Can the PSP be hacked any further? Interview with Davee and Proxima (Part 2)


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8 Responses

  1. equis says:

    – what about the recent ta88v3 unbricker? Is there any hope for a PSP3000/PSP Go unbricker?
    Resuming, the answer is NO 😀
    And seeing these results, expect the same (or alike) implementation in the PSVita, but even stronger. However, I heard that Sony will leave some space to the homebrew community.

  2. thethatguy says:

    Thanks was waiting for Part2 Very Informational

  3. akuinnen says:

    nice to know they did all this primarily for their own education 🙂 and that makes them true “hackers”

  4. To run service mode on PSP 300x you need new keys from NEC battery controller. I can get this table, if I dump 300x’s syscon. To run service mode on PSP Go you need to connect it to the special Sony Server (using PC) via USB.
    Also you can run service mode on both (Go and 300x) via hardware methode. If you deal with electronics you will manage to understand this.

  5. g007 says:

    I hope they can find a method to unbrick the 3000 series some day.But very informed now