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VHBL 4th release: work in progress


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80 Responses

  1. gh says:


    can you please say which account you need to download the game?
    (German, English or other)??

    Thank you in advance
    Best regards.

  2. trill904 says:

    Thanks Wo and every one else that’s envolved.

  3. Shojisan says:

    How do we get on the ninja release?

  4. Yoshi says:

    Is the game on the US store?

  5. gQx says:

    Wait a minute!! This exploit manages to run gpsp and psp games with it. I thought vhbl have no use for psp games.

    • wololo says:

      No, where do you see PSP games being run here? Gpsp is a gameboy advance emulator.

      • Shaitan says:

        I think this line is confusing some people:
        “Here is a short video showing the PSP emulator GPSP, running Advance Wars.”
        GPSP is a GBA emulator for the PSP, not a PSP emulator

        • wololo says:

          You’re right. I meant the GBA emulator for PSP, of course, but I see how this is easy to misunderstand.

  6. noobtiger says:

    how do I get myself into ninja list………my talk ID is noobtiger and so is my PSN ID…if anyone want to add that is 😛

  7. Alexander Miranda says:

    I’m excited and cant wait till I get my hands on the new HBL to play my emulators portable. 🙂

  8. Peter says:

    I cannot wait till this goes public.

    I feel im not making the most out of my vita

  9. Richard_Wayne says:

    If you join Talk/Forum you will be notified of the ninja release…. Aslong as you do not badger moderators for the game name!

  10. James Way says:

    So how does the PSN cards work? Never used them before, I just purchase from whatever is on the PS store. Is it like the xbox in that you buy the card with a code for a game that isn’t even on the store itself and putting it in lets you download it, a la child of eden? Sorry I don’t read manuals if this is covered in it. I’m illiterate.

  11. masterse7en says:

    james, psn cards work like A prepaid game card like a micosoft points card for xbox live or a game time card for mmorpgs, you can buy them at gamestops or bestbuys or participating game stores near u. it doesnt require u to enter ur credit card on ur psn account.

    on another note wololo ur the man, thanks for all the hard work to u and ur team, i havent been lucky enough To catch a vhbl release yet as i just got my vita about a week ago and i bought it used and it already had 1.67 on it. but ill be keeping my eye on future releases im experienced at hardware modding but software…..well no clue on developement of that, i can solder chips and resistors and transistors but the only line of code i think i know is (if) lol anyhow, thanks wololo! im one of ur new fans

  12. gh says:


    can you please say which account you need to download the game ;)?
    (German, English or other)??

    Thank you in advance
    Best regards.

  13. ahmed says:

    what about 1.69 >>> I’m still waiting

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