The hidden system menu of the PS Vita


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  1. silw says:

    What ? who is emuonpsp ?…

    The source it’s me

    • wololo says:

      They don’t cite you as a source, sorry 🙁 I usually try to find the “root” but their site doesn’t mention you. Depending on how you found this combination, is it also possible that other people found the same combination of keys at the same time as you did ?

    • KID O says:

      Did you inform wololo on this?

      • silw says:

        I stop to talk with Wololo about my works until the respect is back (no offense wololo but i don’t want to start the new year with mad stuff), i made this video yesterday (3 January French time) afternoon and found this 2 days ago (working on it).

        I talk about this to one person, i don’t think so it would reveal this without asking me first and he don’t have a PSP Vita.

        I don’t even know who is emuonpsp, i never heard about this website until now and i would never talk to my works to this website, weird (i don’t even speak/understand Japanese)

        I’m working on different stuff PS Vita but i only reveal when is necassery

        • wololo says:

          Chill out.

          emuonpsp is a respected japanese site that has been online for years.
          It is safer to assume that other people found the same thing in parallel. Or maybe people saw your youtube video and mentioned it to emuonpsp without mentioning your video, who knows.

          I don’t know where your gibberish about respect comes from, dude. This has nothing to do with me, if you have a problem with emuonpsp not quoting you as a source, take it with them, not with me.
          You keep saying you don’t want any credit for your work, so why do you complain about a stupid key combination? Just make up your mind. You didn’t talk to me about this, if you had, I would have known you were the source, and I would have mentioned you. Point is, I got this information from, not from you.

          • nabnab says:

            Where i complain about the release ? i said i never show my works just like that, only if is necessary i would, calm down Wololo.

            You insulted me many times and i told you many time to stop with your disrespect, just because i’m a unknown person on the PSP/PS3 Scene, it don’t mean i don’t know anything, don’t inverse the role (about respect).

            I don’t want any credit for my work, i told you many times and just want some respect, like i told you many times, i’m here to give some help not to be against somebody, just because the people was thinking i work with you, you insult me directly.

            Now stop with that, because i don’t care, i just don’t want to see my works include on Wololo name, when is not from you.

            and also, you still think you are the only one who work on it ? don’t forget about teck4 and other people who help you on private, you rarely mention it, i see only your name all the times.

            If i was that bad, i already would tell now what game is compatible with the exploit.

            You never mention about the variant but anyway whatever.

            Happy New Year, Keep working and sorry for the offense, i’m tired with your judgement.

            I leave you something else, careful to everybody who have a PS Vita between now and next week, i new big update is coming (concerning CMA, fix issues and games) also, i just saw that Sony put out some PSP Games (has a exploit) on the PSN Store

            See ya

          • wololo says:

            > You never mention about the variant but anyway whatever.
            You had a theory (no proof) that the PSP games on the Vita were recompiled to be ARM compatible. I *know* this is incorrect information, and I told you many times. You refused to believe me, and keep believing that you “helped” me by providing incorrect information. Stay in denial if you want, I’m fed up with that.

            I did not use any of the “information” you gave me to do my work so far. The things you told me were mostly incorrect: you told me the PSP emulator didn’t run MIPS code, which I know is incorrect, then you told me the Vita browser was Amazon’s Silk, which I proved you was also incorrect information. What you told me which was correct was that Sony is spying on their users much more than I thought, which anybody could see after a few weeks of usage.

            Teck4 provided an exploit on a PSP game, I credited him for that in the article about the exploit itself. He hasn’t helped me on the HBL port so far, if you doubt that, ask him directly or mamosuke.

            You think I got the reputation I have today by stealing other people’s work? People who’ve worked with me (people who helped for real, not people who gave me incorrect/unverified information) know that I always give credit. None of my work has your name on it, because you haven’t provided any valuable help so far, even if you believe so. In case of doubt, I can post our entire email conversations if you want.

            Thanks for the info on CMA update and the PS Store. My Vita is disconnected from the network so I can’t easily verify this for now.

            Happy new year to you too, I guess, and good luck with your research.

          • wololo says:

            Also, a list of the PSP games that were removed would be appreciated if you have the time, as I can’t verify right now.

        • Zeus says:

          Dude, the combination works on all Sony’s consoles, there’s probably a hundred different people that found this, but don’t try to get all the fame for it and show off, and in all seriousness, theres probably about 200 people that actually know what you’re talking about, in other words, you’re not important

    • icex says:

      lol silw/nabnab ur a big time loser, u werent he first to find this and all the other *** u say ended up failing, u dont deserve any credit.

