Does the playstation suite make VHBL obsolete?


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  1. StepS says:

    yes wololo, when you open the PS Suite Dev app on the Vita, it will ask you every day to connect to the internet to verify the developer’s license (right now all people who installed the SDK have a “beta” license which also must be confirmed), otherwise it will not allow you to run any stuff you installed or are going to install. If you still don’t know, the apps that you have created through a SDK can only be ran and accessed from within the PS Suite Dev app on the Vita, they won’t appear as bubbles in the live area.

  2. romain337 says:

    vhbl rulez.

  3. ndh777 says:

    Sony would never allow NES, GBA, etc. emulators because that would also get them in legal trouble with Nintendo, Microsoft, and any other competitor unless they came to some agreement and that would never allow us everything that we have for each emulator currently.

    I had hope for Sony with this but have lost it after reading this and thinking about the Suite in great depth. It’s not going to be friendly at all. It’s just the least that Sony is trying to do to reach out to you devs and it’s no where near enough. No free games? Wow…that’s really shady of Sony too. And I doubt that you would even get any bit of that profit off of your games made for the system.

    I’m keeping VHBL, Sony. You can keep your pathetic PS Suite.

    • Reine says:

      no point if ps suite sdk not free to develop and at least free to deploy at ur own devices 😐
      it’s okay to pay $$$ when i throw my apps to the market..

  4. dimy93 says:

    I do not know if U wololo understand this or not but your contribution to the scene is huge and that is not because of the things you actually code yourself but because the great community you build and because of your support to the developers who code. This kind of support was kind of rare on the PSP scene.

  5. bsanehi says:

    Wololo can’t you guys not just port VHBL to PSvita using the playstation suite? and Sony will then release a firmware update for the Vita once the playstation suite time is over?

    • fate6 says:

      as nice as that would be, afaik no its not possible

      • tehlulz says:

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    • Reine says:

      lol impossible.. vm =/= native

    • ndh777 says:

      That would defeat the purpose of the PS Suite from Sony’s angle.

      Sony made the Suite in hopes of reaching out to this community that wants better apps and homebrew made by third party individuals, but Sony hasn’t gotten it straight because they want ultimate control which is why there are so many limitations and restrictions for developers that will use the Suite.

      Developers cannot upload HBL to PS Suite because Sony would just block it and the Suite requires that developers submit their work to a Sony server somewhere where Sony would not allow it to go any further. Sony has been trying to stop the releases which is why they have taken down the games used to use HBL exploits. HBL allows unsigned software which is what Sony does not want on their system because they’re not in 100% control. That’s probably why they don’t want open-source apps. So no, he can’t just upload it to PS Suite. We might be able to exploit some of the games that come from the Suite later with HBLs.

  6. rabidchild says:

    I don’t think VHBL will be obsolete, until Sony get their heads out of their *** and stop trying to punish their customers for wanting to use a platform they paid for. I love the Vita, but I’m going to use it the way I want, not the way they dictate. Just like I did with the psp, and those who ignore the history of their handhelds are doomed to repeat it.

  7. Mud says:

    Very nice Wololo.
    To bad you cant enter Wagic in the PlayStation suite because of it being C++ and it being barely legal and stuff. lol, I think I know why I like Wagic so much now. :/

    Anyway glad to hear you’ll be around for a bit longer. πŸ˜€
    And grate job on the Wagic update, best update so far.

  8. LOCOROCO says:


  9. sima says:

    PSS has too many limitations in the development..

  10. sima says:

    PSS has too many limitations in development..

  11. SuperiorKnightZ says:

    As the other post said sony cares for hardware then programming which means if hackers go on and surpass whatever blocks them from hacking the vita, the games coming ahead for vita from sony will never see the spotlight. As long as hackers exist small gaming systems will begin to die, for example the vita, it has a limited amount of games(vita games). If they don’t sell then why even put out games. Sony needs to give in to the idea of letting a few free games peak in and give more to programmers in order for the vita to live in sony’s hands other than the hackers hands. The vita has soo much potential.

  12. razor says:

    Does the playstation suite make VHBL obsolete? heck nooooo!!!…what kind of thought is that sailor? ( wololo)

    The ps vita scene hacking community needs you. we need you. Don’t talk like you’re a quiter man…Or I will tell your mom to spank you for having quiter thoughts =)

  13. ossprey says:

    So you’re opposed in principle, even though you admit you have no real idea how it will work? Hackers are always full of excuses. Previously it was, “if they’d give us a legitimate route for home brew we wouldn’t have to crack the hardware”, but when they do give you access all of a sudden it’s not good enough because it isn’t free, the hardware access isn’t good enough or they won’t let you freely distribute the means to emulate competing platforms.

