Open Idea CMA: open source tool to copy files from and to your vita (private beta)


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  1. Karma Darkly says:


  2. Waiting4NewVitaHack says:

    release the hack wth made plzz

    • dan says:

      waiting on the wth vhbl as well. was excited to see a blog post, but not quite what i was for. hopefully soon.

    • Mart says:

      Just keep your patience. Stuff gets released when its ready.

      Asking for it in reply to an article which has nothing to do with a new hack/exploit won’t make Wololo or others get it any faster. Aka like I always tell kids: crying for candy doesn’t work.

  3. Waiting4NewVitaHac2 says:

    Is it possibel to instal homebrews with this tool? And does it destroy my warranty?

    • dridri says:

      Yes it will be very easier to install PSP homebrews for VHBL.
      And I don’t think there is any problem about warranty 😉

  4. darkenvy says:

    This will be extreamly useful. I’m already fed up with the current CMA and it’s idiot-proof design. Not enough features!

    Oh will we be able to see file structure?

  5. Reine says:

    me ?

  6. ProX says:

    Wait what?…. Where the f*** is VHBL?
    Sorry, but I don’t understand, why it’s still not released…

  7. Cemrok says:

    It is released, only for people with the artic edge game!

    I am not one of the lucky ones 🙁

    Anyway be patient, theres are a lot of knowledgable people working on these things as we speak.

  8. Iono says:

    In the meantime let’s have orgies 🙂

  9. NeoGeo22 says:


    i have downloaded arctic edge with media go. is it possible now to copy the game with this open idea cma to my ps vita?

  10. Iono says:


  11. poop says:

    isnt this similar to psveeter? or am i just dumb which is probable.

  12. keane says:

    No PS veeta 0.2, is just a program that relies on the actual content manager.

  13. gliitch says:

    Ugh ubuntu 10:10 is diabolical. completely unusable, where did they go oh so wrong? pos

  14. little-vince says:

    seeing as open idea iso loader is about a year or more old, it’s great to hear that old developers are still active. 🙂
    keep it up dridri. 😀

  15. Timberack says:

    Every new app, homebrew, exploit, all add up as experience to what we’re all waiting for; easy access.
    If it takes another year, so what? it’s a fairly new device with new technology to figure out. Kudos to those sacrificing their own time to help those like me who don’t have time to spare.

  16. Ando says:

    This is untrue Dridi, you can see the file structure of the PS Vita.

    Also next time when you release a work like that, say your source or give credit to the person who help to find this and how it works.

    Like Nabnab said, the PS Vita use NFS structure/protocol and to exploit the file system, you need to go under NFS-root

    File systems -> Network File systems (CMA) -> NFS client support (CMA) -> Root file system on NFS (Kernel CMA Mode)

    Start to be annoying to see person like you that call themselves dev when you make stuff from other work and also claim that you are the only one who make this possible.

    I just saw that nabnab has some problem recently and he can’t continue (sorry nabnab) and thanks for your work.

    I rarely saying this but you just a piece of *** dridi, congrats for insulting and take work from other.

    Typical of the GEN user website

    • wololo says:

      Dridri didn’t claim he is the only one who made this possible, where did you read that? Dridri’s work is based on Yifan Lu’s work, and he is collaborating with him on the whole thing, Yifan Lu is correctly credited in this. So I have no clue what you are talking about.

      Nice troll attempt, though 🙂

      • Ando says:

        Oh shut up Wololo, you and your blog advertising website that use the people to win money.

        You call yourself hacker, programmer that you work on basic stuff and use people.

        Yes i’m a troll, like you troll around the web that you hacked the PS Vita when is not.

        Collaborating with him ? mmm the famous PSP User that broke completely the work from other, come on.

        You have no clue ? ***, from the beginning with your piece of joke VHBL (use everybody with your brainwash),i understand why Nabnab didn’t trust you at all.

        I’m not a troll but the PS Vita users deserve the truth

        You just that guy making profit with the help of other and by using people who trust you.

        Nice brainwash attempt, though 😉

        • dridri says:

          I only worked on this with Yifan Lu, I don’t use anything else 😉

        • wololo says:

          Ando, people like you who tell me that the work I’ve been doing is “basic” all have a common thing: they never delivered anything useful to the scene.