    • 3D Fan says:

      whats the name of the song in the video? please reply 🙂

  2. nabnab says:

    Here is my last pastebin about the USB PS Vita

    you can find a the small tutorial on PS3news about how to communicate with the PS Vita using the endpoints, it works on Mac OS/Linux/Win

    And here CMA Port on MAC OS/Linux without bad Sony stuff (still working on it, i need to fix some big issues) and is not the only work have to do

    Sorry if i don’t communicate, i have my reasons

    • SifJar says:

      That image isn’t much in the way of “proof” of a CMA port – a screenshot of USB Prober, which basically just shows there is a USB device connected and some info about it, and an icon on the desktop? It might be a good idea to at least include a screenshot of the app itself. But even that wouldn’t be true proof. It’d probably need to be a video showing the Vita without some content, then transferring it, then again with said content.

  3. hiro says:

    works on psp as well (saw it on neur0n’s twitter). It shows the version text and a number at the top right.

  4. nabnab says:

    No theory but reality.

    The PS Vita use 2 different method to launch the PSP Games, one using a variant of MIPS for ARM and the other one is a Native-ARM version of the PSP Games and it’s you told me that it’s impossible to make a MIPS a ARM program (don’t forget to mention it, this is not a theory you think it’s a PSP Emu, i said is a subprogram/subroute, anyway you change my words thanks !

    About Silk i’m not incorrect, recently i found more info about that and other dev people too, that the Amazon Silk base = Silk , you can also found the same stuff on the PS3 -> /dev_flash/vsh/resource/ one of the reason why the user agent PS Vita mention Silk. (not only a simple NetFront)
    and i give some address of CMA things but not in here.

    I said to you all that to help, you insult me… anyway thanks a lot and if you start to put wrong words about me, i would not remiss to let know what games is compatible exploit, now stop insult me and change my words, like i said get some respect, thanks.

    I still think it was funny when the next day you release something after the conversation, anyway i don’t care Wololo, serious stop that and stop to talk for nothing now.

    Have nice day/evening or night, whatever where you are.

    • wololo says:

      I’m not deleting your post because I respect freedom of speech. But if you think anything you told me so far helped me, you are full of yourself.
      The “Silk” you mention might be part of the Vita’s browser, but has nothing to do with amazon’s browser.

      you are right that I told you it wasn’t possible to convert MIPS into ARM without the sources, and I later apologized for that since that was definitely incorrect. I apologize again for that.
      You however told me, I quote
      “HBL has no chance of working on the Vita” <-- that was wrong "The PSP Emu is not built the way you think it is built, and by trying to port HBL to it you will hit a wall" <-- I didn't "The vita will recognize the HBL as an unknown code and will refuse to execute it" <-- that was wrong "I'm sorry but HBL will never work on the Vita" <-- wrong againAnd here, I'm just quoting a few of the incorrect things you've told me in your first 2 emails, I have dozens like these.> I still think it was funny when the next day you release something after the conversation
      1. My code was ready to showcase something on that date, it had nothing to do with our conversation about Mips/Arm compatibility.
      2. However, it was also a way to prove you that mips code runs on the Vita through the PSP emulator. You rejected the video and told me it was not a proof, fair enough.
      3. HBL is open source and my work was submitted recently, so you can actually verify that I’m not using anything related to anything we discussed.
      4. It’s crazy that you think you helped, when all I did was reusing tools and knowledge that has been on the PSP scene for almost 2 years (HBL and the related tutorials). Let me be clear: anybody with a user mode exploit on the PSP can do what I’ve done on the vita so far, NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION is required, it is an exploit on the PSP, running on the vita emulator, end of story.

      Edit: if you are indeed helping the scene and I’m denying your work and your contributions, don’t worry too much, from my experience on the scene people who lie/disrespect eventually get what’s coming to them. So when you provide useful tools, you’ll get the recognition you deserve, and when you prove I used your work without giving you any credit, I’ll get the shame I deserve.

    • rafael707 says:

      @silw, your a fail at life, give up trying you trololo… dam kids…

      • kid 0/ says:

        Your the troll you third world country ***. Yes I find his posts annoying and a pain in the *** but he just wants to help which I admit he kind of sucks at. Saying that he ‘fails at life’ is a real troll coment made by a ‘one minded idiot’. Telling him to give up? he has always shown respect within his comments (Never cursing to make his point, unlike me) and people like you just ride around on wololo *** thinking everything he says, go’s. You make me sick.

