6.20 TN-D: PSX Support preview


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  1. K4R4 says:

    ??? ?? ??? ????? ???? ? ?? ??) ??? ? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ? ??? ????.. ? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ? TN-D ???? ??, ???? ??? ? 6.35 PRO-B

  2. Next says:

    Please use English Bro, We can’t understand:)

  3. K4R4 says:

    all right)

  4. K4R4 says:

    as it almost the same) here and it is necessary to know that better and that worse.. I more than am sure that in TN-D there is that, what is not present in 6.35 PRO-B

  5. Sczurin says:

    Yeah guys I see your pain believe me…
    I keep visiting the site about a few times per hour. I know it is freakin’ hard to wait or to be patient, specially since a release date has been promised/rumored for this week. But still you need to have respect for Total_Noob’s work. Even if it doesn´t release this month. I bet that if the firmware WAS ready he already would have released it for us hungry dogs. If he didn´t then thats becaue there is a few more things to optimize/fix/add so he cam deliver us all the goodness he promised. Better to wait and have a handful quality firmware than to rush and have a handful of sh*t! We gotta keep ouselves entertained or we will freakin lose it!

    Piece out!

  6. K4R4 says:

    so so so, do I look here already develop talent of writer? so will answer on it that we value creation of author of this project certainly, but as he turns out promised and be under an obligation to confirm the provotu differently he simply liar.. and for the suppositions he already so to say told a lie although even on it close eyes in honour that it was supposition, from it a conclusion goes in which in large letters says of wait comrades wait

  7. Sczurin says:

    Well my friend, I didn’t quite understand most of what you’ve just said, but I think what you’re trying to say is that he did indeed promise, and he did indeed not deliver. Well that is true. But what is also true is the fact that without his work or shall we say “late work”, you, me and everyone else would not have such good custom firmware on our PSP’s. Even though he is not very good with time schedules, he does amasing work. Better late than never. My thinking is simply this: if you have to wait, then wait. Because you could have nothing to wait for. This is not something that can be done overnight, and Total_Noob already has school to worry about, so excuse him if he has to study or whatever else, instead of focusing on what other people want. He has a life. We do too. And you or any other person would not stop your daily tasks because I want to. Some things are just more important than videogames. We all share the love for videogames, but we also all share our own priorities.
    Once again (though somewhat sad to say so) we have to wait. He is not a liar. His labor made us the happy homebrew players on the PSP that we are.

    Be patient my friend, thats all I’m saying.

    Piece out!

  8. Brake says:

    It will release this week.

  9. roland_guy_95 says:

    I’m running out of medication. O_O I need my tn-D bad!!!!

  10. K4R4 says:

    maybe.. maybe.. We will leave this talk actually

  11. ronaldo says:

    TN-?? ?????? ?????????? ???? ????? ?? ??? ????,??-?? ???????? ?? ?? ?????? ????????? 6.20 tn-d ,???? ??? ????? ????? 10 ????????? ???? ??????????? ? ???? ???????…(?????? ????? ?? ?????? ????? -??? ??? ???????? ? ???? ??????..)??? ???????? ????? ?????????………(((((

  12. ronaldo says:

    tn ?? ???-????? the best

  13. poland_guy_95 says:

    russians cant understood? Use english!

  14. Sczurin says:

    Well…i still think some of you are too harsh on TN.
    He is not our HEN servant. Then again i too want the tn-d release. But i won’t criticize him for taking longer than expected.


  15. roland_guy_95 says:

    I hope you’re wrong rustii but somehow I feel you’re right, and I’m still on TN-C. He did say he didn’t want an donation, maybe to betray us? I hope I’m wrong.

  16. jacksun says:


  17. Sczurin says:

    “Whichever one is true can only be proven with time.” – roland_guy_95

    You just said it all my friend 😉

  18. muzammil says:

    u are the guys which help us with ou taking any money and save us frm the deadly stingy sony thanksssssss a lot

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