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PS Vita 1.65 Firmware update available, not sure yet what it “really” does


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43 Responses

  1. The Budds says:

    Sadly nothing was added of great use of the end user. It’s pretty sad how Sony is just so quick to lump us all as pirates. The TOS even has a mention to it 🙁 What’s funny is that I wanted to see some great additions to the system and simply some bug fixes.

    Heh, I can even make a arguement that Sony is trying their best to not want me to like the Vita. Somehow I’m a pirate after buying a whole bunch of games for their system… It’s sad to see this from a company who brought out the net yaroze.

  2. Shawn says:

    I almost highly agree that Sony wouldn’t even add so-called “features” were it no excuse to patch hackable software.

  3. darkenvy says:

    I wouldnt expect new features with an update like 1.6.x typically the last digit signifies patches (although it doesnt always follow that rule).

    I’m SERIOUSLY considering buying another vita just because Ive switched my region enough time to be flagged and pretty soon ill be unable to enjoy it’s features (new games forcing updates) if I want to keep homebrew. Kinda a ncie idea: one vita for brew, another for OFW.

    • aksiz says:

      if you just want homebrews i’d rather recommend buying psp (whether it’s used or new)
      atm, there is no homebrews that Vita can run homebrews that psp can’t. (and there are homebrews that only psp can run)

      Only reason i would buy Vita for homebrews is when i want to run homebrews with nice&bigger screen.

      • darkenvy says:

        heh, im no noob to the PSP scene. I used to own 3 PSPs but cut back when I got the vita. (money went towards the vita)

        I did the same thing for the PSP, its just a shame that this has to be done. Oh also I would like to have an account not flagged by sony for ‘suspicious homebrew activity’ haha!

  4. Richard says:

    So does this update block VHBL or the way we install the files?

    • Gurry says:

      wololo wrote:

      I haven’t investigated yet if it patches some of the things we use for VHBL, but most likely it does, so I’ll keep you posted.


  5. Gurry says:

    the only reason i would update my vita is psone/psx support. 😀

  6. thesilvershadow says:

    i think that sony is too busy fixing vhbl exploits in the psp emulator to make a good new firmware for vita … something like flash 11 and ps1 support or at least a working youtube player …

  7. OMightyBuggy says:

    No PSOne support, no themes, no comics, no visualizations, a lot of PSP games still not supported, no HTML5/Flash, no bug fixes for the browser and opening Facebook, fixing of random freezing when shutting down, no ability to organize photos and videos on the memory card with albums, no removal of Welcome Park app, no Skype, Bluetooth switching on bug, and lastly being able to use the DPad to move around.

  8. jon mark says:

    hey well i just got the update and i normaly play monster hunter online threw ad-hoc and but the ps vita will not connect and i cant even play with people next to me since this update.. does anyone know how to fix this ?

  9. Some guy says:

    It’s unfortunate, but it seems the 1.65 update does in fact patch VHBL. If you have the Everybody’s Tennis savegame exploit, you’ll be greeted with a not so friendly “Save data is corrupted” message.

    Something gives me the impression that this was one of the sole purposes of released 1.65

    Farewell, SNES emulator.

  10. MAX says:

    HBL may be TOS violation, but doesn’t against the law.

    • wololo says:

      That is correct.

    • Koji says:

      While that is correct… in many countries breaking ToS is illegal. It would be the same as breaking any other business contract… and while Sony would have to prove substantial damages (which it usually can’t in individual cases, which is why they usually go after the hackers if they have the legal grounds to do so), it doesn’t mean they’ll just roll over and let it happen.

      As much as we’d prefer otherwise. Sony has entered into an arms race… Much like Nintendo is doing with DS flashcarts on 3DS… The protections for both systems are thoroughly trounced and the only thing Sony and Nintendo can really do is patch a few leaks in an attempt to show developers their hardware is completely 100% secure.

      • Aces In The Palm says:

        ToS is a tickbox, Sony or anybody for that matter have no proof that you were the one to tick the box. If my daughter updates my vita, she is below the legal age to actually enter into a lawful contract. That have no legal foot to stand on, they would have to have your vita take a picture at the point of ticking the box ,and even then, I’d just give it to a friend to update for me.

  11. Ross31192 says:

    Don’t update

  12. Clarkalel says:

    I have no idea why sony even bother patching it with 1.65. if they let vhbl slide then there would not be an issue, they are just making things harder on them self . wololo and wth say they are in it for homebrew no iso or anything of that nature, still sony can’t take a hint. games requiring update to play is what killing them, people want hombrew and games too but i would go with homebrew if i had to choose.
    posted with ps vita browser. :D.

