Do we need another VHBL release?


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  1. make says:

    wololo can u make youtube homebrow that run all chenals google video and others that gona work on ps vita vhbl

  2. Chuck says:

    I think you should be focusing on improving compatibility with existing versions of HBL, like SC3 problems. gpSP doesn’t work right, SNES a complete mess, some homebrew works but none at the levels they preformed with the PSP.

    Personally I think we have reached the limits of HBL as where it is, and should be looking at a permanent solution. Whether that be a custom firmware, or none game related exploit.

    This rat race of psp game exploits doesn’t really help in the long run as Sony patches the firmware, and then block them from PSN. The current set of exploits don’t expand the homebrew community. WE NEED KERNEL ACCESS. Worst case scenario; some people will pirate PSP games. But as you stated yourself, Vita security system will prevent current gen piracy. We need to have a unified homebrew system. Kernel exploits may allow this and may greatly expand the level of access we have right now.


    • fate6 says:

      then why dont you find a kxplot >_>
      you will soon see its not as easy as you think

    • wololo says:

      I don’t have one, you’re asking to the wrong guy
      HBL has been open source for 2 years, why do people constantly expect me to be the only one working on fixing bugs? Thousands of people are using VHBL on their vita, if 1% of them helped with fixing bugs, the SC3 port would be in a much better shape today.

      I understand your concerns and overall I agree. But my question was not “what would you like to see”, my question was “do you want a new version of VHBL?”. I understand your answer is no, and you give valid reasons for it, but I don’t think your suggested solutions make sense.

      Also, last time I checked, gPSP and SNES worked completely fine on VHBL for super collapse 3, provided you have the right version with the right settings.

      • Chuck says:

        I appreciate your response and I want to make clear that we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your hard work.

        I also feel that I need to clear up some things.
        I know you are aware of it, that others have found access. Now I’m just assuming, but I believe the exploit has been pointed out to you. I feel that maybe its time to convince those who have found to exploit, to make it public.
        >HBL Compatibility.
        I meant only as the version of HBL you port from game to game should be consistent and not have version or setting fixes. I now your only one person and it is open source, but it just makes things easier for transfer of homebrew. I don’t expect a new improved version of HBL, but I do expect a proper-port. From one game to the next, if not then your going to keep releasing faulty versions of HBL that each has its own complicated compatibility list, and troubleshooting list.
        >gPSP & SNES “worked”
        Your response put the problem in perfect terms; “RIGHT VERSION WITH THE RIGHT SETTINGS.” The ideal answer should be; “ALL VERSIONS IN ANY SETTING”. A lot of the problems associated with this are connected to kernel access and the nature of the PSP emulator. But that is my point, that at this rate we’re doing more harm than good. WE’RE FRAGMENTING THE HOMEBREW COMMUNITY.

        In the end, the fault does not lie with you, however you the gatekeeper to the VITA homebrew community. If HBL cannot be standard in every release, flaws and all; then every time we’d almost be starting at zero. Kernel access would allow this stagnation of homebrew development to cease, imagine the possibilities of full psp emulator access…

        • wololo says:

          Honestly you are making perfect sense, but it’s not that easy.

          As you pointed out, prefect homebrew compatibility is not possible without kernel access. This has always been the case, and will always be. This means that some versions of some emulators, optimized for kernel access, will never work in user mode, as much as I want VHBL to have perfect compatibility. I am thinking in particular of Snes9xTYL and DaedalusX64, which both have “kernel optimized” code in some versions. This means that for these emulators, and other homebrews, people using VHBL have to find a version of the software that matches their configuration. And this will always be the case.

          About unifying VHBL, and making it consistent throughout releases (same compatibility, etc…). You speak about this, assuming it is possible. But it’s not. VHBL relies heavily on the imports of the game it hijacks. Games like motorstorm and Everybody’s tennis had lots of imports, which makes their compatibility “ok”. This was absolutely not the case for Super Collapse 3, and in order to dramatically improve things, I actually had to make some major improvements to VHBL. Of course those are visible only to people who look at the source code changes on a regular basis. But even with that, it will never be possible for VHBL to have a unified compatibility across exploited games.

