10 Things that should be improved on the Vita


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  1. Woto says:

    11./3. remove the region from PSN, I would buy the heck out of so many games on the Japanese PSN store, Saki Mahjong Portable, Cross Channel To All People, these are great games and I don’t care if they are only in Japanese, if it’s a region free console then the store should be too

  2. pietro025 says:

    Hey wololo, I don’t agree when you said the Vita is taking the PSP path. It’s failing harder than the PSP did. It’s much easier to play HBs on the PSP and you can also play PS1. Some people bought it because of these reasons. The Vita can’t do that.

  3. Nique says:

    Does anybody care about ps2 support for the vita??? What about that?

    • UE says:

      not happening, fact is despite (stupid) claims by some that it is unreasonable and that pcs have to be strong to run a ps2 emulator (this is purely because we have had to reverse engineer the engine from scratch) sony has all the code and KNOWS how the engine and OS were setup to start with.
      heck their “HD releases” prove that.
      If we are lucky we will get most of the “HD releases” but more likely we will get very few (I mean we are nolonger getting HD peacewalker ***)

  4. Jet says:

    Sony is very good at one thing, I have to admit, that is ruining consumers’ interest, then blame the game developers and so-called “hackers”. Unless someone with proper sense run the company, they are doomed.

  5. crow132 says:

    That’s something they are not interested.

    They think is much better to sell you the same game in “HD”.

    And it’s already happening. MGS2 and 3 coming to the vita in HD.

    Final Fantasy X coming to the vita in hd (sadly the reason why i bought my vita)

    Zone of the enders, more of the same.

    Anyway, how would you use your ps2 discs on the vita? xD

    • Nique says:

      They could release them in the PSN store, sure it would take time but it would make A LOT of fans happy. A emulator would be nice ***.

  6. UnboredTimez says:

    I do say that once CFW is finally figured out for the vita that it will make it much more worthy! Currently i’m disappointed in the software -.-

  7. ChemDog says:

    Well we know Sony is actively monitoring your site, so there is no excuse for them to not fix all of this! Come on guys get to it!

  8. whitey_mcguee says:

    Wololo, you Need to add a like button to your blog. Some of these comments are off there rocker

  9. Dazman says:

    I hate the size, it is too big, No good web tools, *** for putting movies and music on, no eboot reader, I hate the menu system, all of it, I also have a psp Go and it is great, fits in my pocket and easy to use with any theme I like, Why don’t sony do custom themes for the Vita? I just wanted revamp of the PSP Go with touch screen and dual sticks, maybe next time around, until then GO all the way.

    Vita makes a nice paper weight for the time being.

  10. Rico says:

    Sony only pays attention when the PSP is ‘properly’ hacked. Anybody remembered how Sony implemented the PS1 emulator right after someone submitted an unofficial PS1 emulator? I have the 3000, Go and Vita and right now, my Vita is collecting dust in my drawer and I have my 3ds and 3000 in bag whenever i go out. I dont regret buying the Vita cos I know sooner or later, it will be worth its weight but right now, it’s keeping my iphone 3gs, psp 1000 and psp slim company..

  11. Axon Imari says:

    Well..Seeing as how ive had them all and still find the 1000’s to be the best, many tend to forget that the PSP had an incredibly rocky start also. Not so much as Wololo said in the failures, but homebrew based. Sure 1.5 was the golden firmware, but how long did it take for the PSP to actually be a suitable homebrew friendly device. I still remember the days of DEVHOOK, FW switching, and IR Shell. Those days were rough, now the psp is completely hacked but just remember it took awhile to get there. For now, the PSVITA is as it is, a device with hope..but it is no PSP yet.

  12. raziel says:

    Sony is only concentrating on locking up their device. Nothing else! ***!! x_x
    & btw I’m looking for a used Vita. can’t afford a new one. If someone is selling then pls reply to razielim666@yahoo.com

  13. Radles says:

    I agree, they really need to concentrate on some useful multimedia programs and applications. with tough competition from phones etc. that do everything better beside games they need the vita to be a true multimedia device not a *** browser and a promise of Skype. Sony how about doing some surveys and listening to your customers, and I want my $50 back from Everybodys Tennis. I’m sure that some people have paid good money for but cannot download.

  14. CycloneFox says:

    I’m pretty happy with my Vita overall, but even so I’m not as happy with some deatails… So my most important things that should be improved are:

    -Web Browser (I know 512MB RAM is not optimal, but should be enough, use a decent Firefox Browser )
    -PS One Support
    -Account Management (Why not as with the PS3?)

    Some more points, I can somehow understand or bear, but that should also be improved are:

    -Connection with the PC/PS3
    -I understand, why music always stops in PSP titles, as PSP-developers never had Vita’s API and have no possibility to handle Vita’s system music. But as a core gamer (and that’s your main user group), I know how to handle a game with a music player in background… anyway I want to handle switching my music (or the games BGMs) on and off myself.