    • Koji says:

      A big part of the problem is that Sony CAN’T let it slide, not even on the lowest levels. Not because Sony really is just some big mean corporation, they also have something to prove to their developers. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, early and thorough piracy of the PSP has been a pretty big harm to it in the West… The last thing Sony wants when it’s trying to court developers to their new platform is to have some visible sign of weakness that may make developers nervous.

      • wololo says:

        Yes, I believe this is their main reason for patching these vulnerabilities. As a matter of fact, VHBL got lots of publicity on technical websites, which I think in itself is bad for Sony’s image. “OMG, the vita has *already* been hacked?” types of reactions is the kind of stuff they don’t want to see, for the reasons you explained. Other than that, I am assuming they don’t care too much about VHBL. It’s just a problem of the “secured platform” image sent by the vita.

  13. fodawim says:

    Seems they pulled the update. Latest update is 1.61 now.

  14. Jason says:

    They pulled the update..

  15. Reine says:

    most likely it’s MonoVM ?
    it’s preparation for upcoming PS Suite SDK open beta 😀

  16. Norml says:

    If no has noticed yet, you can(atleast for me) update near, rapidly. One after another rather than having to wait.
    No music is also playing in near.

  17. weej says:

    seems like they really pulled the update. my vita only says that it’s updated to the latest version, which is 1.61. i wonder why they pulled it o.O

  18. kataaki says:

    1.65 update has been removed…

  19. Darkside says:

    Update will be back tomorrow (sony blog)

  20. Clarkalel says:

    Well hopefully Sony will learn something from the past, just work with the community not against it. The results will also be the same, game sales are low because of poor launch games and system updates required to play them.They can’t blame game sales on piracy alone, Sony should at least give us a chance to show them that we are not in it for piracy but for homebrew/emulator.Make it happen SONY.

    • Clarkalel says:

      Sony needs better pricing and marketing if they want the Vita to be successful like $25 – $35 should be a good price range for games on a Handheld, but no they are charging $30-$50 is crazy. Sell more game for less is better then selling less for more.

  21. Clarkalel says:

    Now with the mandatory update to play the new games we’re are back at square one just like how it was with the PSP.If i do remember correctly what happens after this point in the PSP life span will happen to the Vita(I*0). Sony drop down the prices and remove mandatory update on games and more people will buy it. $25-$35 after taxed CND should be good, the reason this is a good price range is that after 1 to 2 months in the game will be consider old and sells at a discount so the money don’t go back to developers but to the second hand gaming store like gamespot and ebgames.

  22. HIMFan says:

    Well Sony, your anti-VBHL will be your undoing. I’m officially declaring my Vita as a VHBL system only. I will NOT be buying new games and playing them and updating. Only VHBL. I don’t care that I have a PSP that can do all of that. IT’S TIME WE ALL STAND UP AND FIGHT.

    • HIMFan says:

      Unless of course we can get VHBL working on 1.65, then I’ll gladly update 😀

  23. Tony says:

    Sony canceled the update when they found there was a fatal bug, just thinking what it “really” means

  24. Trollkilla says:

    I hope they fix ad hoc because this update killed it on the vita.
    My vita is not showing up on my son’s psp and i cant see him on
    my vita.I guess i cant play sf3 alpha max or mhfu with my son anymore
    because of sony stupid update.Hopefully this is the bug that made sony
    pullout the firmware from being downloaded and they fix it soon. :()

  25. zonicdx09 says:

    so wait they force me into an update and it’s bugged? Great

  26. TheBudds says:

    Update on the situation…


    Update 4/3/2012: We identified a symptom that users can not play adhoc play in PSP titles if they download the system software, so we have taken down the system software temporarily. The system software will be available to download again soon.

  27. Norml says:

    WOW! It’d be nice to play my UMD psp games, but you can’t $ony.
    I haven’t noticed any issues with psp games after this update.
    Will not be updating again.
    lies, incomplete bugged, clearly useless

  28. Clarkalel says:

    I feel sorry for the game developers like Netherealms (Mortal Kombat Vita) NIS ( Desgaea 3). Sony is playing their cards forcing me to update to play these new title when it is released is an insult, guess i have to cancel my pre-orders for both of those game because of this one update.This will prove that firmware update that break homebrew will only hurt them in the game sales department.

  29. oxMUDxo says:

    At least tell me they added some thing cool in the PSN store, lol Thats a joke theres never anything cool in the store.

    We need or home brews Sony!!!!!!

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