          It is important to note that in a general way, except for homebrews that “need” kernel mode, homebrews that are programmed “correctly” will usually work fine with HBL, on all versions. Just to give a shameless example, Wagic works on all versions of HBL, and that’s been the case for years. This is done using a series of “clever” fallbacks. Wagic gives up on its kernel requirements if it discovers it cannot load kernel modules (not all homebrews can do that, but snes9xTYL and daedalus could have such fallbacks, at the cost of performance). If loading the mp3 libraries fails, Wagic does not try to play music. Same for sound, etc… as a result, even in terrible conditions, you can run (a slightly diminished version of) Wagic. Lots of homebrews simply assume that all function calls will behave correctly, and therefore do not check errors, etc… In a general way, making a homebrew compatible with VHBL is equivalent to cleaning up the code and checking for errors, and handling them gracefully. My point being: if half of the homebrews weren’t coded lik sh*t, maybe they would work better. Again, this is a very general statement. There are homebrews that don’t have a choice, or other homebrews that rely on core features of the PSP that HBL cannot provide (such as network access, etc…). But clean code would also help to stop having dozens of versions of the same homebrew.

          About the kernel exploit: one of my personal rules is that if I cannot contribute, I don’t want to know more than I need to. These things are sensitive information, so the less I know about them, the better I feel. Davee and some1 have made it clear that this exploit is to be kept a secret for now, and since I don’t have the time to understand the inner workings of reverse engineering, I wouldn’t be of any help to them. I know this, and they probably know it as well, so they didn’t share the exploit’s details with me, and I didn’t ask for it. Bottom line is, I’m like everybody else about this exploit: I have no clue where it is, or how it works.
          Now, I could try to convince them to release it, but I don’t think this is my place either, and I respect their decision.

  3. 12345jkl says:

    Hello, wololo, I unfortunately missed the last version VHBL, and really looking forward to the new. I read all these comments, and they struck me as silly. You all think that we should wait until the new firmware will be released, or else sony will close the exploit. So why wait for the new firmware, if sony will cover all the same access to VHBL in the new firmware?

  4. 12345jkl says:

    needed to produce VHBL now, until a new version of software

  5. Drew says:

    I went and bought myself a gameboy and old games. I’m tired of playing homebrew/emulators when you can use actual hardware.

  6. Nathan says:

    Would absolutely love a VHBL release. Unfortunately I missed out on the first three and have been checking daily for a new release.

    Really looking forward to emulating my old roms on the Vita!

  7. Macks says:

    I Honestly think Right now would be to soon for an update.. i mean do what you want.. but it will just give more and more reasons for sony to update again and again.. adding more and more filler to “Fuxx” everything up .. just my opinion.

    Love you Wololo 😀 lmao thanks for allowing me to play gameboy by touch <3

  8. noah says:

    It be great to release another 1 I accidentally deleted super collapse and can’t get it back

  9. Alex Ayling says:

    I feel a little annoyed at missing the last VHBL, shortly after you sent a post that they had taken Super Collapse off the PSN because of the VHBL I checked my PSN and it was there, but I figured it had already been taken off and fixed. Next day I checked again and it had gone, obviously my chance had been lost. I really need you to create more VHBLs so that I can play my old favorite games on the Vita! And this time I won’t make that mistake again!

  10. paul says:

    Id love to see another VHBL, i bought my vita a day too late so never got to use the last 1. I think u should release it as soon as possible just in case sony patch it from working fullstop in the next realease, sony are sneaky and prob have a masterplan which will mean me and many others will never have the privlage to use 1 of your great releases

  11. Mr.Awsome says:

    I just want to know one thing wololo. Do you think you could make a VHBL release using Patapon 2? Maybe using one of the old Demo exploits? That is one of the only other possibly logical games that could be used that I have downloaded on my vita. It would be awesome if you could.

    • wololo says:

      – Previous exploits have been patched by sony a long time ago. It doesn’t mean Patapon2 will never be exploited again, but at least not with the existing exploit
      – Instead of “finding exploits”, my personal technique is to explain how to find them. It’s all about the “teach a man how to fish” philosophy. Check this page on how you can find your own exploits: . Once you find one, our community will be glad to help you figuring it out, and then later on, to port HBL to it.

  12. i missed out says:

    please please release another one… i missed out on both but maybe a usa psn game???????????? love yall

  13. 12345jkl says:

    Hi, Wololo, I FOUND THE GAME with the exploit, and I need somewhere in Private TELL YOU ABOUT IT.

  14. venom says:

    I think you should start working immediately after the next firmware. And this time try to put the exploit on a physical game. Not a download. Try Uncharted: Golden Abyss for it’s save system. Then again I’m pretty sure you have already tried something similar. 😀

  15. Cole says:

    I NEED ANOTHER VHBL i missed out on the last ones, and i know everyone wants to emulate there vita to play all there old fav consoles, i have you on RSS feed incase you release something <3 your the man Wololo team