wouldnt mind trying to find an exploit…i have a japanese PS vita and the psn jpn account, but i have to wait for my psp to return…

  6. vhblfans says:

    Thanks Wololo,good luck!!!

  7. Wistine says:

    Wololo I sent you looks a private message!

  8. Green Ranger says:

    That would be great Wololo 🙂

    And i have a question…what you mean with ““yeah, it’s a great exploit but XXX is using it as a way to access their kernel exploit” ?

    Are they differences between the exploitable Games to reach Kernel Access ?

    • Hene193 says:

      well i try to explain it to you. If wololo relases the exploit it will get patched and the xxx person cannot anymore use his/her kernel exploit in new firmware. That’s why.

      I hope that i helped.

      (Writen on PS Vita)

    • wololo says:

      basically as Hene193 said, above, in general there is nothing special about these exploits, it’s just that it is inconvenient for the people working on kernel exploits to have to find a new user mode exploit if the one they were using so far becomes public.
      Of course, they also need to have an exploit in a game that imports the functions they are exploiting for kernel access, which, depending on the kexploit, could be a rare situation, or not

      • Green Ranger says:

        Thanks :)! So we need a user mode exploit to be able to exploit a kernel vulnerabilty!

        (like MatiaZ did with GripShift or like the GTA LCS Exploit)

  9. Aizen_Idiot says:

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  10. StepS says:

    set your language to Spanish and run the exploit on a Tuesday night during a full moon, while singing some Justin Bieber song

    LOL 😀

  11. ??? says:

    I still think this is good news

  12. Marly Marl says:

    What about that update with better compatibility and maybe a updated winners appearance from the contest you held for the Super Collapse VHBL port? I hope you still intend on doing an update for the Super Collapse port. Thanks

    • wololo says:

      The winners for the contest have been announced here: http://wololo.net/2012/06/24/vhbl-contest-and-the-winners-are/ , not sure if this is what you ask? In particular, if you want to use Yosh’s menu in your VHBL, just replace the file EBOOT.PBP and you should be good to go.

      About VHBL for super Collapse, is there a specific Homebrew you have in mind, that doesn’t run as you expect?

      To be honest, I’d really, really like to see a few people step up and start helping with improving VHBL, instead of constantly seeing people who ask for improvements. As I mentioned several times, there is a reason it is open source. VHBL is not developed in a secret laboratory, or by a team trying to get all your money and staying closed source. The counterpart is that I’d really appreciate some help once in a while. There’s so much I can do with my limited free time.

      • yosh says:

        Indeed updating all vhbl releases correctly, for each region, with latest hbl improvements would be some work o_o

        • Green Ranger says:

          Wouldn’t it be better to start porting the kxploit from “Tony” to each Usermode-Exploit (If it’s possible)? I mean it would be useful if some other Dev’s can get their hands on the exploit…

  13. SIM sk says:

    I need a release of vhbl now cause I go to holidays in a few days 🙁

  14. Peter says:

    I have no skill in developing or c++ or what ever but i am a keen to donate real money =)

  15. Fresno says:

    Hey guys, i have reeeal goood news for you too but i will not tell you. The reason(s) are multiple, so i wont bother you.

  16. TrECeNTeRs says:

    Don’t worry Wololo, we will continue our daily visit to the website regardless if there is any good news.

    I mean at least Amazon is selling a Broan High Capacity Wall Heater for $113… To bad it is 113deg Fahrenheit here or I would buy one!

  17. Mr. Awsome says:

    Is Patapon 2 still up on the chopping block? its a functional exploit (My very first furrah into hacking actually), but the only problem is that you cant transfer the demo that it needs to work. Maybe someone can get it working for the full game?

  18. SSJ-Vita says:

    I’m not trying to sound stupid so feel free to school me, but isn’t there a way to wipe the operating system with like say magnets or something. And then from there start with cell phone os as scrath and build from there?

    • warfaren says:

      I believe the Vita does, just like most games consoles these days, have a hard coded bootup process which are on chips that are read only (their data are permanent, and cannot be erased). During these steps several layers of security and encryption is applied so before the content of the NAND (the chip I believe you were suggesting to erase) is being read, the system is already secured and the NAND content will need to be encrypted in a way that we don’t know, in order to be read by the Vita.

  19. plinker says:

    I wish there’s a way for us to join the battle. i have this theory about the ps vita. just a thought, if the playstation suite games running on android are not emulated, is it possible that the the ps vita is actually android based and that sony is only using their kirk keys to encrypt it? or is it the other way around, playstation suite has the encryption keys to run playstation games on the android? either way, the playstation suite for android may be the way to hack our vita.

    • StepS says:

      vita is not on android. Otherwise, it would have to be open-source, which would automatically hack the Vita.

  20. The Aiden says:

    Could some clever individual perhaps “take one for the team” with my idea? The PS Suite is a way for devs to get their homebrew apps on the Vita, correct?
    What if someone were to build a seemingly innocuous program, like a Tetris clone or whatnot, but purposefully leave it open to exploits?
    That would surely be doable, assuming Sony’s people overlook any concealed security hole.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Lawsuit to said individual that would release. Feel free if you want to do it ^_^

    • wololo says:

      as Jd8531 said, you’d run a huge legal and financial risk by doing that. I’m pretty sure there is a point in the contract you sign with Sony that says you are liable for any problem that could happen with your program.
      Also, who in their right mind would take the risk of getting cut of a revenue source just for the sake of the scene? If I was programming something on the pss, I would try to make money out of it, by following whatever rules Sony put into it, not to double-cross Sony.

  21. Cristal666 says:

    Not bad but it doesnt work for me because we have to download the game and that game is not on store anymore.

  22. MAXIMOELITE3 says:

    can you try to put it on killzone liberation

  23. hardgamer says:

    i have the psvita but currently my system software is 1.69. Can u just please make one for that software because that will be the answer to anyones problem,unless they downgrade it