VHBL still works on the 1.60 firmware


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  1. Crimson Flamebreaker says:

    Goodness 😮

  2. Lindo says:

    thanks God.

  3. mamo says:

    GooDNEWS Wololo!
    So this VHBL support isoloaders?
    We need VHBL for playing games for free.
    We hope we can play iso games downloaded from web on VHBL

    • roflma says:

      not sure if trolling, sony spy or a 10 years old

    • UE says:

      we hope you can somehow die after choking on your tongue

      • rafael707 says:

        its people like mamo, who ruins it for all of us, i just want homebrew, but sony will patch super fast, just look at the michael jackson that sony acidently was giving away for free… that was patched in less that a day..

        • UE says:

          Not really a software patch in that one though, more a patch to the store itself.

          But yeah I cannot see any online game taking long to patch.

          The reason patapon worked so well was because once the eboot was out amongst the various free hosts on the net nobody could stop the sharing of that particular one that worked to allow the exploit.

          With no option for this sony is easily able to isolate and stop the file sharing of any exploitable demo files (and ofcourse full games unless they are physical cartridge exploits)

          • wololo says:

            Yeah. For the Golf exploit though, Sony took a few weeks to actually patch the firmware, and didn’t patch the games on the PSN, and didn’t remove them from the store… maybe the same will happen again…

    • RX says:

      Hypocrites. This is why majority of you are here. This is the inevitable end result of all this. So shut up.

      • wololo says:

        Hbl has been around for 3 years now and nobody ever used it for piracy because it is techically close to impossible to do so. People who are following hbl news in the hope to play vita or psp commercial games for free are wasting their time. Your comment also shows you dont really know what hbl does.

        • RX says:

          Last time I checked, HBL could be used to run emulators for GBA and N64 games, which are STILL being sold commercially by Nintendo. Tell me: how many people do you think used and are going to be using those resources to play games they actually own?

          • wololo says:

            I make a strong difference between psp/vita isos, and emulators for older systems. If you dont see the difference, that’s your choice. From a legal point of view you are right. From a business point of view, these old games dont matter.

      • ??? says:

        Not sure if trolling or just plain stupid!

      • UE says:

        Part of my reason is piracy in a sense that I want a good manga viewing platform on my psp vita like I did with the original (the shoulder buttons make flipping pages a breeze and the analogue stick works wonders for navigating, add this to a oled screen and I am happy)

        But this said I will still only be using it for the obscure korean and Japanese series that will never ever be released over here due to western civilisation deeming it not necessary for us to have certain genres of entertainment in manga form. (there are some seinen works out there and I own most of them that I like… but the majority are small 3-4 volume series that I would never experience otherwise)

        The true majority of people who actually frequent this site aren’t in it for piracy.

        • sony can kiss my ass says:

          while i am not completely against piracy (i know it is stealing but it is very usefull if you have a crappy pc and want to play old games) am i aware that wololo.net is not the place for it. here al people (exept some appearantly) who just want to run their own code on a console and i do agree with that.

          it is our device so let us do with it what we want. as long as we don’t harm a company and they will only make money by it (since more people will buy a device if you can run homebrew on it)should it not have to be a problem. but $ony thinks different about this and starts lawsuits against people that do stuff that is completely legal and could never harm the company.

          • RX says:

            You people already know what Sony’s policies concerning their products are. And for much of last year, you were here whining about how you were never going to buy a Vita. Now, you’re all lining up to get one, and parting your *** cheeks so Sony can screw you again (in your own opinion.) And when Sony does something you don’t like, you’ll be back here whining as usual!

            If you’re not willing to abide by the Terms and COnditions, don’t buy the product. Simple. You’ll save yourselves a lot of time and stress.

  4. Salahkun says:

    i dont have an psp vita 🙁

  5. Vandurol says:

    I think Sony is putting their act together and try to fix “bugs” with the security system so they have less things to worry about for the release of HBL on the Vita.

