Prometheus – uncovered!

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  1. Kevin says:

    I’m gonna give it a try right now considering that I don’t like leaving my ps3 on when using adhoc party app.

  2. Kevin says:

    well I got it working good.I’m that 1 person playing Monster hunter 3 xD
    I hope more people find out about this.WOuld love to play gta libery city online and a few other games!

  3. R.A.V.S.O says:

    Well here’s the deal with me…

    at one point (when Pro-C was still beta)
    it required me to install a new Pro firmware and do plugin tweaks and such, I gladly accepted and followed all give steps, however I always got stuck on the final step…
    the router needing either DMZ or UPNP mode to actually play out the games.

    the thing is, (and this is awkward to admit it) although I know my way around a PSP and it’s FW + Plugins Im fully oblivious when it comes to tweaking router options to enable UPNP or DMZ… thing is I attempted this and I believe I ended having tech support reset the entire connection again…

    so onto my questions:

    Do I still need to tweak router options and such?
    is there a newbie workaround for this?

    thanks for any possible replies, I’d really appreciate some help.

  4. That Random Dude says:


    Do not be ashamed for what you don’t know.
    Be ashamed of what you should have known.

    Guide to Enabling UPNP:
    1. Go in to the URL bar of your browser and type in it
    “” or “” or if you already know the default gateway of your router, type it in the URL and press enter.

    2. Go to the settings, UPNP mode should be found around the advance settings or security settings of your wireless network. Enable UPNP.

    Note : I’m sorry I couldn’t go over detail, but the settings layout are different from each other depending on your router.

    • R.A.V.S.O says:

      hmm sadly none of these work… I also forgot to add this is a router on mexico (2wire) I think…

      last time I attempted entering it, I never saw UPNP mode in the advanced settings.

  5. Monk9899 says:

    What is this chat system you talk about?

    • svenn says:

      just an in-game “talk to your teammates” console I suppose …

      Thanks for this awesome plugin coldbird, it gave me a pspgasm :°) ! I will try, but lots of students are kinda busy right know (thesis/examens/…) I hope you are able to increase the amount of compatible game. (GTA anyone ? :D) I wouldn’t be shy to throw some dollars, to help support server costs.

  6. StepS says:

    Here is a video of me playing with Coldbird that I did some months ago 🙂
    it shows the gameplay of 0.04 version (a version that had the predefined chat phrases instead of typing by letters).
    pretty simple process 🙂

  7. yosh says:

    well indeed Sony stopped updating psp fw so it’s only natural for them to discontinue the psp completely I guess

  8. warfaren says:

    Why are you calling it “Prometheus”? There’s already a homebrew with that name, made by Red Squirrel, that allows you to play 6.00+ titles on M33.

    Seems a little confusing to create a second homebrew with the same name….

    • wololo says:

      Prometheus is the name of the plugin created by Virtuous Flame to run 6.xx isos on 5.xx. Later on, that name was used for his custom firmware, Pro CFW (“Pro” as in PROmetheus). It is implicitly the name of the team behind Pro CFW, and therefore behind this new version. They have been using this name for years now, And Red Squirrel merely made an installer for VF’s plugin, he did not create the plugin. Don’t get the credits mixed up 🙂

      In other words: It’s as if you came to, and told them: guys, I already have a “facebook – like” button on my blog, why are you calling your website with the same name as these buttons, it will confuse people.

  9. Kaliki says:

    Great article!

  10. blizako says:

    so if we can somehow have a psp with procfw and a ps3 with blue dongle or any program to hacked it, can we run codes to the ps3 to make the psp even more compatible…. i know whats the use, but it can be one of those “im bored with rules and regulation in life” thing

  11. Alverich says:

    Hi!! someone wanna try naruto shippuden 3 jap version, is actually the only game i have that seems to work, i try also full metal alchemist, yugioh tag force 6, but when i go for search players the game freezes 🙁 any help please 🙂

  12. mohsin says:

    they have shutdown all psp online servers