A new teasing video of the Ta88v3 unbricker


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30 Responses

  1. c.ozzy says:

    does this hack will work on psp 3004?

  2. c.ozzy says:

    * i mean on the ta-090 v2 mobo

  3. Jeroen207 says:

    The software i mean

  4. Terbaddo says:

    Why does he check MD5 for PSPident ? It’s just… useless.

  5. newborndark says:

    Why dont you just releae the easiest way to unbrick w/o programmer?

  6. newborndark says:

    it might be possible coz if you think , SONY wont use fake MS to unbrick a ta088v3

  7. Mathieu says:

    Why does the guy hide the psp after the alleged brick? Why is this downgrader/unbricker barely legal? When DaX released his Despertar del Cementerio kit, he probably based his work on a leak too, didn’t he?

    • wololo says:

      Nope. Despertar Del Cementerio as well as the the Pandora batteries was entirely the result of reverse engineering, which, depending on the country, is perfectly legal if you have legit reasons to do it (in the case of DDC, unbricking PSPs).
      The same cannot be said about this tool.

  8. sony can kiss my ass says:

    1: how can we be sure that this isnt fake?
    2: what is the point of making a video of somthing that he cant/dont want to release?

    • osumaniac says:

      1. you dumb ? he already proved it with pspident, psp filer and MAC address! what else do you want him to do to prove it ?
      2. Its already released ! but it contains some illegal content (leaked files from sony) thats why wololo deleted it, as well as other big websites, so now you need to search for it

    • wololo says:

      1: Yoti is a trusted Dev, he’s been updating/maintaining several major tools in the PSP scene such as PSPIdent.

  9. D A says:

    you may now release it

  10. Tail870 says:

    Wow! There is Russian language! Looks like he is Russian)

  11. akocmacky says:

    can i used a modded battery as my pandora battery?

  12. osumaniac says:

    Yoti Красавчик, уважаю тебя! всем доказал что русский народ тоже на много способен .)

    • Yoti says:

      Пасиб =) Но это не одного меня работа =) Нас целая команда, в самой первой новости ещё ники указаны.

  13. jay says:

    does this include psp tv90v2?

  14. bluesora98 says:

    Why is it that the updater didn’t run the first time he opened it but it worked on his second try?

    • Yoti says:

      don’t know, ask GEN for it =) But instead of making new video I’m just tries to start it again – and now it works =)

  15. newborndark says:

    coz of the version.txt enabled

  16. chuckles@u says:

    they officialy made a downgrader for all psp’s even the newer motherboreds. the downgrader will be released really soon you guys