Release: VHBL r150 for Super Collapse 3


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  1. lotusvibe says:

    is it not possible to create an emulator that is designed for vita that would be launchable through vhbl? I understand that vhbl is a psp hack but does that mean that the emulators themselves have to be limited to only interacting with what they think is psp hardware? Probably a dumb question as I guess it would have already been done but it doesn’t hurt to ask. It would be nice if we could get a snes emulator that benefits from vita hardware as far as clock speed settings and such but through vhbl.

    • wololo says:

      > does that mean that the emulators themselves have to be limited to only interacting with what they think is psp hardware?

      Yes, that’s what it means.

  2. oscar says:

    Can someone help me with an updated version of the gba emu

  3. lethalkill5 says:

    what snes emulator do i need to use because all the ones i try just kick me to the hbl menu

  4. StepS says:

    Jelly Car 1.1 is still freezing randomly (similar to lamecraft and tyl in the past). Maybe another audio issue

  5. Oscar says:

    I need help with a updated version of the gba emu. Because the one I have doesn’t save the game even if I press the save icon in the game.

  6. Saul Bravo says:

    HEy wololo tanñs for that but my dude is how ai can istall the game of super collapse??

  7. Fuku_San says:

    I have bought my Psvita few days ago, and unfortunately all the exploitable titles have been renoved from Psn, so I’d like to know if will ever be another exploit , sorry for my crappy english xD

  8. shokashi says:

    ok just to let you know, i very stupidly deleted SC3 from my vita as i was trying to clear old homebrew, ( CRYS )
    i knew i was sc***, so i went so it and downloaded it again from the psn via my list of previous downloaded games from there, so i tried r150 for SC3 on it and it worked, got my snes working on it ( thanks to wololo “high fives” ) i dunno if they have patch the game yet but i was able to re-download it again and it worked.

    so either i paid no attention and SC3 was not patched and what i am saying is nonsense, or wololo r150 works with re-downloadies of SC3, or it bypasses the patch altogether.

    please let me know if i have this right?

  9. lolzmahface :( says:

    LHas anyone tried gpsp (gameboy advance emu) yet? And can u post a like to a working version?

  10. lolzmahface :( says:


  11. Kial says:

    yea I only get an error code (C1-2858-3) when I try to start Duke3d is that the error you where taking about?

  12. Itherian says:

    The /talk forum has info and links on all the emulators that work. All you have to do is take a min go there and look.

  13. soxmandan says:

    Anyone know where I can get Super Collapse 3? or am I out of luck and I have to wait for hopefully a new exploit? Thanks

    • superhawk610 says:

      You’re out of luck, man. I went through a few hours and a friend’s PSP today to try and get Super Collapse 3 on my VITA, and it’s pointless. My friend has a jailbroken PSP3000 and installed Super Collapse 3 without a problem. I also got Rock Band: Unplugged to test the difference between UMD games and flash memory games. The only way you can get it onto your VITA is if you’ve already downloaded the installer to your PSP/PS3, in which case you can do it through Content Manager. Sucks, right?

  14. alucard says:

    una consulta es posible subir la copia de seguridad de mi vita para instalarla en otra ps vita ??

  15. person says:

    I have ps vita version 2.06 and when i try to download it says cant download on ps vita help

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