Lamecraft (Minecraft clone) running on the PS Vita


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  1. Dom says:

    This is awesome! Now if only the official Minecraft was on the Vita… that would be great.

    • little-vince says:

      why do you need official minecraft when you have lamecraft?
      its pretty much just as good. XD
      all we need is online mode which maybe if we’re lucky pro online can provide or something.

  2. Same says:

    It’s may be interesting to know what he needs to modify to run under vhbl.
    Can someone share information about ?

  3. Mindstate says:

    This is *** awesome

  4. Astromatik says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaa cool thanks a lot

  5. Jarki26 says:

    It doesn’t work, I have error C1-2858-3 🙁

  6. be0ut says:

    hey any updates on if a US exploit is in the works? 😀 .. and great job guys this release def looks like a success!! keep it up.. much appreciated

  7. darkenvy says:

    Lamecraft works great but does not save the maps. Do the maps save for anyone else? It acts like it saves but there are no maps in the load dialog

    • Drakon says:

      it’s seems that file api is also working different… I have noticed this in texturepack searching but totally forget about saves….

      I will fix that – thanks for info 🙂

  8. Risk3082 says:

    The download link doesn’t seem to work anymore…

  9. sortadan says:

    It’s cool, but with the Vita the start/select buttons are so hard to hit it makes jumping a real pain. Wonder if there is any hope of having access to the right analog stick in the PSP emulator some day…

  10. WOLOLO_SON says:

    Hey what if we want to put some new roms in our Snes
    Do we have to re-install it over again?

  11. honorface says:

    lol at this keyboard. I would give you mine but I can’t load vhbl anymore. I forgot the email…. doh. if you find out a way to play games across accounts then ill share 😉

  12. screwed says:

    how do you delete files like wagic wont work i get error and i wanna delete

  13. NetwoGard says:

    I just new in Vita world but I don’t know how to make the with no compression guy’s :/ someone can help me cause I m on a Macbook pro ..
    Or if someone can send me Lamecraft all bundled that would be cool ..
    My mail is
    Thanks 😀

  14. Johnny says:

    where can i get snes for the vita?

  15. Bob says:

    i cant download VHBL or lamecraft so how can i play minecraft on my psvita? )

  16. Me says:

    It wont work for my ps vita.

  17. Nobuscus says:

    Is there a survival and how do you download vbhl

  18. Tobuscus says:

    it said it cant be downloaded on a psp vita_:/

    • bugsywowwow says:

      Through content manager app? I can’t get it on mine either, even with the officially signed version. You just need some homebrew VHBL things, what allows you to use Lamecraft, but if you have a PSP, use that until they release a version what is fully compatible with the PSVita, but I don’t think they will, but they might do.

  19. Brandon says:

    how do you get it on your ps vita?

  20. Tristan says:

    I can download it but how do you get it on your computer

  21. PsVITAHackbeginner says:


  22. trey says:

    I’m shelop

  23. joejon says:

    het is eror kan niet download met ps vita systeem wat kan ik doen help

  24. minecrafter says:

    i have palyed minecraft for 4years but how can download lamecraft to PS VITA

  25. andreeas says:

    i can’t download this game from my psvita.i can’t open the display with the download for ps vita

  26. andreeas says:

    how to download lamecraft or minecraft on my ps vita? plssss answer

  27. Nic says:

    i dont have a freacing credit card

  28. daniel says:

    not working in my ps vita

  29. nobody says:

    why cant this be easyer. i cant download the vhbl because it wont let me and i cant download lamecraft because it wont load from the page. and im doing the on a vita. i mean really you need to use your psp for most of it and i cant do that. why cant they just make it so you dont have to download vhbl and you dont need your psp.

  30. dominick says:

    it won’t let me download lamecraft

  31. nasser490 says:

    how to play maincraft

  32. nobody says:

    dear wololo
    make it it so we can download lamecraft straight from our ps vita’s. Because i think it would be vary vary easyer to download it without a computer. it would mean more people would download it. so can you do that for us, thank you.

  33. nobody says:

    error-.- how to fix it?!

  34. diant says:

    whens to minecraft coming psvita

  35. diany says:

    like when the heck is minecraft coming to psvita

  36. dan says:

    i got it downloaded i just dont know what to do to have it on my homescreen or idk how to enter it wnd play my psn name is Trololol757 messge meon vita and tell how to open please

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