CFW Pro B9 is out, adds 6.60 compatibility


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48 Responses

  1. chapnis says:

    I haven’t had any problems with PRO before but this just won’t work for me, I go to install then the PSP just turns off :/

    • sony can kiss my ass says:

      try to reset all the settings (under system settings). i wasnt able to run pro cfw ones too and this fixed it.

      anyway, did sony give it up already? because it seems that as soon sony releases a new FW we will hack it within a few days

      • chapnis says:

        My only issue was my plugins, I had to manually edit the text files and turn them all off then it worked fine 🙂

        • eki says:

          “My only issue was my plugins, I had to manually edit the text files and turn them all off then it worked fine”
          how do u do that??i hav the same problem..
          when installing any cfw my psp just turn off after press x for ok..
          can u help me?

  2. PSP forver! says:

    Amazing! Good work!

  3. Rahul says:

    Which is better 6.20,6.35,6.39,6.60?

    • shortboy says:

      If you’re asking which is better, I say just go on 6.60. Why? You’re on the latest FW. Other than that, they’re all virtually the same.

    • equis says:

      Probably 6.39 has a better support for plugins and homebrew than 6.60, but I think that is quickly deploying in 6.60…

  4. Olav says:

    I have OFW 6.60 and PSP 3004 (blue PSP) 04g model.

    Everything goes according to plan, but suddenly I’ll install CIPL Flasher and then, I get a message that it does not support this version.

    Then do not go PRO B9 on OFW 6.60. I can not CFW PRO B9 on OFW 6.60?

    PLzz help me!

  5. SamLangTen says:

    Well, I missed an “is”.

  6. Mathieu says:

    Tested and approved on a GO! Yet none of my plugins work anymore. Sony has probably slightly changed the structure of 6.60. Let’s be patient and wait for the plugins to be adapted to 6.60 🙂 Thumbs up to all the devs involved!

  7. HackThiefCoder93 says:

    Works fine on my psp go 6.20 plugins and all!

  8. ROn says:

    Man i got 3001 pro-b6 with me but the guy who sold to me delete vshorig,
    After a fight against google i backup from flash0 some courage and a lote of praying the pro-b9 came to my psp i almost *** a brick but i get.

  9. PSPScene says:

    Is 6.20 still the best for plugin support? I’m might just stay on 6.20 because it’s the only FW that has a permanent patch.

    • shortboy says:

      Every pro version has since then come with a permanent patch.

      • equis says:

        That permanent patch it’s only supported on 6.20 FW. There’s CIPL flasher to make it a full custom firmware, but it’s only for PSP 1000 and 2000 flashables.

  10. StriderHien says:

    i’m staying on 6.20…
    cause from there i can use both PRO and TN! 😀

  11. cscash241 says:

    Did they find a 6.60 exploit? or did Sony not properly patch a previous exploit?

  12. joaoneto says:

    It worked perfectly in my psp 3000. I recommend!

  13. kevin says:

    doesnt work on 6.20 psp 3000
    i’ve been trying to install the update but it just stays in black screen and freezes.never had a problem before and yes i already tried turning off all plugins and resting xmb settings

  14. kevin says:

    Ok update i finnaly got it working..i redownloaded the file from the pro cfw page and it worked great!

  15. origamiNINJA says:

    wow 6.60 cfw was probably the fastest cfw to be devoloped from the time of the OFW release 🙂 go hackers!

  16. PSP-3004 says:

    I have cfw 6.35 pro-b9 on a psp 3004. Should I update to 6.60 and install this cfw? I want to have cfw to play iso’s and run homebrew, but also have access to psn and music unlimited by qriocity… I have a plugin (psnlover) so i can access psn without having the latest fw (still gotta test it)… but does that mean the psn will still contain the old demos and stuff?

  17. Calico says:

    Hey I want to know if there’s a list of changes of the recent PRO that differs from TN-E? I might want to switch to PRO but need to know the complete differences between them. Is there a site or a page where I can see this?

  18. bluegate says:

    will this work fine on 6.35? i’m kind of a wuss when dealing with this ^_^

  19. PSPScene says:

    Why can’t Sony see that they’ve lost? They’re just wasting their efforts.

  20. fLaSh says:

    impressive work PRO team’s, they already released a great work in the CFW, and now.. they are improving new incredible features way.., more games compatibility in ISO images, supports a multi. languages, etc..

    I really LOVE this work!!

    I have to remember also.. this work is started with the HBL project na versão 6.20 😉 !

    Thank you.. HBL Team and CFW PRO!

  21. danke says:

    Im using a PSP 2000 5.50-D3 and when i download here the OFW 6.60 and run it to update, i get an error your already 9.90 there is no need to update, kinda weird im on GEN 5.50-D3. anyone can advisE?

  22. e-man says:

    Every time I go to my system settings, it crashes. I have model 04g psp-3001. What do I do?

  23. Lamax says:

    is this cfw compatible with psp 3004 g9?

  24. DestRman says:

    I recently upgraded from 6.35 to 6.60 on a psp go
    but the pro lcf wont open isos from the psp internal memory
    only from the M2
    all late versions of pro were working good

    any suggestion are apreciated

  25. Sam says:

    i set it to m33 driver
    i started my iso but after the game startsup i frz. help plz asap. =/

  26. Bordz says:

    Why i can’t install 6.60 pro-b9 in my psp 1000…. my current firmware is 5.50 gen-d3.., FW error will appear in my psp screen…. please help.!!!

  27. devesh says:

    will iso cso games work on 6.60 pro b9

  28. Igur41 says:

    Diablo doesn’t work…

  29. sim says:

    installed 6.60 pro b9 successfully on a 2000 . my emulators runs fine ,cso files and ps1 as well , iso’s won’t … do i still need a iso loader , ? this cfw was not supposed to need them , sorry for bad english heh ^^

  30. Igur41 says:

    Bricked my psp with it… imposible?

    • wololo says:

      Very unlikely, unless you tried something foolish, such as installing a permanent version on a PSP 2000/3000/Go

  31. Cerbie says:

    Hi i have a PSP 3004 and i installed the 6.60PRO-B
    and it works perfectly only thing that´s wrong with it is when i turn it off and back on i have push fast recovery to make the Pro Stay stick put
    Otherwise the copyright errror comes up
    as if the Pro CFW isn´t staying put in the psp
    and i have to do fast recovery to make it stay put