Coldbird and VF, The Big Interview, Part 1


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  1. giorkalis says:

    o men i cant wait for the other interview!!!

  2. Platini says:

    Great interview!!!kepp on the good work CB and VF!!!!!!

  3. Maruku says:

    Hey, Wololo. Thanks for asking Coldbird and VF for an interview! And thank you CB and VF for accepting and answering all the questions honestly and in a polite manner!

    I love reading interviews. They’re much more fun than “Oh, here’s the changelog, be excited (No offense, CB+VF lol).”

  4. Covert says:

    I’m waiting for the next interview. Keep it up Wololo.. 🙂 And will you interview TN in the near future?

  5. MitMakis says:

    Y’know, I’ve moved from 6.20 TN-D to 6.35 PRO-B3, and it seems to crash… Constantly…

    Exiting USB Mode, Returning to XMB from a Game, Loading an ISO, Exiting the Music Player screen, all crashes the PSP ._. …

    Probably to be a problem on my end, since no one else seems have any problems :/. I look forward to the next release of PRO-C :).

    • Asmith906 says:

      the only time I’ve had problems with 6.35 pro is when i had a bunch of plugins on. notably cxmb and cwcheat. I disables cxmb and haven’t had any problems since

    • CoolBirds! says:

      im using PRO-B3 too and I don’t experienced any crash or things that you said.. its very smooth and perfect CFW, maybe you just messed with your plugins because you just moved from TN-D 🙂

    • BlkHalo says:

      I experience many crashes on my psp 3000 too, although I have a few plugins (some would say a lot), I doubt they’re the problem

  6. Noel says:

    Pls support Virtuous Flame and Coldbird’s fanpage on Facebook,.

  7. BlkHalo says:

    I have a psp go and a 3k. I had them both at TN D until now:

    I love my pspgo so I upgraded my 3k to 6.35 with the hen. The first bad thing I came across was the puny vsh menu, didn’t even have usb charge on there… next was when sometime on the xmb’s columns, like game, music, video… after browsing my collection, the hen would crash! I was kind of dissapointed then, until I noticed that plugin and homebrew compability were pretty much the same, and iso and psx support was better… lol ran out of space

  8. 0M9H4X says:

    SWEET! i think ill go to 6.35! im currently on 6.20, but these guys are rapidly updating their stuff.

    • hiro says:

      yea that would be better because total_noob isnt going to update anymore. and plus 6.35 probably has more plugin compatibility by now, and its already got psx support

      • Lorz says:

        Wrong, TN is working on TN-E right now, and has not said that he will stop updating his HEN.

        I do like that 6.35 Pro status is more publicly available for everyone to see, but TN hasn’t stopped updating…… just not communicating as often.

    • ewan says:

      yes my other plugin works well now on 6.35 and also my favorite snes emulator works fine as well.

  9. Lorz says:

    Ummm, so where did these rumors that VF and Liquidzigong were the same person originate? And i guess this interview confirms that those rumors are not true?

  10. Alverich says:

    wow, amazing i wondering what are that adittional surprise, but seems really amazing the next Pro, i waiting for it

  11. wololololololol lol says:

    i wonder what the surprise is going to be

  12. jammy says:

    wololo your 35 years old?

  13. Hmm says:

    So Virtuous Flame ISN’T Liquidzigong? Because Liquid has been here for quite some time.

    • doppio says:

      I think they are the same. Liquidzigong some time ago anounced he’ll retire from the scene, but looks like he cannot. In fact I’m Dark Alex and I’m using this nickname and acting like a noob to deceive everyone 😉

  14. shortboy says:

    damn. reading this took me way back to the days of devhook and gta downgrader. i remember i had to borrow gta from my cousin because was the only person i knew that had it. oh were those awesome days.

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