Coldbird and VF, The Big Interview, Part 2


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  1. Chris says:

    I cant wait:)

  2. beastkid says:

    but part 3 up quickly and put info on 6.37 hen and ngp hacking pleassssssssssssss

  3. nilats says:

    good stuff wololo

  4. beastkid says:

    can u put part 3 up already i have to go to bed in a bit

  5. wal31_cr says:

    wow, i’ve got really impressed with that online gaming..that would be great cuz i usually play at xlink but is really lagged =/ (maybe its because my bandwidth)
    keep up VF & CB good job!

  6. Caio says:

    It’s unfair that the programmers get all the fun when hacking new consoles… As well as being part of history.

    Better start learning C.

    • watashi says:

      C is a good start for homebrews but I think you should learn Assembly if you want to do things similar to Coldbird and Virtuous Flame.

      Anyway, I would be interested in knowing what would be the main advantages moving from PHAT m33-6 to PRO? Is it too early / unnecessary as it’s (only) Light CFW?

      Question for developers: Are any great new features planned for PHAT like PS1 multiplayer or PS1/UMD SaveStates?

      Interesting and enjoyable interviews!

      • equis says:

        I don’t see too many differences between a CFW and a LCFW other than to be executed at boot up, so the main diference is the touch of a button. I don’t get the point in endless discussions… 😉
        What only means is that you can count the really importante features present in every CFW to get your decision.

  7. mr-crazy says:

    hey wololo, eill pro c be pemanent on unhackable psp’s

  8. Chango says:

    What is the “nice additional surprise”??

  9. Tomyuu says:

    wow,i never know that my psp is so powerful with PRO.

  10. ewan says:

    i wish i can do what coldbird,VF and others do. i am 24 years old now and i cant make even a simple homebrew 🙁 but i know basic programming like printing text,looping,if statement,declaring variables.

  11. sandesh says:

    wololo, u keep us excited. The psp scene would be boring without you.
    thank you to all devs who’s ever created a homebrew or cfws or anything psp hack related.

  12. Noel says:

    Pls support Virtuous Flame and Coldbird’s fanpage on Facebook,.

  13. equis says:

    This interview is better than the first. There is everything: tech aspects, personal thoughts, nice surprises, new features in CFW… it’s simply great. Keep the good work up.
    Personally, I think that online CFW feature is very original and promising. Along with going open source, CB and VF go in the right direction, I cannot be more according with their thoughts. The scene needs to work together to mantain alive this console, once Sony abandone it. When this happen, the PSP will belong to people and everyone will do whatever they want. A console with games programmed by normal people, with CFW programmed by normal people, supported by normal people, this console will have a great power!
    The only thing that needs to have is a powerful SDK to make games in the same level as commercial…

  14. Omar says:

    Help wololo can you contact coldbird and tell them i need help my email is and when i ‘m installing the pro b4 i click x the i click it again and nothing happens, not only that the vsh menu dosent even open if i click it and turn my psp on it opens but dosent work please help!

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