Coldbird and VF, The Big Interview, Part 3 (I swear, it’s the last one)


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  1. Dallox says:

    Wow Very cool! 😀

  2. Dallox says:

    1.00 the best firmware alive 😉

  3. J-Spill says:

    Awesome. And i didn’t know Wololo had a wife.
    As soon as coldbird and vf come up with online play I’m going to upgrade to 6.35.

  4. J-Spill says:

    till then, im stickin with 6.20TN-D

  5. Basch says:


  6. Basch says:

    Can’t even image how much I laughed reading this part
    Wololo: Virtous Flame, any final word, or thing you want to discuss?
    Wololo: Ah, I have to go to bed, or my wife will kill me (again!)
    coldbird: “Again”? You a zombie?
    Wololo: Yup…she basically kills me every sunday night
    coldbird: So mate, give wololo your final sentence so he can die in peace. 🙂

    Virtuous Flame: The era of PSP may end very soon, but soon a new dawn will rise.
    Is this good enough ?
    coldbird: poethical. 😀


  7. kalte says:

    Nice interview! Very interesting, now I’m even thinking about giving a chance to PRO (still using TN-D).

    Congrats and good luck to devs!

  8. Jurasic says:

    wow…. nice interview… i hope part 4 will continue… 😀

  9. cute says:

    i’m new to psp and i thought psp may die after ngp comes
    but people like VF says “but soon a new dawn will rise.” i’m so happy …:)

    • hiro says:

      yea same. i only recently bought a psp ( around 6-7 months ago ) and after a few months, the ngp was announced so i thought that it was sort of a waste to buy ithe psp, but then all of the HENs and LCFWs came out and I changed my mind!!

  10. Amido says:

    Go Go GO VF and ColdVird, GO xD

  11. Kboy35 says:

    bring out 6.37 cfw pro!

  12. Noel says:

    Pls support Virtuous Flame and Coldbird’s fanpage on Facebook,.

  13. zone says:

    The era of PSP may end very soon, but soon a new dawn will rise. yeah!!!

  14. Vince says:

    Reading the three interviews just made me all the more proud to be on PRO.
    I understand the troubles and hardships and countless hours vf and cb put into the lcfw that we may or may not take for granted.

    Many thanks to coldbird and virtuous flame for all ur effort. After reading this interview i think i will be a loyal pro user for many years to come. 😀

    And thank you wololo for interviewing cb and vf and sharing this with us. May ur wife not kill u too often so we can continue to have a great webmaster and fellow forumer. 😀

  15. pspmodel2001 says:

    After reading this, I cant wait fer the new 6.35 pro cfw. Right now I have 6.37 me 7.

  16. TheDarknessArrives says:

    The words of Coldbird and VF have given me more hope on finding a way on the OFW 6.37. It’s hard work, i don’t know how they manage to keep up with it.

  17. nascar_007 says:

    Jurasic Quote:
    wow…. nice interview… i hope part 4 will continue… 😀

    but wololo say
    “(I swear, it’s the last one)” xD

  18. juan321 says:

    here is the 6.20/35 PRO B-4

  19. masterfu says:

    VF said in his chinese 163 wangyi blog that a hater tried to shut down coldbird’s blog prior to Pro-B4’s release

    the hater says that coldbird’s blog “spreads virus”

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