    As for the games prices, I think we will have to watch how this develops.
    Okay Uncharted was a bit overpriced for 49€/$, without any multiplayer. But there are other games like Wipeout including an online pass for only 39€/$, what is really okay. Also there are other examples as Escape Plan or Plants vs Zombies which are download titles for 12€/$, which could be a little less, but is generally okay. And there’s also Warrior’s Lair planned to come in a dual pack for PS3/Vita in one retail pack for a normal price of one game, which I think is a really good thing, people should absolutely support.
    On the other hand, there are 3rd party producers who think a download title should cost more just because it’s on the Vita. Dungeon Hunter is the best example of an android/iPhone game that’s <7€ on android or iOS, and on the Vita it costs ~35€/$ if i'm not mistaken. Why?

    There are examples of fair prices and barefaced examples (mostly 3rd party games), that destroy the Vita's gaming setup.

    • wololo says:

      Plants vs Zombies is a massive hit on iPhone/Android and costs 2.99$ there, why the heck is it 4 times more expensive on the vita? My guess is that there is some serious incentive from Sony to not lower the prices,either because they’re afraid people will realize we can also have good games on the vita for less than 5$ (which would make a precedent to lower all game prices on the platform), *or* because they take a gigantic portion of the money for indie games, and PopCap has to compensate by increasing the price dramatically.

      Plants vs Zombies is actually one of the best examples to show that games on the vita are overpriced. Other than that, I agree, there are *some* games with an interesting price, and Escape Plan for example seems to be at a great price given the awesome reviews it’s been getting.

      • xSpectrum says:

        The console versions of Plants vs. Zombies are $14.99 USD as well as on the Vita. The PC one is as well.
        I’m not trying to JUSTIFY the high price, but I expected it, as its NOT a smart-phone.

  15. Skaty says:

    so everything…

  16. Etika says:


    This was the BIGGEST lie of all from Sony.

    How dare they. How *** dare they.

    You can only play games online with wifi, you can’t with 3g. I was outside and wanted to play Wipeout 2048 online with my 3G service since it is mobile internet. Went to online mode and it said: Online play not supported on Wifi.

    Went to Ultimate marvel, same thing. Mobile online gaming my ***. Anyone who bought a 3G model was gyped, for the thing it was advertised to do it can’t do. It clearly says in THIS advert it plays games online, on the go:


    *** liars. How dare you Sony.

    How dare you.

    • Gfour84 says:

      Sony told it before they sold the 3G unit. you can´t play online without wi-fi! but i hope we will can do in the future!

  17. Etika says:

    Er, I meant to say online play not supported on 3G, my bad XD

  18. lulz my fac says:

    PWth my post are jot showing up

  19. lulz my fac says:

    Wololo its been two weeks since the last exploit, either you guys are planning something big or ur just slacking

  20. Edge76 says:

    I believe this is a example of what you are talking about Sony products

  21. Romin Khan says:

    vita is not bad as u think

    • James says:

      its not that good either 😉 its been one in a line let downs from Sony.

      Annoys me they make great hardware but they’re software just plain sucks!!

  22. Sunjay140 says:

    See that Sony hates Wololo and they’re on this site 24/7, I’m sure that they’re gonna read this

  23. For me its perfect, almost. But its never going too fit anyone perfectly its a device made for anyone. Ergonomics aside, yes the firmware is clunky but its made for playing high render games not old psp games you have a psp play them with your psp.

    The memory sticks are absurd but they read data way faster than the cartridges so I don’t mind they’re size seeing how this huge conspiracy too sell memory sticks doesn’t factor in that theres are faster than tradition HDDs we find with moving parts it is flash memory. And while they could have used SD cards we can expect sony too lift the max size of a single card too more than double possibly and the price will go down as it already has (I paid 95 on eBay for my 32gb card which still hasn’t arrived, and its down too 89 on Amazon already). Thus as it falls too third parties too vulture all of Sonys proprietary items they are left too make sales on the first sale of cartridges. After that people can be expected too resell and maintenance all those already on the market. They sell their hardware at a loss to begin with I think the Vita is highly under rated the fact is its more powerful than a 360 or PS3 cuz I can play lossless music while playing UMVC3 which isn’t possible on my PS3. So I’m not a hater. But Sony should pay me for sucking their ***.

  24. Fra991 says:

    don’t forget REMOTE and CROSS PLAY ! Sony has promised the moon but in the end we found a *** who only plays 2-3 games!
    The PSV is wonderful and could be the best existing console but Sony is ruining everything!
    I hope soon to a CFW that will remedy all these problems

  25. SSJ-Vita says:

    I just wanna see weather channel “in motion” for storms… adobe and sony need to fix this garbage, my first phone ever could go to weather.com and see it move. It was old school graphics back then.

  26. Zenin says:

    it should have had LTE or 4G – its not future proof

  27. CATPower says:

    Sony can be so dumb at some point. Wololo’s right, why vita still have that crappy web browser, I mean it got touch screen, high RAM, but the browser works like slug. I don’t really mind the game price, just wait like 2-3 years, it might drop down.

  28. fer says:

    let me solve 99% of SCE vita problems on one step:

    Move software and firmware development to silicon valley.


  29. DorkIdol says:

    The lack of PSP games on the Vita is disappointing, because they look and play so much better on it then they did on the PSP. No longer do I need to cramp my hand trying to do the crab claw for Monster Hunter, so I can map the camera controls to the second joystick.

    Sony really needs to get the publishers to get their PSP games on the PSN. I’d really like to play Phantasy Star Portable 2 on my Vita, but Sega took the game off PSN several months ago and won’t put it back up.

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