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RecoveryMenu 0.2 By KaZT.U (Genesis compo entry)


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40 Responses

  1. lhei says:

    whew!!! everyday there are development either for 6.35 or 6.20.. and benefits goes to the end user.. tnx to all devs..

  2. toBsucht says:

    3004 🙁

  3. Ioan says:

    I was waiting for something like this to come out for TN-HEN, it’s annoying to have to connect my psp to the pc every time I wanted to enable/disable a plugin. And now the competition made it possible 🙂 I wonder what else will come out of this… I’m excited

    • toBsucht says:

      to enable seplugins i use pprefs.prx 1.093 (94 is released) it give u the option to change it in the xmb if u press home-button. The ZeroRCO Patcher v0.1 do this to (automatic) i didn´t test it; or u use a app`s PSP Filer, pspda.

  4. Ivyy says:

    No thanks, i don´t want to write in my flash :D. With 6.35 PRO-A2 I´m very happy. I have a PSP 3010.

    But i thnk that this recovery menu is great, because it has an appariencie like in the XMB.

  5. NEHAshu says:

    m gona chek it on my go now tn hen c…love u all hackers…keep the same ahead… 🙂

  6. NEHAshu says:

    N it did finally worked grate….yeppiee….

  7. shien says:

    some more plug ins will work?
    what about fusa SD?
    i’m not going to test it if not sure what i’m doing(psp 3000 duh)

  8. the baba says:


  9. Puterolo says:

    Mmmm… this is good… but what does this do? Im kinda a newbie in this, and i wanna know what this is… 😀 ^^ Greetings from Venezuela. 😀

  10. equis says:

    I think it’s a very interesting plug in. However, I found it of little use in previous releases for my PSP Go. Almost all menu options were in development or very limited, like the Plugins option. I’ll suggest to auto-detect (or different versions to download) the console within the program, and make different options available in consequence.
    Another further improvemente I’d suggest would be the plugins option. The list of plugins is limited, very closed to a few ones. May be giving the opportunity to customize this list to the user would be great.

  11. svenn says:

    To bad this homebrew is made for “hacking” use. I’d hope some more creative games come for this competition, however, congrats & thx for this homebrew. Goodluck in the contest !

  12. Yorelli says:

    Whoa, Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

    “(possibility to flash a full recovery menu on hackable consoles, for example).”
    •Added Install VSh Menu, installs a permanant vsh menu developed by me (KaZT.U) for only HACKABLE PSP’S. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL ON A PSP GO PSP 3000 OR PSP 2000″

    Now why the heck is it on a PSPGo??? And this is an UPDATE to something homebrew that has already been released

    • Yorelli says:

      And why has it already been released?? This gives other competitors ideas on what to add on to their homebrews

  13. Yorelli says:

    “•Added Install VSh Menu, installs a permanant vsh menu developed by me (KaZT.U) for only HACKABLE PSP’S. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL ON A PSP GO PSP 3000 OR PSP 2000”

    Wololo,really. Why is this on a PSPGo.

  14. man_of_power05 says:

    remember though the flash guard on tn hen-b and tn hen-c doesn’t work so be careful

    • BlkHalo says:

      Really? o.o
      I was trying everything out because of this, and was never worried about bricking my PSP but I’m scared now lol *deletes RecoveryMenu*

      Kinda useless for us when you think about it, pretty much just for disabling plugins? No thanks…

      • aceofspace says:

        same here. I thought that the TN HEN flash guard worked so good, that the President can use it. But since the flash guard on the TN HEN doesn’t work, is the flash guard on 6.35PRO’s working??

  15. minhjirachi says:

    Does it compatible with firmware 6.35 Pro-A3?

  16. Th3G2x says:

    actually it’s a useless piece of *** on PSP 3007 TN HEN-C

  17. SFxTK says:


  18. Ryuichi says:

    too bad, can’t switch my x button to circle

  19. 0M9H4X says:

    this sure is cool, but i think we already have a motherload of recovery menus.
    maybe im wrong, but after all anyone can find out what hack to apply for his (her?) psp and just downoad the files… what i wanna say with this is:

    this is propably the last serious wave of new homebrews being made for
    our good ol’ psp, so i really hope for a simple yet addictive and fresh idea 🙂

    hacking tools are great, dont get me wrong, but… ya know… …. yeah 😀

  20. aceofspace says:

    I wish most of these Developers used a PSP 3000 or Go for their work. Just to help the newer users also.

  21. Abhinav Tuli says:

    hey guys this is cool but when i try to start recovery/reboot , Zeroware/eboot and Hen/eboot , something happens & i return to XMB and message comes – Game Could not be started any idea ? please help

  22. hyponima says:

    Great stuff KaZT.U ! ! ! keep on!!

    Thanks Wololo and all sponsors for the great opportunity!!

  23. James says:

    Hi can i use PS3 Phat for Perl and C Programming? alternative for PC?

  24. is zeroware cfw working and does it have more compatibilities than PRO A3 if it it ill switch back pls reply

  25. Abhinav Tuli says:

    please answer my previous question somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. fhyt says:

    See it here youtube.com/watch?v=vL0c4mlz49Q

  27. qaz362699 says:

    hey, does anyone know is this recoverymenu work perfectly on 6.35PRO-A3?
    is there any feature that can’t work on 6.35PRO-A3?

  28. Facepalm says:

    i have 6.20)( Will it work?

  29. Abbas says:

    Can we permanent install it on psp 3004 6.20 PRO B4 Permanent