Why the Megaupload shutdown won’t stop piracy


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25 Responses

  1. TheNinja says:

    You are right about the TV Shows part, The Big bang theory was just released in India in Oct-Nov 2011. I have to go online to watch all new shows.

  2. svenn says:

    Yeah, I pretty much agree with you. First thing what popped in my head was they din’t lose “500 million”, since that’s there value for movies/series. Not what the buyers value it.

    I for one don’t pay 30+ euro to get a movie that might suck, when there is a free illegal alternative. I love series, but frankly try to find a serie under 50 euro/season. I don’t want those crappy DVD’s, digital would be tons cheaper. However you wrote it in an other article. Entertainment buz. is living in 90’s, and until then, people will find cheaper alternatives. (usenet, p2p, other file sharing system, gmail-storage, …)

    But honestly I think your dreaming out loud. Every week I see movies on TV that has been shown 10 times in the last 3 years and you hope for DRM free movies … not in this world I guess.

    • wololo says:

      Well, they did it for music (Amazon, iTunes) and it’s becoming the mainstream way for them to sell music, so, who knows, maybe they will understand the same should happen for games, movies, and ebooks

      • svenn says:

        Yeah, but music is 3-5 mb, a movie is 800mb for illegal version, but buy versions should be 1gb+ beside that, production costs, … structure around movies are just huge, but you are right, lets hope 😉

  3. Flyer says:

    that is so sad. i have nearly 12000 files on megaupload and my site depended on it. now it is ruined T.T

    • toBsucht says:

      Hi Flyer i´ve downloaded a lot of your stories most of them are working if you sign them for ofw with easypbprx or psp extra tool. The signed eboots are 20/50% smaller. I have reuploaded 3 of them i hope it´s not to bad. .. and i lost my files @ mu to (not to bad most of them are uncompressed) and all the dl-credits @ filesonic 😛

      No genesis competition pack anymore?!
      No genesis competition pack anymore?!

  4. Iono says:

    I’m kind of happy, no more waiting for free downloads, but the megamanager gave incredible download speeds (Competes well with my “high seeded” torrents). Now you know mediafire is the way to go, just one clck downloading with no time pending and data limits.

  5. Yikeze says:

    This is all because of that stupid Swizz Beatz (CEO of Megaupload)

  6. sony can kiss my ass says:

    like i said in ”America’s FBI takes down hundreds of thousands of legal files” the industry have to adapt themself to piracy, not fight againt it. nice to see wololo thinks the same about it.

  7. raziel says:

    This is definitely not gonna stop piracy, in fact, this is gonna make piracy 10 times stronger.

  8. jlo138 says:

    Even if they shut all those types of websites down it won’t stop it. You will then find more people burning cds and dvds to sell and even games. I had files on MU but all my stuff. I still have those files on a hdd. I offered my friends music for free which he doesn’t try to sell but makes it to give away. Now its only on FS.

  9. PIRACY says:

    … it wont stop piracy thats for sure but it will stop us the end is near : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tD1yaE0GfQ&feature=g-logo&context=G2b5b337FOAAAAAAACAA

  10. cscash241 says:

    Any word on if Swiss Beats got charged with anything? for those who don’t know Swiss beats was the ceo of megaupload and also a hip hop producer. Also a word of advice, you should have atleast 2 copies of any file you want to keep.

  11. Karzon says:

    I don’t really understand the relevence of comparing these numbers. Big media tend charge per song/movie/whatever; megaupload charged per week/month/year (or lifetime).

    • wololo says:

      It’s relevant because if Megaupload could have charged more, they would have. I believe they charged the amount people are willing to pay, which shows that Big media are overpricing their services compared to what people are really willing to pay. The pricing system itself doesn’t matter, what matters is that for something that the entertainment industry was expecting to sell for more than 500 million, people were actually willing to pay 175 million.

  12. MegaMan says:

    Wololo is right i am willing to pay for 175m than paying 500m.
    seriously I first download/buy pirated mp3, movies etc before buying original copy.
    I want to test it first before wasting my money. I still buy original copy if mp3,movies etc are worthy for it.

  13. jisé ash says:

    As usual wololo, I totally agree with you. Why can’t the entertainment industry have that basic common sense. 🙁
    A fellow french guy 🙂

  14. Cercata says:

    I will migrate to netflix if they arrive in Spain at the same price it has in USA or UK !!!!!!!!!

  15. Cercata says:

    By the way, the legal offer has maybe DRM, but it has not scam advertising, and you will not find deleted links. If they list a content, the content is there.

  16. Ceeee says:

    ***, gotta get my s**t out of Dropbox quickly!

  17. yoyo says:

    absolutely right. and proven by RedBox. people are very willing to pay a dollar to rent a movie for one night who still refuse to pay more for DRM.