Some1, the big interview


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  1. Kirby1997 says:

    Wise words from Some1 ” do not make any type of piracy software!”. I totally agree with this! When piracy was updated to 6.20 on the PSP I was pretty sad. I only used PRO CFW for a short time while I was on 6.35 and I wanted to be off it as quick as I could because of piracy and I still use Total_Noob’s HEN till this very day!

    • hiro says:

      but pro cfw is not especially made for piracy. From your argument, its like saying that mp3 players are made for pirating music, and thats not true (of course thats what most people use it for)

      • Kirby1997 says:

        They made put a lot of extra work into their cfw so it had an .iso loader. They did not have to put that extra work in and if they didn’t I would see their cfw as no different to Total_Noob’s.

        MP3 players weren’t designed for piracy but that is basically all they are used for. You buy a CD and copy the music off it onto your MP3 player. Doing this is creating an unlicensed copy of the music which is piracy.

        Good day to you sir.

        • wololo says:

          You can buy mp3s legally too, you know… in fact mp3s probably represent more than 50% of the music sales nowadays. Ever heard of iTunes and Amazon? Not that it’s related, but it basically proves you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

          • Kirby1997 says:

            Yes I know you can buy mp3’s but there are many people that go to shops to buy CD’s and copy the music off the CD onto their iPod or mp3 player. Sorry this has gone off topic, I am going to shut up now. :S

          • svenn says:

            Ripping music for own use, is in my country and I believe in many countries allowed. Even coppy’ing (music) cd’s is allowed. (for personal use)

            pro CFW = +/- = TN HEN with some plugins

            Don’t forget that for some ppl iso’s are just a battery saving method for those made-to-break umd’s!

        • KID 0 says:


  2. svenn says:

    I agree, but I think if information would be more public, more programmers would take the time to make homebrew software. Now we only have a handful decent games to run legaly.

    Piracy is a good example of the “how-cool-am-I” rule.
    How cool am I ? I got 10 homebrews, quality of a demo.
    How cool am I ? I can play any game made for the PSP.

    Who fault is it ? my opinion : Sony. Make an open-source free development kit for the PSP/PSP-VITA

    nice interview 🙂 and merry x-mas!

  3. Devraj says:

    nice interview!

  4. DJGodman says:

    Wololo sucks!

    • Shinny says:

      You again.. aww comn man.. just let wololo and the rest of us alone.. get lost.. its not even funny anymore =/

    • DJGodman(Real) says:

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    • DJGodman(Real) says:

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      • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

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  5. Rainman says:

    Hey Wololo! Is your interview with Some1 live? I mean, Did you saw his face?

  6. DJGodman(Real) says:

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    • SomeDude says:

      Yeah, stop using DJGodman’s name! I agree with DjGodman. Wololo should make the comments only by sign and not by posting name! thats why WOLOLO SUCKS!

  7. newToWololoGroup says:

    hi to everyone and respect and thanks to wololo n others, im new to the PSP cfw scene, i had psp for quite a time but never used cfw and homebrew n stuff n bought umd’s to play games, ive a question thats confusing me n i just want to know nothing else, u say that u dont support piracy but the thing thats confusing me is via cfw (im using 6.60 pro b) we’re also able to download and copy the games’ iso’s to memory stick and play it without spending money, so is that not piracy? i just wanna know, anyways im happy copying n pasting iso’s rather than going to the store, thank u

    • wololo says:

      Me or some1 did not build those CFW. We appreciate the benefits that come with them such as plugins etc, and personally I could live without iso support. Please note however that isos can be used for lots of valid reasons:
      – Some psp games such as Birth By Sleep do not run on the PSP Go unless they are in the iso format (they cannot be legally bought anywhere which is frustrating for psp go owners)
      – Some people use iso format to translate games from Japanese into other languages (English, French,…) because the localized version does not exist. Technically this is illegal, but most of the time this is the only way for some loyal players to get access to some JP games
      – Isos load faster than UMD and use less battery. UMDs are also a pain in the *** to carry with you.

      Now I won’t pretend that people are not using isos at 95% in order to pirate, but there are lots of legal or “fair use” ways to use isos, which is the primary reasons those are in the CFW. And again, neither me nor some1 coded these iso loaders.

      • newToWololoGroup says:

        alright yes ive experienced the fast loading and low battery benefit myself in the last few days, and yes UMD’s were pain, thx for stating other advantages and clearing my doubts, nothing more to say but that i m very impressed by your ethics and work for running this site and also ur contribution to IT scene, ima Btech myself from mumbai, india, just graduated n will start workin in TCS, will carry the ethics with me, thanks again for replying! 🙂 take care!

  8. Kyoro chan says:

    Thanks you for this web site and so much precious articles.

    Piracy is a strictly personal matter, ps3 scene is almost dead since one year because of that question and there are no public release to allow playing news games.
    A lot of devs quite ps3 scene because there were fed up to heard the same integrity speech.
    Also when a psp allow you a lot of possible and differents homebrews, from the battery saving to the speaker volume, there aren t so much things to do with a ps3 but only around games.
    Linux was out and only fews devs really did something about it.
    I m not saying piracy is cool, but if you don t allow it, you loose 90% of the public and that include devs.
    I know personally in IRA this case, and fews others devs in internet who quite because they were fed up to heard about this questions.

    Everytime i heard a other dev speaking about piracy , i suspect him to do like thoses devs who were giving morality lessons in public and selling theirs dongles or hacks in private.
    You can also easily found one dev in vita who is still making money with selling dongles. Guess his name.

    So please, this debat is so 2000s, you like the game, buy it, that s all.
    Otherwise, every workers should say the same warning, like a shoe manufacturer saying to don t kick *** with it, a choco ball manufacturer to don t eat the complete package of it otherwise you can suffocated and other silly and non sense examples.

    Piracy debate is a entreprise matter, not hacker s affair.

    • KID 0/Alpha/*BANNED* says:

      Your post was as much non-sense as your non-sense examples.

    • chadyo says:

      If you know who said dev is don’t beat around the bush, have the *** to print his name, and whatever proof you have……

      I won’t hold my breath especially when it comes to you having some type of proof of a certain Dev being involved in PS3 dongle sales.

      Please don’t say that their name begins with an “M”, if thats the case you are probably just *** he hasn’t made more of his work public

  9. sRhakenzo says:

    gr8 interview wololo. And thanx a lot i’ve been trying to get my psp off OFW for a long long time and i finally got it using your 6.60 PRO fast update and cipl loader. Thanx a ton for that. Keep up the good work.

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