The real price of the PS Vita


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30 Responses

  1. PS VITA ALL THE WAY says:

    i know w all are really pissssssssssed !!!

  2. PS VITA ALL THE WAY says:

    sorry we not w

  3. sony can kiss my ass says:

    why does the release of the PSV remind me of this?:

  4. Lawfer says:

    What really *** me off is that Sony will get to win because lots of people will be blind enough to buy their products with this price system.

    I don’t want companies like Sony to go out of bussines and never was particullary mad about them, but now I want them to respect us and release some really good gadgets with normal prices. This time I want Sony to be sc*** for this price plan.

    People: DON’T BUY THIS! So they have to drop the price or release something better, and realize they cannot f*ck with costumers.

    And shame on you Wololo for atleast thinking about buying a Vita. Aren’t you supposed to be on a “boycot” against Sony for the sake of certain as*hole? I know it from the begining, you always go against Sony but in the end you will be buying their sh*t like everyone else.

    • wololo says:

      Hey Lawfer… for now I haven’t bought it, so don’t insult me yet. However the insults are well deserved, 6 months ago I could swear I wouldn’t buy this product.
      What has changed for me is that more than half of the readers of this blog will have a PS Vita by June 2012, and I will need to know what I’m talking about.
      More than the product, I love the community we’ve built here and at /talk, and I want to follow the path taken by the majority.

      I am also worried that next-gen models/firmwares will have more security, like it’s usually the case.

      Now, there are discussions on how to get the product without being too nice to Sony. I can get it refurbished, etc…

      • Lawfer says:

        Ok, sorry. I went a little overboard here. But if someone like you ends buying this… then it feels like Sony can continue sc*** people worse and worse.

        That “more than half” of your blog readers should know better than giving money to Sony so blindly. I’m sure they will be regreting buying a Vita at launch like this.

        Not buying will make Sony to take desperate measures and that will be a good lesson to them. If there is other options that will let Sony with no gain. Count me in.

    • Buchan says:

      Stop being cheap if you don’t want it fine don’t buy it but don’t bash those who want to buy it just so they’ll wait and you get it cheaper

      • Lawfer says:

        If everyone waits, everyone wins and Sony will learn a sweet lesson. But people like you are so hyped that It’s so sad to watch.

        Tools like you are the reason companies release overpriced gadgets that have little to no improvements.

        Good luck buying the Vita and then coming here crying/demanding for a hack. Probably you are a spoiled child with *** parents.

      • Lawfer says:

        I dont want a price drop for me, I have already decided to wait for the inevitable Vita2000 or something like that. Same with the 3DS.

  5. Jurian says:

    for the US, the wifi only version is $250, 3g is $300. For memory cards it will be 4gb for $30, 8gb for $45, 16gb for $70, and 32gb for $120. And the first edition bundle (which i believe comes with a game and a 4gb memory card) is $350.

  6. alexthealligator says:

    The memory sticks are too expensive! why does sony always make custom formats that NEVER succeed, like the UMD, the psp ms pro duo (which can be used with some cameras), mini disc. ***. and 8 gb memory card costs $41? since we HAVE to buy one of these, the total cost in us is abt $300! without a game! I could get an awesome 8gb card in other formats for 10 bucks. I dont know what sony is thinking!

  7. svenn says:

    I’d never said I’d boycot Sony. I just tend to stay with my logic. A console that is gone be outdated before a decent game is made for it, isn’t worth 300 euro.

    Moreover a console with 3G support and no texting ? something when wrong there.

  8. crookedmouth says:

    I’ll probably get one in 4-5 years. I always stay around 5 years behind on tech and it works well for me.

    Hey wololo, maybe Sony will send you one because your a developer? ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. WilliamBMX says:

    I live in Brazil and here the same PsVita officially will cost R(REAIS)$ 1,999.99 for our beloved Sony! Importing should cost R$ 700 / R$ 800, the fault of the huge interest that we Brazilians are used to paying! Of course I’ll have to import it, even losing the guarantees that the Sony BR NEEDED!

  10. Mathieu says:

    Come on guys, we will ALL buy the PsVita… whatever the price, stop kidding yourself.

    I was lucky enough to try the Vita for 25 minutes at the Parisgamesweek back in October and it kicks ***.

    I’ll get the Vita as soon as it’s out in France ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Asmith906 says:

    Well for me the price would be
    $250 -vita
    $29.99 memory card
    39.99 game

    So my base cost is $320

    My cost with the 3ds was
    $39.99 for game

    So my cost was $290

    A $30 difference for increased hardware isnt that I think the price is sort of exaggerated to some extinct. Not that I don’t have my problems with Sony on vita

    No ps1 game support
    Only supports psp games on store
    No third party memory cards
    No mass storage support for USB
    Needs to use an iTunes like program to copy stuff to it
    No remote play for all games so most likely won’t have much support
    No flash
    No support for psn games
    No pis2 classics support.

  12. Buchan says:

    I don’t care what anyone says unless you have tried it don’t complain about sony’s price it seems worth the price, I am getting the 3g version with a 32gb mc and strter kit and its only 425$ to me thats not bad at all. And the Vita has support for psn games so until I get any actual vita games I can use my old ones.I support sony and those who are gonna complain about their price than go to xbox or nintendo your not forced to buy sony, and dont ask others to wait just so you can get it cheaper.

    • flayer says:

      i dont know at least to me $425 is pretty bad for a portable game console considering a ps3 is like $250. wait a few months and sony will drop the price just like nintendo did to the 3ds. and microsoft is kind of out of the option here i mean a portable xbox would be awesome but i dont see it happening any time soon.

    • Lawfer says:

      425$ for a handheld… That’s pretty *** of you.

  13. flayer says:

    Haha sucks for you guys in the US they’re only $250 for wifi or $300 for 3g. Games are $40 each and im positive some third party company will make a micro sd adapter.

    • Lawfer says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but a MicroSD adapter will never happen. The Vita memory cards are as big a MicroSD.

  14. raziel says:

    I think we should not buy it early, so that Sony will hav to drop the price

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