    • wololo says:

      I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I myself am considering using the PS Suite for legitimate purposes, but that I don’t see anything that would make it replace hacking in the long term. Haters also are always full of excuses, it seems. I’m merely a blogger these days, as I explain in this article, I am not the one driving the hacks here, and I am just stating my opinion. “Shoot the messenger” type of reaction from you maybe?
      Also, “no real idea how it works” is seriously stretched. I haven’t confirmed by myself yet how it will work, but it is pretty obvious that as soon as Sony wants to close the beta, people who want to distribute their stuff open source won’t be able to do so (check in the comments above, where StepS explains how you need to be constantly connected to Sony’s server if you want to copy a file). I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, just that with such a behavior, there will still be lots of valid excuses for hackers to do what they do.

      • OMightyBuggy says:

        Its okay Wololo you explained enough. πŸ™‚ VHBL and Playstation Suite are just tools for getting the most out of our systems.

      • StepS says:

        not constantly wololo, but once a day it requires you to connect to their server πŸ™‚ i didn’t try to change the date though

    • UnknowablE says:

      They haven’t given them access, they will not allow free distribution and won’t allow open source projects… I am sorry please tell us how linux, firefox, open office and all the rest of the open source projects on the net are made by dirty horrible scum who should all sell their products.

      They won’t let people distribute FREELY FOR ANYTHING.

  14. Jose says:

    I posted first about the NES emulator on PlayStation Suite:

    I was going to tell the person to search before he posted, but I never did.

  15. >understanding how the device works is what they believe to be the game in the words “gaming device”

    well said wolz. ^^

  16. GLiChXP says:

    The NES emulator that is currently for the SDK is limited by the SDK itself, once SONY updates the SDK the emulator will run at normal speed. Unfortunetly this may be at the time the pay window starts for the sdk. I personaly wonder how many licenses will the 100$ get you.

    • CycloneFox says:

      Thats a really good question!

      100 Bucks for a private developer license is a fair price in my opinion. I consider subscribing one when I have enough free time, but my problem is, if I want to develop something bigger together with others, will they need to buy a license too?

  17. No1 says:

    It wont make hacking obsolete, but when an official solution excist to create homebrew, then the arguement about that hacking is needed to run homebrew will be somewhat weaker.

  18. Norml says:

    They’re just pulling an Apple, give it time, $ony is trying to compensate for the market they lost & will continue to lose until the PSS branches out and becomes just like the Apple App store.

  19. M3rror says:

    awww you’re not allowed to release free apps? That’s sort of a major flaw to me; as I like to release stuff for free if possible. I hope that does change cause not every developer is in it for the money.

    • wololo says:

      They say “freemium” will be ok though. Nevertheless, that will still leave all open source apps away from the store.

  20. ipadboy00 says:

    Not sure if this has been said before but technically isnt it possible for a developer to make an app on ps suite, then get the source and release it to the public so people can use the source in their own PS Suite without actually releasing on the store.

    So basically Dev makes an app, releases source, public compiles it and runs on own device?

  21. x says:

    Here is the thing. As much as I love running my old games on emulators, aside from that this is Sony reaching out and trying to put the power and variety in the communities hands. It’s a tool for small developers to make a few dollars at a reasonable licensing cost whilst providing more variety to the platform. I do wish the model of their store was different and allowed for more open source and free materials. I do have vhbl, but I’m thinking at some point I will eventually just go back to emulating with my PSP and other devices and support the PSSuite community. I personally hope that it grows into quite the opportunity for inspired small developers and that a community builds and backs the formula. Time will tell.

    • wololo says:

      But if so, why would you use Playstation suite rather than the Apple AppStore or the Android market? If the goal is to make a bit of money by creating a small game, why wouldn’t you go where the audience is?

  22. kdmc12 says:

    I know this is a necropost, but I believe I have something to contribute to this discussion. Just because the main venue of delivery is somewhat limited at it’s initial release, namely, the Playstation suite SDK, that does not mean that all sony 3rd party projects must be released via that avenue. Although it took time to develop the three major appstores: Apple, windows, and Android, other alternative appstores also sprung up alongside, and are flourishing. Amazon appstore, Barnes and noble appstore, just to name a few. Just give it time. Playstation suite is also compatible with sony ericson smartphones, you never know what can be achieved until you try…