CFW 6.35 Pro-B Released


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175 Responses

  1. kolomootro says:

    i want TN D please.

  2. just966 says:

    can some test macrofile on 6.35 pro-b

  3. misha says:

    ? ? ?? ????? 6.20 tn-d

  4. ZeiKore says:

    Hi i have a question , can the emulateur run Digimon World psx?

  5. Next says:

    i’ve tried both TN-D & Pro-B, My FF8 keep Freeze on disc 2, when the transformation of balamb garden. does anyone have this problem too?

  6. Hairaide says:

    I installed 6.35 PRO-B on my psp slim. My OFW was 6.35 and I use HEN. I decided to try this and when I dragged the proupdate folder and fast recovery folder to my game folder, I ejected and loaded the updater and it says unsupported firmware pls turn off. Please help.

  7. Jan Pat San says:

    hey guys, i need help please..i accidentally delete my 6.35 pro B..and after that i was trying to open my psp 3004 and it won’t work..what should i do??please please help me..thank you.