6.60 ME by Neur0n. The alternate CFW now running the latest firmware


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11 Responses

  1. akuinnen says:

    wow, that was fast :p

  2. cure says:

    PSP update 6.60 then the 6.60 CFW by nueron, nah! good job!
    i think underground developer have much bullet rather than sony have.

  3. tyler says:

    i heard if you sign in too psn with this firm where you get banned anyone know anything about it?

  4. Andrew says:


  5. MitMakis says:

    I don’t remember seeing that Kyubey before… Someone’s been watching Madoka.

  6. hiyo says:

    does anyone using this 6.60ME sign in psn get banned?

  7. (|EcLiPsE|) says:

    ANIME FAN :D, anyway god job

  8. (|EcLiPsE|) says:

    a question, did Rin is in the background of the neuron’s twitter?

  9. t4z says:

    Yeah, using this firmware my psp2000 (not a v3) bricked. Weird, since there are not brick reports.

    Well have to borrow a pandora from a friend.