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VHBL on 1.69? Check!


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93 Responses

  1. zaiii says:

    hi wololo
    quick question
    wololo.net you will publish the exploit here?
    or talk in the forum?

    will you please publish it on a weekend?
    Sunday best ^ ^
    I do not have to work: D and’ve got a chance to get the game
    thank you

  2. Foleyfactor says:

    ape quest is 9.99 euro on my(Europe) region PSN.

  3. Foleyfactor says:

    Ape Quest is €9.99 on European PSN?

  4. Foleyfactor says:

    oh, it’s all the one, just saw Wololo’s post about debunking it.

  5. errol says:

    hey wololo can you find a way to downgrage the vitas firmware but if you are unable to cn you tell me how to test games to find out if they are exploitable and can you also find out how to copy vita games that was downloaded by someone else because i have downloaded super collapse 3 (http://www.mediafire.com/?bjbwpb7u88bwrc1)
    and my vita wont let me copy it…

  6. Sfekke says:

    Hi wololo i have a ps vita with firmware 1.69 and motorstorm artic edge but i can’t use vhbl is there a other way to use vhbl (wirh no game or motorstorm????)

  7. Thedon says:

    I’ve been reading through all these comments and now I know how selfish we are as humans , we are bombarding WOLOLO with questions and requests but yet we can’t offer support/donation to his hard work and time spent finding these exploits.
    We just want to receive everything but don’t want to give anything in return, although his is not asking for donation I think if we include it in our comments, he will feel like his work is being appreciated ,
    So be patient , support the man and wait for the good stuff 🙂

  8. luis says:

    First of all wololo or any creator of a hack or exploit should not say the name of the game. instead he shoul provide the download files and with it a read me. saying the name of the game and not saying it online so sony wont block it so quickly the mor the name of the game gos around tha faster sony block it. i work with dark alex to develop m33 cfw and we try keeping a secret as long as we could so i recommend to say it ove a read me, on that download file of th exploit.

  9. XHARO says:

    damn!!!!! what the heck do i do if my ps vita is 1.69?
    am i out of luck im fukn stupid if i am

  10. XHARO says:

    man if i knowe about this i wouldnt have updated i gusse thats what i get for not checking sooner

  11. XHARO says:

    wololo hook me up with some advice

  12. XHARO says:

    email me some advice or info on what should i do if i have 1.69

  13. Declan says:

    Hey how do I get Hbl working on 1.69?? I have everybody’s golf but when I copy the save across it tells me it’s corrupt when I try to load it… I really want hbl and I don’t want to have bought everybody’s golf for nothing… Please help! Thanks! 😀

  14. hardgamer says:

    are there any 1.69 firmware yet i will be checking online everyday to see if theres one just please hurry up, im not rushing you i know its hard just please get it in “ASAP”.

  15. Fabian says:

    wololo when it’s done i want to play gba games on it ! and homebrew 🙂 good luck whit the nice work!

  16. david says:

    please i need vhbl does it requires a game. i dont have any psp games

    does cfw contains the vhbl