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Video: Snes9xTYL running on VHBL for Super Collapse 3


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  1. Fu says:

    dear wololo, I really appreciate by what you have done, you are just like a savior for me that who are desperate to play psp iso game on my vita. Damn the region issue from Aussie PSN which makes me cant get any japanese game for my PS vita…….

    Hopes that psp iso on ps vita will be happened soon.

  2. xoombie503 says:

    Awesome news wololo and thanks..the only reason i wanted vhbl was to play snes and ive been holding off to my game since..just waiting on ur update of vhbl…many thanks

  3. razor says:

    wololo, would it be too much to ask to put the SNES9xTYL,Gba,Sega genesis and the Daedalus emulator into one downloadable pack.

    I having trouble trying to run gba emulator, it’s asking for gba bios. I already have the bios put I don’t know where to put the bios.

    Also the Daedalous that I have is not recognizing the game roms (N64 roms).I put them in the roms folder of the daedalous but when I run the emulator it says it needs the roms. The roms that I have are in zip files.

  4. youngoz says:

    WOW! I really hope there is going to be another game exploit released in the near future… Keep up the excellent work Wololo!

  5. GaDo says:

    Dear Wololo

    i dont have any games that work in your HBL (Motorstorm Artic,Super COllapes 3 and etc) can you pls make a home that dont required any of this my ps Vita v is 1.67 and i only have demo games thanks and 1 Full games !

    Thanks more power Wololo!

    • GaDo says:

      I mean game* not home lol!

      • anonymous says:

        how should he make a game for the vita? u cant do that so easily…
        and it must be get signed by sony’s code anyway.. and its still too early to do that :/

  6. GaDo says:

    Dear Wololo

    i dont have any games that work in your HBL (Motorstorm Artic,Super COllapes 3 and etc) can you pls make a Games that dont required any of this games or is there any other way to run emu w/o any of this!thanks my ps Vita v is 1.67 and i only have demo games and 1 Full game !

    Thanks more power Wololo!

  7. CooLMaN says:

    Great Work wololo, do you know a Mame Emulator working on VHBL?

  8. Stealth Ninja says:

    Great News!! Can you please test this update to see if it also fixes the PicoDrive menu crash bug when in game and pressing select? Thanks

  9. chekco says:

    hello wololo to start thanks for all your work, here you have a n64 emulator functional with VHBL super collapse 3 http://www.mediafire.com/?ptseec4ofl9p59l thank you again greetings from Spain
    ps: excuse my bad English

  10. Danny says:

    Thanks wololo for your hard work.

  11. Chris Highwind says:

    This is great news! I was hoping to see you try and exit back to the vHBL from gpSP, but no dice :/ Can we exit gpSP without it crashing? Also, what about the Picodrive select button error as said before? That would make this complete.

  12. Monte164 says:

    Hi, i was wondering for those who were not able to download the games before the were taken off the PSN store, will there be another way to obtain the hack?


    • CoolGuyMoe says:

      Me, personally, I missed the first two chances to get VHBL, but I caught it the third time and the only advice I can offer is to patiently wait until Wololo puts out another exploit. Take it from me, it’ll be worth the wait.

      • Alpmaster says:

        Well technically if someone did a ps vita back up image and gave there psn account
        With the backup having super collape 3 and vhbl save files in the save folder and use
        Opencma everybody could have it.

        • youngoz says:

          ^I wonder how true this is… has anyone tried this?

          • wololo says:

            A given account cannot be activated on more than 5 devices at a time. Worse, for games bought recently, this has been limited to 2 devices. So no, this is not really doable.

          • StepS says:

            and illegal

  13. dimy93 says:

    Nice update 😛

  14. OMightyBuggy says:

    Can you add an option of deleting games from the inside of VHBL? Also an option to go back to main menu?

    I don’t know if the VHBL already has these, but ummmmm I didn’t know, lol.

    • Alpmaster says:

      The best homebrew to use is psplorer It removes files
      Internally in VHBL. Also you can exit out to VHBL menu. 🙂

  15. YcO96Ps says:

    Wololo you the man!
    keep up the amazing work 😀

  16. Chris Highwind says:

    Well, this is a nice thing to see after I graduate. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see the update this weekend!

  17. Andrew says:

    Hey could u release the hello world for this that u had in one of your videos for 1.67 thank you.

  18. fate6 says:

    only one question

    did you fix the lamecraft save bug ?
    (it cant see saves or texture packs)

  19. Reine says:

    disappointed by PSS VM test 🙁
    “PSVita” beaten pretty hard by “Tablet S”

  20. ziim says:

    wololo, no Konami code in Contra?

  21. salkfhkas says:

    This is I spent a few days transplantation FC simulator is not perfect, but the basic playable, special thanks to the technical support of Ling Tan tert.
    Sound strange sony, no open interfaces.
    PSV-FC simulator
    Temporary 6 ROM, I can find, I will not tell you press the triangle button for the game> _ <

    Update to v0.52
    Real machine color problem has been solved, there is a problem is the slow, only 15, like the slow motion, it is estimated that the efficiency of the implementation of the C #.
    Sony is estimated cpu is only open a low-power mode, which is equivalent to the psp then 222mhz. (Comrades comes recommended pss simulator developed using the real machine, the difference between the two is a bit large, for example, the the psv simulator RGB real machine is the BGR)
    Known issues:
    Without a voice, because sony does not open audio buf read and write interfaces, I'm going to the the pss official forum to suggest that time all the support.
    Can not add two games, this waiting for me to be a transmission server.
    3 to be optimized for speed

    Upload and download attachments (308.98 KB) 2012-4-28 12:25

    Upload and download attachments (119.74 KB) 2012-4-28 12:30

    Upload and download attachments (137.93 KB) 2012-4-28 12:30

    Can be reproduced, please specify to go to sprout


    Updated to v0.52 (to solve the color problem, slightly accelerate the point)
    http://115.com/file/dpvxc53f #

  22. Dominic says:

    I have a theory, now I dont know much about programming, especially C# and others, but what if we find a sploit that works on a multiplayer level? like a certain function sends code to be run on the Vita from a hacked PSP, and the vita loads some VHBL files? That’s just my theory anyway…

  23. vhbl fans says:

    thank you wololo. good job.

  24. Abdou says:

    could someone explain this website please. ” revitalizedteam.blogspot.com ” thank you Wololo.

    • aboutseven says:

      Not Wololo, but that site is just a scam website, probably viruses or other things to harm your computer. Steer clear of it. There are no ISO loaders for the Vita.

  25. StepS says:

    hm wololo, how do you press Select+Start with just one finger? 🙂
    I mean, it’s hard 😀

  26. Chris Highwind says:

    Any progress on the update? The wait has been killing me ever since you posted that you found a fix for it.

  27. gizmo says:

    Hey Wololo i got a version of daedalus but im not sure where i downloadedit from sorry:(

  28. Cristal666 says:

    I will wait for an emulator to run mame for play Kof or Nds to play castlevania of nintendo ds i do have a computer,the emu and the roms but is not the same running the game at full screen hd it will looks so much better in the vita screen please i will be happy with that only castlevania will make me happy.Now,i was going to get gba emu running on the vita but i need to know something,i have to download the game super collapse or motorstorm to get it work? because mi vita recognise the emu but nothing apears in my screen,please somebody help me out with that i cant get it work the emulator,at least a video will help but if i have to download those games to get it work im dead because they are not in the store anymore.

  29. puff led says:

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