VHBL for Motorstorm Arctic Edge Released!


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  1. Gab_Is_god says:

    Firmware 1.61 EU all ok! work perfectly.

  2. Pyong says:

    it would seem that any 3D game (besides doom) does not work, every one of them i’ve tried (kurok, quake, quake 2, halo, lamecraft) don’t work at all.

  3. Pyong says:

    no 3d games seem to work whatsoever…

  4. HIMFan says:

    Can I still use this on a 6.60 PSP with the US version of the game? Just so I don’t feel cheated for missing the EU purchase lol.

  5. Rico says:

    Picodrive works okay except that the sound is a bit distorted but plays fine. Other emulators is a no go. Really looking for snes on vita…oh well, guess i have to be contented with playing emus on my psp3000. Good job anyway! It can only get better…

  6. natsu says:

    downloaded vhbl because im curious as to how files are transferred…

    and its quite easy…

  7. chris says:

    wonder what would happen if you said theres an exploit in uncharted full version, and post a well edited fake vid for “proof” ? i’d be lol-ing so hard if they removed it 😀

  8. SURF says:

    The install is done, the vHBL starts but after 2 seconds, it crash with a error message: C1-2858-3

    Am i the only one with this problem?

    • SURF says:

      more details: after loading the HBL save, the HBL black screen launch with some stuff written and after 2 seconds, there’s a black screen for about 10 seconds, and then the error message appear (C1-2858-3)

  9. sky18 says:

    I did in the right way. but I couldn’t run a homebrew. why?

    • sky18 says:

      more details: After loading the VHBL, I select a homebrew, and it is written nothing. in my screen for about 10 seconds, but the error massage appears(C1-2858-3). Or, it returns to the home screen. It is like (Mr/Ms) SURF’s pressing.

      (Sorry for my poor English…)

      • SURF says:

        i tried to take a screenshot at the moment where vHBL start loading and i made it start correctly right after pressing HOME + Start. Weird, but working.

  10. senas8 says:

    I have the jp version of this game and it shows corrupt file.. weird that im able to transfer from other regions.. ofcourse they don’t load. Has anyone else got this problem?
    The problem seems to be with param.sfo.. I exchanged param.sfo from another region and the file copied to the vita.. but didn’t load. I also changed the SAVEDAT_DETAIL name that also got the file transfered but can’t load.

  11. Mercutio says:

    Hey wololo, any word on the other game mentioned yesterday (the demo)? Id test it out myself, but i sold my psp awhile ago.

  12. jasontim says:

    Hey wololo! Please dont’t just focus on the PSV. Look at the little pool boy Wagic okey?

  13. mamosuke says:

    Thanks for your effort.
    We will be able to cooperate with you next time.

  14. screwed says:

    NOO im like 1 day late to buy it plzz find another game that haz a vulnerability i want vhbl on my vita please find one!!!!!!!

  15. Thanks a lot Wololo! Have GBA emulation running! Bought quite a few games on the PSN so if the next update breaks the hack I’ll just stick to 1.61… cheers 🙂

  16. Police says:

    Lmao now its not enough you’ve found 1 exploit these ppl want even more coz they didnt trust u enough to buy the game

  17. swatsqad says:

    Well, I Myself failed to port vhbl to the “other” game.
    wololo, thanks for the release, If you still have some time, port it to the apes.

  18. Revenant says:

    Thanks again, worth the wait, jamming doom right now!!!!

  19. scot says:

    Yea, thank you very much… I remember you said “it won’t be like you go to bed and next morning, it’s out and already finished” or something like that. Well, guess what, there people who doesn’t check your website every day and if you post “it will be released today”, it’s like you didn’t post anything. I was hoping you would be kind enough to post something like “it will be released after 1 week from this post, exact time, be ready”. Well, nevermind I guess, I’m just disappointed

    • wololo says:

      Here’s what I did to make sure you didn’t have to lose sleep over this:
      – announce the name of the game starting on February 21st, to the people who were able to read between the lines of the vhbl page
      – For the public announcement, not release the files at the same time as the name of the game, in the hope that Sony wouldn’t remove a Game from their store without any proof of the exploit. That was a poker move, and I failed, but even at the worst, the game was up for about 12 hours between the announcement and Sony’s reaction.

      I said I would do my best for you not to lose sleep over this. I believe I did do my best, and that the goal was achieved: most people don’t need 12 hours to sleep. If you don’t check my site every day, it’s your problem, not mine, I did my part of the work as far as I can tell.

      If I had said “this will be announced on xx/xx at hh:mm”, not only would it have been exactly the same (Sony removing the game within hours), but in addition to that, my server would have browned out, so you wouldn’t have been able to get the info. And you would have been disappointed anyways because the announcement hours would have been the middle of the night for you, or in the middle of the day when you’re at work, or something else…

      • Dutt says:

        You’ve done an excellent job Wololo.. Working very will on my Vita.
        Keep up the good work..

        Ps. could you update Vhbl to add an option to delete. whould be very handy.

    • phazik says:

      You’re a self entitled idiot scot, the fact that wololo i seven making such things for both the psp and ps vita is already great, and any little whiner should go make something valuable themselves before complaining about small things.

  20. Kil says:

    All Hail Wololo!!!

  21. andwhyisit says:

    I still think that finding a way to directly access the memory card via the vita’s usb would be a better starting point. CMA can read and write data to and from the card, and it would be alot easier to run CMA through a debugger to find out how it accesses the memory card than to try and find an exploit within a closed system that will only get patched up a couple of days later.

    • wololo says:

      Right, I do agree. I consider VHBL as an apetizer: we are using old tricks in the PSP emulator to have fun while we wait for the main dish 🙂 As I said many times, lots of people who are much more clever than I am are looking into many ways to get access to the Vita.

    • andwhyisit says:

      Nevermind. I figured out why this isn’t possible.

    • Aslan says:

      No colnpaimts on this end, simply a good piece.

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  22. tarikmaz says:

    Any ideas on a game for the us. Go for metal slug because its cheap and it look hackable

    • wololo says:

      If people send me game exploits, I’m willing to port HBL to those exploits, or to help them do it. I however don’t have the time to look for exploits, so at the very least I need a savegame that does the minimal task of overriding $ra

  23. hiyo 4life says:

    Aqe Quest has been identified as one that works.

  24. hiyo 4life says:

    Sorry meant to say APE QUEST and it’s free demo on PSN (all regions).

    Here is the evidence from the coder:


    wololo thank you for looking into this in the event this can be ported.

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