Monster Hunter Save Converter – Reuse your Monster Hunter character in other games (Genesis compo entry)


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7 Responses

  1. pincho says:

    i didn’t fully understand it… this allouds you to use a savegame of, for example, MH2G in MHFU or it will alloud you to use your savegame in other game, for example, from MHF to MHF2?

    • svanheulen says:

      It just allows you to convert between regions of the same game. It’s not possible to convert a MHF save to MHF2 because all of the items/armor/quests are different.

  2. Orelldo says:

    hey, i have a backup of my mhp3rd (i bought the japaneese version but i made a copy to translate) and i wanted to convert my mhf2 into my mhp3rd. the comment above makes me think that it cant happen haha. but i used promotheus iso loader to try but whenever i activate the iso it crashes (only if the plugin is turned on)

    • zorrodood says:

      you cannot convert a savegame of one game to a completely different game. just like you cannot turn an apple into a melon.

  3. Minimur says:

    this is the readme

    This plugin allows you to copy your Monster Hunter character to any
    save slot in any language/region of the game. In other words, you can
    do things like copy your character from the North American version of
    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite to the Japanese version of Monster Hunter
    Portable 2nd G. The only requirement is that you must have both the
    game you want to copy from and the game you want to copy to.

  4. ferofax says:

    At first I thought this is awesome, but then I realized:

    If I’m gonna need both versions of a game, then I should just stick to one region instead as I import saves from MHF1 to MHF2 to Unite.

    It would have been nicer if you can just run the app, which reads the save files like the OS does, and you just pick one and convert its region. So I could have, say, a EU MHF1 and have the save ready for importing into a US MFH2 and not need a US MHF1.

  5. Zen says:

    Probably really really late but here goes…

    Since monster hunter has a character import system from one game to the next…

    Let’s say I have an MHFU save file… and I convert it to Japanese Locale…

    Do i still need to get MHP2 in order to import my character to MHP3? or will the converted save file work?