VHBL, more news coming in a few hours


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83 Responses

  1. guts says:

    I javou even in little more than expected Castlevania VAMPIRE kiss
    for me yes steplait sending the orange juice XD

  2. be wolf says:

    c pour kan mec jgaler auten que les otre qon profiter des bon vieux jeu

  3. marlon says:

    hey wololo what is going on with the hbl we waiting so bad

  4. lolipop says:

    it seriously and get it out your temp hbl

  5. lolipop says:

    OMG, il était juste en face de nous tout le temps, il suffit de lire les lettres à la verticale sur le côté gauche de sa déclaration, son d’un code ahahahahha

  6. Aaa says:

    We love you !!!

    3-2-1 for the next pass be 3DS too

  7. WolfRamiO says:

    PLZ Wololo dont tell us the name of the game too soon. plz wait a month or something like that, some ppl like me are getting the vita in a couple weeks….

    • wololo says:

      Let me be honest here, I don’t plan to wait weeks before the release happens. So you might be out of luck on this one 🙁

      • Ted Mosby says:

        wololo, other question. When you install an PSP Game from PS3 to the Vita you”ll need that install package downloaded from the PSN-Store to your PS3. I wonder if we could bypass this on a 3.55 CFW. Just thoughts….

        And WolfRamiO, if you have an PS3 with an 4.10 OFW you could buy the PSP game and install it from your PS3 to your Vita later. I think it would work…

        • Ted Mosby says:

          sorry, i just read that after FW 4.00 there are Problems to Copy buyed PSP Games to the Vita…..We will see…

  8. lolipop says:

    the games and not pay out in some or I’m wrong wololo

  9. lolipop says:

    I CROI that sony has planned to put the psn in its maintenance on March 1 will be I do not care for CROI lexploit

  10. lolipop says:

    it would be good sony has to stop taking the gent for his con their spawn above the pier that net for psp SEVERAL perssone knowing that his in the same situation as me and say c psp and have not been transferred to the Supor umd c to repay to a serious game that already buy your abuse