Release: VHBL r141 for Motorstorm Arctic Edge


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25 Responses

  1. Charlie says:

    Now if only we could get a U.S. exploit XD

  2. Mcleod says:

    I know ;-(… i cant belive i missed out on hot shot tennis by a few hours !!! kill me !!!

  3. Mcleod says:

    I’m sorry that was rude of me!! Great job !!!! Its awesome to see the improvement day by day… Thank you !!!

  4. Dom says:

    Thank you once again Wololo but I’m missing out on the action once again because I live in the U.S.

    Any chance on a U.S. store exploit soon?

  5. rectum devourer says:


  6. yosh says:

    hey Wololo
    Just got gpSP working perfectly on my Vita today, with everything working really 😀
    Here’s my gpSP kai folder :
    It really works perfectly on everybody’s tennis, maybe on motorstorm too no idea ^^

  7. 30W says:

    Thanx Wololo and wth!!
    Quake is workimg perfectly!

  8. warfaren says:

    Nice, thanks for the update!

    However, kurok and quake does not work for me. And the update should’ve been successfully applied because it reads half-byte loader r141 in the scrolling bar to the bottom right, and in the text screen you get just before you see the homebrew list menu. Maybe I’ve got incompatible versions of the homebrews though?

    Btw, geometry wars portable (the exact one in the youtube video) was already running just fine on the original motorstorm VHBL for me before, so dunno what’s up there.

    Also, pspfiler 5.7 seems to have become a lot more unstable, it’s frozen twice, while fully loaded, on this new version of VHBL, whereas it was working perfectly on the old one.

    oh and @yosh: WOW! Finally a fully working GBA emulator that actually lets me continue and load the savegame from my previous progress! Thanks a lot!!

    • warfaren says:

      I worked out the problem with Kurok, appearently version 0.4 offers you an eboot for fat psps and one for slims. The slim one however, does not work (perhaps the emulator is only allowing for 32MB ram usage max?)

      so using the fat eboot it’s working. It’s playing really well too, since you can customize the controls and with the help of the vitas psp emulator settings for the right stick, the game will utilize both analogue sticks perfectly just like you would expect them too be used 🙂

  9. HeRo says:

    Thank you SO much for your work!

    Greetings from MEXICO! 😀

  10. LtL says:

    Good job, thank you!
    But I don’t buy these two games in PSN, a few days there are games can run vhbl?

  11. Katoaki says:

    It can work on everybody’s tennis?

    • wololo says:

      No, Everybody’s tennis already updated with the latest changes. This update is actually to bring some of the features of Everybody’s Tennis port to the Motorstorm port.

  12. Zimond says:


    What about the problem that you cannot put your vita in standby when using VHBL?

  13. dimy93 says:

    Sony’s keyboard supported now?

  14. LtL says:

    Everybody’s Tennis can not be sold, there will be games can run vhbl?

    • wololo says:

      I don’t know. I am not aware of any promising port of VHBL for now. There are lots of games with vulnerabilities, but they cannot all be used with VHBL for now.

  15. LtL says:

    Whether find new games to run vhbl?

  16. lsq says:

    Very difficult to enter, three can only enter once

  17. dizzy prick says:

    Geomotry wars makes me dizzy ;*(

  18. Gaara says:

    will the MoterStorm in HK store currently still be useful to load VBHL or that is totally a new game with no such use?