        • Guardian says:

          This is not my business, but Kid 0 is right! The guy is not a troll, at least he is doing his research and trying to help the scene, ok there have been some misuderstandings, but that is normal in every community I guess. What I am trying to say is that at least someone is trying to do his part to help the community.

        • ThatGuyOverThere says:

          If anyone is a troll here it’s you dude, calling people out from where they may or may not be living? Weak. You could have easily made your point in a much more respected manner.

          • rafael707 says:


            all you guys who decide to fight for someone, atleast fight for something that makes sense, everything your fighting for IS completely irrevelavent…

            have fun riding each other like the queers you are…

          • Guardian says:


          • KID 0 says:

            Well said. Mr Guardian.

        • Zeus says:

          Well isn’t this contradictory.

  5. Cercata says:

    Wololo, don’t waste your time and talent discusing about who found this “Amazing” key combination, as you said, you quoted your source, if the author has problems about it, he must discuss with your source 🙂

    And it must be funnier working on the HBL that discusing stupid things 😉

  6. kid 0/ says:

    @wololo, why do keep deleting my posts? (ermm* Freedom of speech?)

    • wololo says:

      Freedom of speech, not freedom to post ***, your posts are deleted by the automated spam filter.
      Your joke was not funny, some kids read this blog you know.

      • Kirby1997 says:

        Yeah, I have been reading this blog since I was 11 I think and I’m sure I’m not the only one/youngest one reading this blog. This blog has nothing to do with *** and I hope it never does.

        • Guardian says:

          Well if there is a contest about the winner my little brother would win. He is seven and enjoys reading this blog with me! But again, I might be wrong!

      • kid 0/ says:

        You have fragile sense of humour, and you seem to show a lot respect towards people who show little to you. I applaud you for that.

        • R.A.V.S.O says:

          there is a difference between tolerance and pity….

          seriously now… you’re plain trolling,
          then again why use 2 different accs to post?

  7. kyo1469 says:

    about the source. whos first post on the net or any proof then he is source.

    • wololo says:

      It’s difficult to say. emuonpsp posted on January 4th in Japan, and Silw posted his video on January 3rd in France, so technically they posted on the same day because Japan is 8h ahead of France. When I visited Silw’s video it had only 6 views, so clearly it hadn’t been mentioned as a source on any website otherwise it would have had much more. My assumption is that several people found this at the same time in parallel. This is not surprising especially if it was a combination that already existed on the PSP.

  8. Beavis says:

    @Wololo I think some people are a bit jealous! Keep up with the good work and keep us updated 🙂

  9. Shinny says:

    Yes it works on a PSP too.. but the message isnt that cool as on Vita.. anyway about the flames up there.. why not just ignore each other…

    • Guardian says:

      NO! They must just stop fighting. Come on Wololo give him a hug! Sliw you too, come on give a hug to wololo.

  10. didi says:

    nabnab is like Mathieulh (Dramath) from the ps3 scene !

  11. Zasisem says:

    Hey Wololo, it works on the PSPGo too, I made a video, heres the link:

  12. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    that is awesome thanks ! now i can test it on my Vita

    • Cercata says:

      Hmmm, it works in all sony’s consoles. Perhaps there is another combination for entering in debug mode while booting ?

  13. WilliamBMX says:

    works on PSP and PS3’s to!!!É eu também não sabia…poker face!!!

  14. shortboy says:

    Bwahahaha. It really does work on the PSP. I guess this isn’t a new “development” at all.

    • Guardian says:

      It might not be a new development, but as I see it, none of us knew it would work on every sony console, besides it is new for us…well at least for me.

  15. kId O says:

    Does it work on a psp go with a piracy enabler/CFW because mine is not?

  16. flayer says:

    Kind of pointless but interesting none the less. Sony definitely should have intigrated an easier key combonation.

  17. Rhodderz says:

    Been trying it on the new firmware 1.61 and it doesnt seem to work, i guess sony dodnt want us to know the information it held or im holding it too long/too short 😛

  18. PONYMAN says:

    That *** doesn’t works on 1.61 anymore. Sony patched it. ‘Guess that they didn’t wanted us to know their little secrets.

  19. ROXASBrandon says:

    Hey wololo, Where did you learn your coding? And what coding language is needed for coding in the ps vita?


  20. brentt says:

    does this still work on 3.36? if so, is there any new information in the menu ?

  21. This is mmy first time go to see att here and i am actually happy
    to read all at one place.

  22. bwitzberger says:

    Cat Fight On Wololo!! ONLY ON PAY PER VIEW…

  23. bwitzberger says:

    Wololo You Are The Man That Dude Is A Wanker!

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