PSP3000’s price goes down to $129.99


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19 Responses

  1. MitMakis says:

    Thats pretty cool for people who haven’t got one yet, what was its original price?

  2. Nakos says:

    $179.99 USD

  3. Rustii says:

    i know in Australia, they are like $189, so if the price drop comes over here it would be a nice little sum you save yourself… maybe a few titles there talking about(if you didnt just buy it to run homebrew’s)…

  4. Caio says:

    Meanwhile… In a certain south-american country we have to pay the equivalent to U$650,00 for a PSP.

  5. Rustii says:

    WOW,What the ***???
    Send me that type of money i could send u a few psp’s…
    Offers Open…LOl..

  6. LUISDooMER says:

    In Argentina my PSP-3001 cost me 890$ and my PSP GO! cost me 900$…

    • DBZo07 says:

      You are a nut to pay such high..900$ man Retailer Fu**ed for pockets..

      u cud have purchased from ebay..

  7. Asyllum says:

    nice i bought my psp 3k (04g) for 169.99$ USD. with assasins creed blodlines “beat it the first 2 days of play”.

  8. Asyllum says:

    hopfully more people will have psp 3k and some1 might come up with a perminate cfw and keep the psp alive

  9. Spider-Monkey says:

    Damn!, time to get a new one after the harsh usage of my psp(aka Monster Hunting) 😀

  10. Raita says:

    but the bad thing is its current ofw..what if the installed ofw cannot be downgraded.

  11. zulzahid says:

    yeah,,i think the new one must be 6.37 ofw……….
    only homebrew can be play………

  12. mr-crazy says:

    i am sure developers would update to 6.37 as they want homebrew not piracy

  13. haitechan says:

    Nice, hope other countries adopt the new price, but is unlikely. My sister bought her PSP 2000 in 2008 for around $350 and I bought mine, a second-hand PSP 300, a year later for $175. Now, a new PSP 3000 is around that price but on retail stores, they still charge you around $300 but it comes with three games: Rachet and Clank, Daxter and some other I don’t remember. It’s even cheaper than a DSi but most kids here in Peru have that, not PSPs.

  14. toBsucht says:

    in a few month the price is probably ~100 us $ for a new PSP 3000.
    I miss ir and bluetooth. PANDORA !!! And soon touchscreen my i buy a ..fx.
    ^u see still to expensive for some people^

  15. Wantspsp3k5.50downgrade says:

    Lol if they wanted to get rid of them they’d release a new ofwq that allows homebrew to be run without hen.

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