          I didn’t pretend I hacked the Vita, and I never pretended the stuff I did was rocket science. As a matter of fact, I’ve spent the last two years relentlessly explaining to as many people as possible how relatively “easy” it is to find user mode exploits in the PSP, and making it more and more accessible to port HBL by simplifying the process. As I’ve told before VHBL was released, anybody with a psp user mode exploit could have done what I did, since HBL has been open source for 2 years now. For some reason, people like you want to build a world where I pretend lots of things, but you’ll have a very hard time finding quotes from me saying “I hacked the vita” or “I’m the only one who could have done this”. Of course, if you have sources for that, feel free to publish them here, I’d love to be proven wrong.

          You can feel free to insult me on my blog, I don’t mind too much, but if you have something against me, we can take it by email or even over skype if you want to talk to me “for real”. In particular, I’d love to hear what you have to say about me “using people who trust me”. My email is wagic.the.homebrew at, if you have the ***. We can even do it in French if you prefer 🙂

          As I’ve said many times, the internet is free, if you can do better than me, just effing do it, and everybody including me will be happy.

          Also, don’t bring Nabnab into this. Last time I checked, he is old enough to contact me when he has a problem with me, he doesn’t need a puppy to bark for him.

          • Stiffeno says:

            Don’t worry what the haters have to say about you Wololo, most of them couldn’t write a Hello World program (in Visual BASIC lol) if their lives depended on it! They just leech and leech!

        • Ted Mosby says:

          One question, why not stop trolling around and help the Szene to get the Vita “open”. When you know so much, than stop barking around, tell us what you know and work together with other dev’s. Dev’s won’t claim fame if everybody act like egoist’s.

          And what’s the truth ? The truth is, that many dev’s already leavin’ the PS3 Szene because of People like you. Just flaming or trolling around, or even post Fake Exploits.

          Everything here is true…every Eploit or even the Open source CMA from Yifan lu and dridri is real and they sharing it to us. We stay together and help each other. We are the Szene…and one day we’ll open the Vita. Feel free to join us.

          (sorry for my english 🙂 it’s not my native language ;))

    • dridri says:

      *troll detected*

      • natsu says:

        initiating burn-the-troll-like-a-boss program…
        initialization failed…XD

        seriously, im an IT person and i have a psp with cfw, but one step of the whole exploit thing threw me off… one day, when i dont have anything else productive, i will try to make one. and hopefully, you can see something like “natsu exploit”… i think finding exploits is far better than trolling

  17. Zer01ne says:

    Ando stop to talk about something that you can not understand, Nabnab Clone, you think that you are a hacker or something so, but no, your not !
    Then go back to your stuff and stop to troll this blog !

  18. Timberack says:

    Ando’s an idiot for spreading negative vibes during this exciting time. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  19. sebastian says:

    una pregunta yo tengo 2 cuentas de psn una japonesa y otra de mexico con la japonesa compre un juego ^^ obviamente y pues para jugarlo tengo que andar reseteando mi vita y cambiando de memoria para cambiar de cuenta puesto que si yo intento pasar mi juego de una cuenta a otra con el cma me dice que el juego no es mio y que no me permitirá copiarlo existe alguna forma de transferir mi juego a la otra cuenta o para lograrlo pasar a mi memoria

  20. sebastian says:

    a question I have 2 psn accounts a Japanese and a buy mexico with Japan ^ ^ obviously a game and to play it because I have to walk my vita resetting and changing memory switch accounts because if I try to spend my game one account to another with the CMA tells me the game is not mine and I will not copy it there any way to transfer my game to another account or to achieve pass my memory

  21. arnespada says:

    So, where i can get this program… i ust bought a ps vita but i’m using ubuntu so where i can download it….

  22. Stiffeno says:

    I recently deleted Windows 7 Ultimate from my Netbook and installed Linux Mint 13 Xfce (so my netbook runs about 100 times faster now its not bloated with MShit lol), so an open source CMA would be awesome! Can’t wait till it comes out so I wont need to use Wine with OpenCMA anymore…always better to have a Linux native app!

    All I gotta do now is find native linux alternatives for a few Windows based apps I use all the time and I can finally be rid of Windows for good!

    Long live the PS Vita and PSP homebrew scene 😀 And all hail our new overlord Wololo :D:D:D!

  23. Jake Starling says:

    Anybody got even a beta version of OPEN CMA for Mac OS X? Promises promises….

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