10 Great PSP Games with a vulnerability


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  1. Yoti says:


  2. MitMakis says:

    Well, with the PSVita coming out, the PSP is on it’s last leg, I don’t see what else can be done with it.

    • Zasisem says:

      Enjoy what’s left of this PSP who knows the community might just get bigger because of vita :p

      • BlkHalo says:

        Yeah, I’ll love my PSP even after I sell it on eBay, at least we can always say we beat Sony, and I’ll always miss when I first ‘joined’ the scene, when I noticed wololo.net and always ignored psp-hacks for some reason back then, and had problems putting a demo on my PSP… and especially when I couldn’t even play my games online, I was so tempted to update, but I’m glad I didn’t now. Ah, the memories… And who could forget the Patapon 2 demo, I actually kinda like Patapon 3 now, it’s not bad at all… xD

  3. mr-crazy says:

    a guy reported gripshift earlier but u guys proved him wrong,then why now??

  4. ThirstyCow says:

    fun fun fun

  5. rainof89 says:

    Very interesting article. Ah the memories of the irritating patapon song. In the very beginning we had to load 1 homebrew at a time. Remember the time someone said they got gpsp to work? I spent almost 2 hours running HBL over and over again trying to load it without it crashing. Fun times 🙂

  6. sumedh says:

    yo wololo it’s just like a flashback to the past i really like to read n follow the scenes n realy appreciate the dev(hackers) to share their work ………………arigato kosaimass

  7. (|EcLiPsE|) says:

    i am a user of the HBL since the revision 79, if i remamber corectly… good memories

  8. Sharky says:

    OMG i just rofl’d at the part about killing kittens when you hear the patapon song cause its SOOOOOO TRUE xDD

    i came to the scene when hbl first started and man that patapon song almost drove me InSaNe like to the point where killing kittens might not be enough 😛

  9. Dallox says:

    I was a sure of it since the first rev of patapon, i was so impressed by simpleturn XD

  10. hektik says:

    Still dont think you can beat the days of DAX and m33 cfw, i have a psp 2000 with 5.00-m33 and a psp 3000 with 5.03 gen c and have never had a problem with either.
    I would like to say thanks to everyone involved with the creation of cfw, without whom we would be stuck with what sony thinks we should have.

  11. Cynder2011 says:

    hehe awesomeness

    I started using HBL and (L)CFW with 2010 – Hot Shots Golf 1 and 2

    around novmeber of 2010….it was so awesome.

  12. sasasas says:

    KeepSwagginrP1hdh nice lol xD

  13. yellow says:

    I came to the pspscene in April 2010 and it was fun with the annoying patapon sound lol good times.

  14. Apple PI says:

    POOR POOR Carol Vorderman……….

    Blessed are those who give without remembering and take without forgetting.

  15. Apple PI says:

    lol I am gonna say it before someone else does:

    What’s a Carol Vorderman?

  16. asasas says:

    nice vulnerability xD BakedZitiF87ReD

  17. grewolf says:

    I love how you said that hbl users would love to kill a kitten every time we hear the patapon song. At first it was relaxing then turned boring and then annoying Lol! But every time i hear it, it always takes me back from where it started. The good old advanced psp.tk. Thank goodness theres talk and elite psp gamers and the site that tipi created to continue help psp users on that wonderful hbl days. Thanks wololo

  18. StriderHien says:

    aaah yeah, the patapon demo exploit… even TN started from there
    and i remember the great times playing megaman zero on psp…

  19. asasas says:

    ItsFridayNite maybe this would work on PSVITA

  20. Dan Diemer says:

    I remember the Gripshift exploit. I went to Gamestop and picked up a copy cheap, and threw it on eBay and the auction went nuts.

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