  6. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    This is off topic but anyone know when the u.s psn store will get the four square,facebook,and twitter app?

  7. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    I think sony was having a little trouble with the U.S Psn store yestraday my friend looked and saw that M.J game (PsVita Game) and it was free he downloaded it for his vita but mins later it got fixed.

  8. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    I think sony was having a little trouble with the U.S Psn store yestraday my friend looked and saw that M.J game (PsVita Game)was free so he downloaded it for his vita but mins later it got fixed. ………..sorry for double posting the other one had errors.

  9. Crimson Flamebreaker says:

    It must be a sign. . . . O.o

  10. dimy93 says:

    When VHBL will be out – now Vita is almost out here in EU

    • SifJar says:

      Wololo has previously stated it’ll be released when the Vita is out in US and EU. Not when it is “almost out”. When it is *out*.

      • dimy93 says:

        Yes of course but we need an call in advance

        • Riku says:

          No we don’t. The whole point is that he wants it to be discrete enough to let as many people as possible download it before sony gets wind of it and fixes it. He already said he’ll release it when it’s been out long enough for enough people to have one

  11. wachu says:

    Oh pls God let the exploit be in any kind of game but not in this crappy golf game…

  12. Dman49 says:

    Vita First Edition recieved! I’m pumped about it! But I’m still debating if I should use the HBL or not.

  13. KC says:

    So I can play PSP home brew without needing to download anything more than HBL?!?!

    Wololo if you already didn’t have a wife I would request a marriage.

  14. I can’t wait!!! Your awesome wololo!!!

  15. tpu says:

    When CMA connect to vita, the usb protocol version will be sent to vita. if the version mismatch(CMA>vita or vita>CMA), you must update one(CMA or vita FW).

  16. Audioboxer says:

    Once HBL is installed will it remain installed even if Sony block/fix the game required for installing it?

    I’m hoping if they patch it up we can continue to use HBL as long as we act quick. I want to keep my Vita up to date and have online access enabled. Can’t always get everything you want though 😛

    • wololo says:

      Honestly I’m not sure. I think one of their first move will be to patch CMA to be even more restrictive than it is now, which would potentially prevent to copy HBL (or homebrews) on the memory stick, so potentialy at some point people will have to choose between HBL and “staying up to date”. But if they only patch the game, provided you bought it before they patched it, I assume it’s fairly difficult for them to patch it, although that might mean that you need to constantly disconnect the vita. After all, their license states that you allow them to patch the software without any prior warning…

  17. KonataIzumiZero says:

    Probably sony didn’t patch the game cause,
    the game exploit only works on the game you have to buy.
    so by that sony will make money off of this?

    • sony can kiss my ass says:

      they also patched the hotshot golf exploid which was also a game you have to buy. so that is no motivation for $ony not to patch it.

      • KonataIzumiZero says:

        true because probably an iso loader could be load off in 6.35 and then later came the surri no suki thingy exploit and their you just needed to download the demo

  18. rog says:

    How much does the game(s) used cost? Is it only a few dollars, or is it a full game?

  19. Coldbird says:

    Sure hope my Vita arrives before this happens. Wanna do some gold digging in this exploit / hbl myself and see whats going on inside this little ***. 😀

    • KonataIzumiZero says:

      like possibly unlock more ram for the hbl than it regularly does?
      or is it even possible to do that?

  20. fishy says:

    A suggestion: Release the Hbl about 24-48 hrs after the game announcement.

    Reason: The idea is that Sony is less likely to pull a game suddenly if no actual homebrew exploit exists yet. The game’s publisher would be up in arms if their game was pulled just based on a promise by Wololo that it will be exploited.

    If the game announcement and Hbl are released together the game could be pulled in minutes. Less likely to happen with my suggestion.

  21. vortex99 says:

    Hey Wololo, Will VHBL support Nintendo DS Emulator… ? Because Vita has quite a huge RAM which makes it more powerful than a PS3..

