Release: VHBL r150 for Super Collapse 3


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  1. fate6 says:

    as always good stuff wololo
    (and I think I know what the contest is ^___^)

  2. TelcoLou says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much for all your work. My Vita is getting quite the attention these days 😀

  3. fate6 says:

    oh one more thing

    PSP+VHBL= lamecraft can see saves and texture packs

    Vita+VHBL= lamecarft cant see saves and texture packs

    *** ?

    also lamecraft still freezes

    • wololo says:

      This is because folder structures are altered on the vita. “.” and “..” are not visible from the vita, and this causes some issues with some homebrews such as lamecraft. I think WTH attempted to fix that but that doesn’t seem to fix everything.

      I’ve had a few freezes in lamecraft as well, but before the fix it was crashing at the very first step, so there is an improvement here…

      • fate6 says:

        I see….
        (now how did I not think of that >___<)

        well turning off the sound after you spawn and the game will run fine
        (other then the saves)

        any who as always thanks ^___^
        (SMW+Ad-Hoc = awesome)
        (lagy but hey still awesome)

      • Mcleod says:

        Sweet thanks Wololo for the update 😀

  4. jcouto says:


  5. vhbl fans says:

    Thank you wololo!

  6. Wdingdong says:

    Waiting for the contest:)

  7. Nine1 says:

    Thanks wololo. Finally FF6 and super Mario world

  8. ndh777 says:

    Thank you so much Wololo. I really appreciate the release. I’ve been dying to play Lamecraft although I got Minecraft for 360 and love it so I know I’m going to love doing this wherever I go 😀

  9. Nine1 says:

    Well FF6 game it good but fights still slow even on frameskip 2

  10. C·Mars says:


  11. C·Mars says:

    Thank you very much ! 要努力学习英文了!

  12. CornburZ says:

    Thank you sooooo much, can’t wait to play mario!!!!!

  13. Kyle Hassen says:

    AWESOME as always dude!!!! you rock our vita’s socks off!!!!!!!! As well as every other Vita dev.

  14. OMightyBuggy says:

    Incredible, you always seem to out do yourself. 🙂 Thanks Wololo.

  15. tonyuk73 says:

    great stuff and as always thanks

  16. Ricardo says:

    Dead and return of super man

    still slow and with sound issues 🙁

    Chrono Trigger is better with a little sound and lag issue

    But thanks Now i can play chrono trigger 😀

    • ross31192 says:

      Snes works vary good and i don’t have sound lag issue loving it Thank you so much Wololo.

  17. Chris Highwind says:

    Amazing, wololo! I’ve tried other versions of Snes9x TYL, and the ME version of 0.4.2 spits out an error saying that it couldn’t load the mediaengine, and every other version I tried exited out as soon as I started it, but the regular 0.4.2 SNES9xTYL is a definite step up from uo SNES9X. Now I just need to figure out the right settings for optimal Earthbound performance and I’ll be set.

  18. Scottbaylo says:

    Hey, does anyone know if there’s a version of gpsp that will not have the save issue? I’ve looked in the forum, but the one I have said it was fixed, and it wasn’t. I’m trying to play the minish cap and the Mario advance games.
    Thanks in advance.

  19. bloodyrectum says:

    still ***, snes has the same performance …which snestyl u guys using?

  20. scrilla says:

    wololo which version of snes9x is that?

  21. TheBudds says:

    If you replace the snesadvance.dat with a updated one, you gain more speed as a result. Here’s a link to the one I use…

    • Chris Highwind says:

      Hmm, not seeing much of a speed increase, myself, but then again, I could never catch minute detail changes in performance. Maybe if I tried the snesadvance.dat from SNES9X Euphoria R5…

      • TheBudds says:

        Heh, that’s the snesadvance.dat I’m using. Put the frame skip up to 1 for smooth playing. One instance of difference is some of the slowdown you run into.

        As such when Super Mario World does the screen wipe on the title screen, and other such places. Compare with the old snesadvance.dat and you can see the difference.

  22. Richard_Wayne says:

    Thank you good sir for taking the time to get this update to VHBL!

  23. Peleep says:

    Awesome on the SNES9xTYL.

    Works 100% now! thanks!

  24. Nine1 says:

    Is snesx9TYL 0.4.2 with updated dat file the best version or is the something better (only Zelda and Mario running smooth so far ff6 and Kirby Megaman x3 run pretty slow). Thanks wololo. Sum snes is better than none.

    • TheBudds says:

      Well…in terms of for the Vita, yes. For the PSP, there have been advancements in the Snes emu area but unfortunately those emulators have problems running on vHBL.

      If you can find a newer snesadvance.dat file, replace it for the one you have currently.

  25. Nine1 says:

    I have dat file from the link posted above. Is there a better one??

  26. andre104623 says:

    im having audio issues with picodrive the sound is all *** up when playing the games

  27. camilo hernandez says:

    wololo el vhbl de supercolpase 3 tiene un error en el emulador de game boy advance, en el cual no se pueden guardar las partidas. Al momento de cargar las partidas aparece la pantalla en negro y se sale del juego, te agradeceria mucho si me ayudaras con ello.

  28. camilo hernandez says:

    wololo the vhbl of supercolpase 3 has a bug in the game boy advance emulator, which can not save your game. When loading items into black screen appears and you exit the game, I would greatly appreciate if you help me with it.

  29. cscash241 says:

    y u no put source on google code?

  30. wdslhflas says:

    PSS Development Kit NES emulator, the original author provides a higher version and source code download new version adds display FPS.The speed is still only 15FPS, according to the author speaking is because of SONY frequency locking.


  31. Nine1 says:

    After many downloads and tweaks finally got ff6, Megaman x3 ,and lots of other running @ 95% or better. But not Kirby even wit speedhack updated dat file and frame limit off and skip at +4 still slow. Game puts lot of strain on snes lol

  32. austin says:

    Has anyone get psp filer to work on this yet?

  33. gizmo says:

    @Wololo my LameCraft is still crashing.
    i hit the gound, walk about 5-7 step then… nothing.
    Any suggestions or a link to the one you have.
    please and thank you.

  34. lolzmahface :( says:

    The vita sucks now and is boring =( please hackers stop hiding your other exploits and just come out with it already

  35. praed0r says:

    Thanks Wololo and all the guys supporting you but I still don’t have my Chuckie Egg cause PSPDragon still does’nt work – have to make do with caSTaway and nebulus for now lol – am I sad or wot ??

    Super work by the way !!

  36. alucard says:

    gracias wololo por tu actualizacion alguien podria subir el emulador de snes que este funcionando bien por favor

    • z3r01 says:

      Puedes usar el emulador snes regular ahorra k el arreglo lo k tenía malo! Descarga snes9x k esta en la pagina de descargas

  37. 追梦 dream says:

    nice to see you, are great hacker and i never see before.and ask you a quesion how long i can play psp game on my psvita .of coures ,the psvita was not hacked by you before i would bought.and i looking forward to hack the psvita by you . Thanks for VHBL release.

  38. z3r01 says:

    I can’t wait for this contest ! Good way to keep non-hackers active here other then complaining for fixes or asking for iso loaders

  39. Itherian says:

    All the emulators work on my vita cept the select issue with pico drive. No reason to upgrade until that is corrected for me.

  40. Kial says:

    I hope you get Duke3d working soon it’s the only homebrew game I play well only game I play.