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6.35 Pro-B Announced, fully supports PSX. 6.35 Pro will become open source


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  1. epio22 says:

    you might be a little late on this one.. Coldbird and VF have released the
    PRO-B to beta testers and said that if no problems arises they would release it later today.

    heres the link: http://blog.coldbird.co.cc/?p=389

    • wololo says:

      wow, thanks, I have a lot of catch-up to do these days, the Genesis compo is really taking all my free time. Will update the post!

  2. ZeroDegree$ says:

    Nice since I got my PSP 3k at 2010 I actually believed the *** about “firmware stability” that Sony says And I updated to 5.51 and surprisingly I updated the time a dev found an exploit in the game MOHH2 which coincidently was the UMD gameI bought. AND in the year that I’ve been in the scene I’ve never seen such unity.

  3. Caio says:

    And what about that whole Coldbird stealing TN’s work drama?

  4. Badsam says:

    This is great news! And even better seeing how like Epio22 said – If no critical bugs are found in 6.35 Pro-B, It’s going to be released later today!

  5. asmith906 says:

    will be getting an ipad and pro b in one day. today is going to be awesome. time to convert chrono cross. also, how do you make a multidisk eboot from cds

  6. Abhinav Tuli says:

    i wish it works well with psp 3000 (4g) as 6.35 PRO A3 got installed in my console but no game worked so i downgraded again (6th time!!!!!)

  7. hacktester says:

    I think I will just update this evening if TN-HEN-D is not released.I said that I’ll update to the first one and I’ll just do so.Sure,there’s more plugin and homebrew compatibility on FW 6.20,but I can survie as far as I can get all my lovely old games and memories on the go(my PSX doesnt work anyway…)Oh man!I hope that I will be able to see my PSX games in fullscreen,just as on older CFW’s/LCFW’s.That kinda makes the experience better….

  8. Caio says:

    It’s released.

  9. Zen says:

    I support every open source homebrew out there. I have a feeling that PRO-C might get the 1st place. 🙂

  10. nice lcfw says:

    I am 6.20 TN hen-c user, and update to 6.35 OFW then upgrade to 6.35 PRO A4. Now i am really satisfied with this 6.35 PRO A4 with PSX from PSN support and can play many new game that i cannot play from 6.20 TN Hen-c. More ISO can play straight from XMB and some iso corrupt, but the corrupt iso on XMB can running by -Prometheus Iso Loader- so this work perfectly nice and much more fast than before.6.35 OFW will support more features like new upcoming iso/cso.
    If gpsp kai is crash running on this PRO A4 dont worry and just running this emulator called gpsp kai on ”minna sukkiri” 6.3x with homebrew loader so u can play gpsp kai, Now all Work Perfect!! LOVE THIS PRO A4 HEN !! Good Job!! 😉

    I give RATE for This 6.35 PRO A4 HEN = 9/10 and maybe =10/10 on 6.35 PRO-B ^_^

    Thanks to Liquidzigong ,Virtuous Flame and Coldbird’s ur LCFW NO.1

  11. residual says:

    6.35PRO-B: CFW has been released from China

  12. Draggy says:

    That’s right Caio, it’s released. 😀 Can’t wait to check it out.

  13. Strangelove says:

    “Coldbird announced this open source project might enter the PSP Genesis competition”

    Awesome that this gets opensourced. But anyone in the competition just got royally pwned!

  14. equis says:

    Wow, this team seems it is working hard. I almost envy those using this CFW, as I am in 6.20 TN HEN, awaiting for the D version. Is not my pleasure to upgrade/downgrade everyday, so I will try a definite version only after seeing how TN works.

  15. kronos_kkc says:

    release 6.35 PRO B, the news in tweeter…neuron

  16. w7y7a7t7t says:

    well after this is released i assume TN HEN will just die… sad to think that so much work went into it.

    • Draggy says:

      I think that Total_Noob and PROteam should share their skills to provide one, ultimate software for PSP. I don’t think it’s real, but there’s no point of fighting against each other about who’s soft is better.

  17. olatini says:

    Can someone please tell me how and where to put psx games on the memory stick?

