PSP Official Firmware 6.60, patches the 6.39 Kernel exploit


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26 Responses

  1. MitMakis says:

    Sony’ll probably leave us alone on the release of the PS Vita, by then all their attention will be fixated on that.

  2. equis says:

    AFAIK, some1 had a couple more of exploits… I hope didn’t were leaked, so there are possibilities that neur0n’s CFW will work directly on 6.60 CFW. On the other hand… it sounds strange the big leap in OFW version number. 6.60? Probably they were fixing a big number of known exploits one by one 😀

  3. BCdiscman says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure that Sony would ever really leave us alone as they seem to have a GOD complex and actually hate to have anything on any of their products that we (the legal owners of said “purchased” devices) put on them to make them more enjoyable unless they have ok’d them. I just wished Nintendo put out a machine as awesome as the PSP since they don’t have this egotistical outlook on their products.

  4. steven says:

    hbl r113 signé marche pas en 6.60

  5. jayson says:

    where is PRO-C can’t wait to meet other psp players playing in mid air!!!

  6. birdistheword says:

    well you can search on youtube for psp signed eboots thats what i use for free games on the psp without any cfw

  7. AwesomeSteak says:

    i hope he finishes the 6.60 cfw soon. im upgrading right now.

  8. GalaXyHaXz says:

    Dang, what a pointless update. This update is just a disgrace like 1.51 and 2.01 and 3.51. All just “latest homebrew” patched. But this was expected, I knew anyday Sany was going to patch it. hopefully ne0uron will make Sony cry again 🙂

  9. Momomak says:

    with your computer you can signe your iso game with iso2eboot !

  10. Abdullah says:

    Dang! some1 already found a kernel exploit for 6.60.

  11. yellow says:

    kernel exploit for 6.60 by some1 check on psp slimhacks.

  12. Dman says:

    Sony released 6.60 with changes to stop kernel access, But personally I think their main focus was really on their new terms of service/ user agreement. Has anyone taken a look at that? There is lots of new stuff about not hacking them, which is to be expected, after everything that has happened they want to try and make future court proceedings go as much in their favor as possible. But there is also some other pretty heavy stuff in there. First off, they can deactivate any and all accounts at their sole discretion. Then there is talk of automatic updates for both ps3 and psp, installed without any notice. This line comes straight from the document. “SNEA may take all actions to protect its interests” and we all know that sony takes that to the extremes, and in this case their stated course of action includes “implementation of upgrades or devices intended to discontinue unauthorized use”, and “Permanent or temporary disablement” Of any device, as well as any other “remedial efforts as necessary.” Does it sound like sony is gearing up for war to anyone else?

    • equis says:

      Though your words could sound hard, there’s a high probability they’re true as Sony has demonstrated before. An important thing is when you say about unnoticed upgrades. These new terms can be applied to the new FW, but not the actual, so there’s a chance to launch some legal actions.
      However, some days ago I connected to the PSN using Media Go, and noticed something strange: Media Go reported to be downloading some updating stuff. When searched for that stuff, I was unable to locate it using Media Go and Windows Explorer, and I don’t know the name of the archives. So I cannot find that stuff. Maybe Media Go is preparing to update my PSPs without asking in the future? That was my question then, and now.

  13. Media Go 1.8 (Build 121) says:

    Media Go 1.8 (Build 121)
    can be fooled into thinking that the PSP connected to PC is a 6.60

  14. Bryan_vk says:

    Peroo se puede jugar con los juegos de formato “ISO”,yo tengo la version 6.60 y si puedo jugar a los juegos piratas

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