  22. G0l3m says:

    Wololo you could support a nice independent coding team by pretending it is theyr game which contains the exploit 😀

    I’m sure there are plenty of exploitable games and that we will see more then one HBL on the Vita

  23. senas8 says:

    wololo: so when you modifed HBLV. did the directory change? and if so.. how did you find which directory the vita can hold h.bin? any more info coming out soon? Reading on an exploit found on pastebin.. talking about HBL re-directing. HBL is dif. in HBL_ROOT “ms0 :/ hbl

  24. blue says:

    cmon we need iso hopefully we can dl free games.

    • support developers says:

      Hopefully iso-loader will NEVER come for Vita. It will destroy the industry. No one will want to make games for the platform any longer. However, a non-kernel Vita exploit would be interesting as dev kit is too expensive for normal people; needs a student edition.

      • UE says:

        I don’t want an iso loader but I don’t think that is to blame for the original psp’s poor success.

        Even with the argument “nobody wanted to dev for the psp” it is really weak and quite naive. Sony should stop trying to place blame away from their own poor marketing and launch strategies.

  25. syafiq tatsuya says:

    yeah hope that isoloader only psp because i dont want the old console die~~

  26. ya XD, a lot desperate people wanting ISO anc CSO ever since megaupload got shutdown and some sharing sites changed their ways, they also expect the psvita to be hacked when it comes out.

    anyways back on topic

    just wondering will the psvita run the n64 emulator full speed

    and i always had one question but may sound dumb
    if the ps3 holds good graphics (which i don’t care)
    will homebrews get good graphics as well?

  27. jlo138 says:

    The longer you hold back on the name, then the more likely newer firmwares will be released that still don’t patch it. Then more firmwares will be compatible.

  28. The boss says:

    maybe This is pretty stupid question but will i be able to use nu wifi for webbrowsing and stuff when i use vhbl? and Will there be a server made so you dont have to update to play online?

    • wololo says:

      Well, I can’t predict the future, but based on the Sony terms of use, if you turn on any connection, you accept the fact that they may update your vita without letting you know. So the only safe answer I can make is: if you want to use this version of HBL, you should get ready to never connect your vita to any wifi anymore 🙁
      As far as a fake server is concerned, I don’t have such plans, but maybe other people will be working on that.

      • natsu says:

        i think its not the case..

        it doesn’t update your vita w/o any notice… i mean, they cant do that, since in order to continue the update, you have to accept some agreement or click “OK” at least once… they cant do that without the consent of the user…

        you CAN STILL connect to WIFI but one thing you cant do is to CONNECT TO PSN….

        • wololo says:

          This is not what their t&c say, did you read it before clicking on ok? They explicitly say they can do an update without your agreement if they want to.

          • Asmith906 says:

            Sony just announced that ps1 classics would be compatible soon after launch of the vita. If that’s true then that means a new firmware update soon so would it be smarter to keep the exploit under wraps until then?

          • Asmith906 says:

            Sony just announced that ps1 classics would be compatible soon after launch of the vita. If that’s true then that means a new firmware update soon so would it be smarter to keep the exploit under wraps until then?

          • wololo says:

            There will always be a “next firmware update”, Sony pushes at least 4 per year. The PSP exploits are not that important that they deserve to be “hold”,

  29. saik says:

    yes, Vita also has the CMA built into it, and it will ask if you want it downloaded to you PC. the cma has firmware requirements as fas as I have seen as well.

  30. piratic sphincter says:

    Wow lolololololo 😀

  31. Asmith906 says:

    vita firmware 1.61 just released

  32. Riku says:

    so… 1.61 is out… >_>

  33. senas8 says:

    OFW 1.61 ***.. come one VHBL!

  34. Crimson Flamebreaker says:

    Just wait until it’s safe to update

  35. Badsam says:

    What is the minimum size memory card needed to download the PSP PSN game to make HBL work? Since all PSP games are fairly small it should just fit on the 4gb Vita memory card right?

  36. Chris says:

    The end is near!

  37. wachu says:

    wololo could you post the time when you announce the game name?