How does a Homebrew Enabler work?


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  1. Cercata says:

    I’m a dev, and it sounds quite difficult anaway πŸ˜‰

  2. whitey_mcguee says:

    Im not a dev but I wish I was. I honestly dont know where to start to learn.

    • codestorm says:

      learn programming

      • UnknowablE says:

        Herp lol… love this comment… it implies that there is only one language and that once you learn it you will instantly know how to develop software for any system… have fun with that

        • flashmozzg says:

          He didn’t say “learn c++ or c# or java or smth”. He said “learn programming”. It’s like “learn swimming”, then you can start swimming crawl,butterfly etc. You need to understand the basics of programming so choose one of the languages that have a lot of good learning literature (c is good and it will be easier to learn c++, c# and java after it). Anyway – just do something. Don’t sit doing nothing. You have the internet – the source of almost infinite knwoledge. There are a lot of good sites for the people like you.

  3. romain337 says:

    Yeah it sounds difficult for me too but its really cool to read this kind of article πŸ™‚

  4. Dovahkiin says:

    Sure concept is easy but programming it in low level like MIPS it’s another different story.

  5. jigsaw says:

    Knowledge of HEN is still kept in a quite small group of people. This is a good starting point for greenhands who would like to join the group.

    I remember when I started reversing TN’s HEN I had absolutely no idea of what is reboot/rebootex/LoadExec or even what is module. That was quite difficult for me to move on by reading just raw MIPS. And now I look back, I wouldn’t have finished the RE without Freddy’s help.

    Hopefully Freddy will post more excellent blogs like this one.

  6. Iono says:


  7. toBsucht says:

    But why we (me with my 300x) can not writte plugins to flash.
    IsnΒ΄t it “just” sign it? I mean we got permant patch and such stuff.. to have a special “recovery”-prx at flash
    would be great. I still remember most people say to signing a hen isnΒ΄t possible because itΒ΄s kernel mode.

    Idk if a recovery.prx is kernel/user or whatever i know some hb.prx are “user”-mode and they are not signed to work with all PSPs and ofw πŸ˜€

    Nice article.

    • Iono says:

      Xian Nox: Fiuck yeur mader

    • freddy_156 says:

      That’s how Permanent Patch works basically, a “signed” user module is used to replace an official module (usually vshmain.prx), what this module does is triggering the kernel exploit when it’s loaded (vshmain it’s one of the first user modules loaded, that’s why) in order to launch the HEN again, then it loads the original module.

    • UnknowablE says:


  8. Yoti says:

    Happy blogging, freddy!

  9. auron says:

    Thank you for the info. I suppose This will be a while away to be possible on the vita.

  10. svenn says:

    knowledge is power, thx for sharing!

  11. xcanox says:

    I was impressed when I read this article.
    You guys really know what you’re doing.
    Keep up the good work!

  12. jlo138 says:

    I wonder why the explanation…. Maybe a Vita HEN coming soon? IDK, but I do like reading this stuff.

  13. thecobra says:

    Wololo, Nice work with the explanation. I found it nice that even i who never did a CFW or a REAL HEN could understand this quite easy.

    To everyone else interested in understanding this. I recommend to learn what wololo VHBL does first and then try understanding this one. Since there been somewhat many discusion of VHBL, you have more resource to learn from. after that, it shouldn’t be to hard to understand this πŸ™‚

  14. romain337 says:

    why these explanation? Maybe because for some people, programming and/or the hacking is a passion. I would die if I can’t program anymore, seriously.

  15. Dovahkiin says:

    Freddy can you explain NIDS, how it’s very important in CFW/HEN and what happens if they are not present on HENs

    please please please. XD

  16. Omega Weapon says:

    You have been the only dev (that I know off/read about) whom has taken the time to explain in detail how things work with regards to homebrew apps, etc in my time spent on learning/understanding homebrew. Also respect to your colleagues!

    Thank you very much for the simple-straightforward-explanation! You are awesome, man! You really know how to deliver your message, reach out and get feedback! Keep up the great work…now…about that other dev who enabled that PS1 game on the Vita…any luck on an interview or more details??

    Even another video of a different game would be really cool to see! πŸ™‚

  17. the clit tickler says:

    No. πŸ™‚

  18. fLaSh says:

    I already started psp programming a short time brings .. I learned this for myself with the open source PRO CFW πŸ™‚

    Very nice article.. is very complete and easy to understand how the software works on PSP..

  19. Wololo supporter says:

    Thanks for explaining everything sounds hard lol and I thought I knew some programming

  20. KnuxTheTurtle says:

    I think this is a “recruitment” post to try to get people on board with hacking on the Vita. Interesting stuff.

  21. Griwwjack says:

    Freddy, thanks for clarification. i study the C programming language, shortly before i programmed in Basic, already managed to make a homebrew (just a Hello World :P) but I am still in the early studies.
    IΒ΄d like know if involves pointers or suddenly something in Assembly? Thank you!
    Sorry my bad english, i am also studying. πŸ˜›

  22. ChaosAgent says:

    First time poster, long time lurker (I have been lurking since this was a site about a card game πŸ™‚ )
    I love the more tech posts! I love to learn about the processes involved in security (primarily, the bits about circumventing said security). Although, I couldn’t hack my way out of a paper bag without a tut and links πŸ™‚ ! I just thought it was time to break my silence in order to say thank you and ask that the tech posts continue or at the very least, links be given whenever possible to lead people like me to forums where we can learn more about the topics.
    I do have one question that the great Google hasn’t been able to answer for me, what happened to the complete demise of Sony’s security? When OverFlow found the random number 4 responsible for the security of the PS3, everyone said that Sony couldn’t fix it. It took what, 3-4 system updates to fix it (greedy TrueBlue notwithstanding)? After all the media attention, I figured someone would explain how they managed to resecure the OS, but I can’t find a word about HOW they pulled it off. Anyone point me in the right direction? Sorry for the off-topic-ness, this has just been driving me insane!

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