  18. ShadowMaster says:

    @wololo The LCFW is out :

    Fast Recovery! – http://www.mediafire.com/?2n0tpce38pshwdr
    6.35 PRO-B – http://www.mediafire.com/?66310eoeizt12zr

  19. kronos_kkc says:

    copy them to the folder PSP \ GAME \ xxxxx

  20. Willz says:

    6.35 PRO-B already released! http://pro.coldbird.co.cc/

    • killerguy says:

      THE WEBSITE SAYS “Unbelievable guys, the traffic you route here is enormous.To counteract this we have replaced the download page with this temporary one and a off-server stored release.Please consider donating if you like our releases.”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Tom says:

    Oh man, looks like I need to get another memory stick now!

  22. killerguy says:

    When are they going to add better homebrew compatability to 6.35 Pro??????? There are still A LOT of homebrews that do no work on 6.35 Pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. DemShoes says:

    Whaaaaaaat!!!!!!!! I just updated to Pro A4. Ohh well progress is progress

  24. sony can kiss my ass says:

    well i downloaded it but i will wait for other reports from users. to get less brick risk.

    anyway. what is it about stealing work? this is not a battle. this is just to run homebrew (and iso’s). if he steals work then what? better idea to share knowledge then keeping it for yourself, right? (unless it is an exploid which better could be released if sony just released the NGP >:) ).

    both TN and team PRO does awesome work. my friend uses TN and loves it and i should used it too if i didnt update to 6.31.

    so i use PRO and it work fine for my. why downgrading? if i can get the same thing with 6.35?

    both should make me happy just cus i can do a lot more with my psp. playing some emulators, watch youtube, playing offical games with less loading time and now can i run even psx games. it is almost a very simple version of a laptop (only a keyboard should be usefull).

    keep up the good working and keep kicking sony’s *ss

  25. Platini says:

    Just installed PRO B and everything works great!!!and psone games work like charm!!!

  26. asmith906 says:

    where there goes any chance of me winning first place

  27. asmith906 says:

    oh yeah does pause game work yet. it works in tn but not pro

  28. NeoDracoV8 says:

    What type of files do we need for the PSX games to work? I tried ISOs, and bin and cue files, and neither worked for me…

    • Lorz says:

      You need to download a tool for pc that converts the PSX ISOs into PSP Eboots.

      I dunno what the tool is called or where you get it, maybe someone else here can help you with that.

  29. patay_ako says:

    psx should be eboot.pbp

  30. LUISDooMER says:

    where did you go, Total_Noob? 🙁

    • Lorz says:

      He’s around im sure, and most likely getting ready to release TN-Hen D, he said he would release it after 6.35 Pro-B is released

      I personally cant wait…. as i have no desire to upgrade to 6.35, and I think TN just has a higher quality HEN with fewer bugs.

      I do hope TN reads coldbirds blog though and atleast considers it….. except for the attcks that is :/

      • LUISDooMER says:

        yes, i hope it too…
        i´m dont want to mess with the upgrade and downgrade thing, so i´m waiting
        very (im)patiently, so i´m hope it will released tomorrow.

  31. goku says:


  32. ezio auditory da firenzy says:

    downloaded pro-B its Awesome i first upgraded from TN-C and yes its the best hen made and its working with no problems
    TN just likes to tease us with his stuff he didnt even make a release date and he made us w8 3 months for his hen since october
    CONC=PRO is the best

    • LUISDooMER says:

      you have to remember that if tn didn´t release his kernel exploit you maybe would not be enyoing this…
      @to all the TN haters
      i know that he maybe took an bad actitude to not release HEN D for the stealing things and other silly stuff, but ALL OF US have to be GRATEFUL with him because The kernel exploit was found by TOTAL_NOOB.
      what could have happened if TN had not released his hen\exploit (like some teams did)?

  33. olatini says:

    To transform psx iso games to eboot, download PSX2PSP from internet.

  34. neal279 says:

    Yeah I will try that software… but, does it support .ISO and .CSO files?
    can you please develop version that supports .ISO and .CSO games ’cause it is too hassle for me to play games… I can’t afford UMD’s.


    Thank you.