TN Hen: unofficial patch for PSP 3000 by ??????


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  1. akdaj says:

    I have a PSP 3000 and the original HEN works and the unofficial HEN also works…

  2. akdaj says:

    I used VFlames Savedata and TN’s eboot and I didn’t get the memory leak message

  3. toBsucht says:

    ok if got psp 3004 hbl 109 with the patched tn6.2 and here is my small list of working games(hb) tested
    background changer v0.2
    WMAENABLE *say sucessful but set psp to basic config
    protect-Me //new*
    iphone simulator //new *thx TN
    IvEr PSP
    mywindows v0.1
    Ubuntu 7.10



    and all emulator wich run with the hbl. Deadalus n64 or nds is realy hard 4 psp system but it work GBA run real good.
    if u want more im sure all HomeBrews wich u can download @
    are possibel 2 run. The only HB i couldn´t run is file asistent. U could also us twisted to get HB.

  4. Savage says:


    LOL TY.

  5. CevaComic says:

    So you said here you are useing 6.31 … and 2 seconds later in the next post 6.35 … What are you really useing ?

  6. COol says:

    my psp is getting slow if use hen pls psl pls pls pls help me i have psp 3004 v 6.20

  7. narmi93 says:

    works for my psp 3000…but i am getting memory leak when i booted the hen…can anybody tell me why?

  8. exequiel philippines says:

    For the people that the hen crash when load a homebrew just do this (psp 3000):

    – activate the HEN
    – Extract the Memory Stick
    – With the memory out, go to the vsh menu and restart the HEN
    – plug-in the memory again
    – Enjoy your homebrews



  9. passerby says:

    Another method of opening homebrews,isos or umds is to
    first remove your memstick,then select and choose
    restart vsh.After the psp restarts successfully,pop your memstick back in
    and open your homebrew,iso or umd.
    works for my psp 3006.
    Hopefully it helps others as well.

  10. passerby says:

    oh and forgot to mention that there’s an iso loader out now for 6.20 here,

  11. Jose's says:

    I have unofficial 6.20 TN-A.
    When I start the Prometheus ISO Loader.
    The PSP powers off.(automactly)

  12. Dom says:

    I’m using psp 3001 ofw 6.20 hbl109 hen at first test. it loads hen but every time I start HB game it just crash.. I deleted hbl109 and re-install it again. and this time it works, it loads HB game at first try, but if I exit the game and try another hb it crash.

    so, I tried to delete it again and the same thing happens, at first try its okay, then it crash on the second try.

    I followed james1552 suggestion, with a little modification on the steps.

    after I play the first HB on my psp I do this steps.

    first, I remove the memory, then go to vsh menu and restart vsh

    next, when the psp has started I re-insert the memory then load another hb..

    repeat the steps to load another game

    It works all the time.

    the only problem is . when you forget to do this procedure you will need to delete the hbl again, and reinstall the fresh hbl109.

    Im trying to test what hen is writing on the hbl that results on this problem.

    I hope wololo will help us.. thanks wololo and total_noobs

  13. ROBIN_PHIL says:

    thank u, thank u, its works!!! i use iso loader so i can play my fav. games.. but it was lag when it comes in movies in game.. why??? but anyway thanks..

  14. exequiel philippines says:

    is there any way to start the HOMEBREW without removing the memory card?
    for my psp 3001.. cause my homebrew only start when restarting the vsh and removing the memory while restarting it…

  15. andrewb23 says:

    @exe philippine, indeed

    it seems for now, to some of us who still crashes at loading from xmb, we have to rely on this trick.

    hope someone fixes TN-A HEN though, a small patch perhaps that would prevents all of us from crashing during loading homebrews.

    FLAME helped us to not crash when loading TN HEN from HBL.

    developers, it’s your time to shine!!!

  16. andrewb23 says:

    i wonder though, what’s the connection of removing the memory back and forth to make homebrews not crash. think about this devs. here lies the holy grail of the crash mystery. gudluck to all!!!

  17. edinho2010 says:

    on 6.31 invalid firmwear , OpenIdea Iso Loader, cant load

  18. leon says:


    ppl, im using 1gb sony pro stick duo the other day and everytime i run a homebrew it crashes..i follow this steps of removing of mem card and restarting vsh menu and inserting back the memory card and it worked but it kind of tasky job.

    i have this new sony stick pro 8gb hg hx, after flashing the hen i tried not to do the earlier steps and tried directly to load the game and it worked..i dont have to do all that steps..just check on this maybe this will help..

    thnx to all responsible with this psp hacking success!!

  19. psp3007 says:

    psp3007 from taiwan works, 6.20 TN-A, ISO loader works too.

    have to perform remove memory card/restart vsh menu trick to launch.

    thanks to those who took part in its development.

  20. nazao says:

    im srry but where does the patch go? thx

  21. Linfcstmr says:

    My friend’s PXP is g4 type and it works! USE the Liquidzigong’s Prometheus Iso Loader .Now we can play the MonsterHunterP3 together! thx!

    Prometheus Iso Loader[Liquidzigong]:
    [Some other country can not connect it,sorry.(The site is in CN)]

  22. awesomo says:

    for people who cant get it working

    or make sure all plugins are disabled

    worked for me
    psp 3000

  23. giovanni says:

    someone pleeez help me i want to use gpspkai and homers rin again and im getting frustrated my laptops sent away for repair and ill have to go to the library >:( im at 6.35 pro a4 i tried resetting vsh and removing memory stick but wont work i dont use HENs but if u teach me i will no chikhen though i heard its a hassle to start just tell me a hen and how to start it what folder to put it in and ill try resetting vsh with hen enabled and thats it plz help thanks

  24. giovanni says:

    oh and quick, question with “6.35pro b” do you need to run a hen to play gpspkai because if you dont then ill just update to that and have they made fast recovery for it?

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