TN Hen will be released for 6.35


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  1. Kirsten says:

    i really need this hen for 6.35
    i just updated my psp to this firmware version without even knowing its disadvantage and now, i cant even play my psp with an iso and cso..hpe dis hen wud be release soon

  2. Kirsten says:

    thankss noobpwnr

  3. katsumots9 says:

    wooohhh!!! go Total_Noob psp users loves you! dont give up on us! 🙂 hope 6.35 cfw will be release before feb. 🙂

  4. noob says:

    Does anyone know when it will come out

  5. fretui says:

    hey i just found out dat total_noob is goin to reloease d hen on 16 january 2011!!!!

    i m surprised by dis one!!!!

  6. nokeepergod says:

    hey i just saw one site of total_noob sayin dat the 6.35 tn hen will be released on 16 january 2011

  7. rtyvnfh says:

    hey i go wid nokeepergods comment he said dat 6.35 tn hen is goin to be released on 16 jan 2010 and yes i found dat one today dat he was not jokin its true i also saw on one site of pspcfw sayin dat one

  8. wololo9999 says:

    hey jus cant wait till jan16 2011

    14 days to go yeaahhh!!!1

    my psp is 6.35 3004

    thanxxxx total_noob

    i love you noobsss

  9. EVEinjecter says:

    I am a huge fan of this site and TN. And I’m really excited to finally get the HEN for 6.35. This site has been a part of my life ever since I got my PSP 3000 for Christmas last year. And I never thought that playing ISOs on it wold ever be possible. Thanks TN and

  10. PspClown says:

    TY TN and Wololo… ty TN for caring about the rest of the masses and ignoring the impatient one’s… learning programming that sht’s hard just beging my borean alg(Stoner), so I have the patience to wait a month(or year) for something so cool as the HEN, do what u do TN U rock. and like KHYLEBRA7 said just run ur R109. im running it on my 3001 God of war edition ofw 6.35… and i have snes gba gbc emu’s all working plus varios homebrew on it… so there is much to play with TY again TN and Wololo……………oh and one question i have, i wanna contribute to the psp community how can I, is there a way to give up log error files or what not….. Just dont like being a leech would like to contribute to the PSP community cuz I love my psp…. Id pown a crocodile to get my psp back 😛

  11. Aareon« says:

    lol, funny, anyways just as an update, 6.20 WAS released BEFORE 6.35, which i had a feeling it would, 6.35 has NOT been released, yet. its all good tn, take ur time

  12. Lighter_bulider says:

    A think hi So Busy becuse The Major Code Sony Put in The Offical Firmware 6.35 That way hi is so busy with a Friend of PSPGEn Helping bulider a CFW

  13. ButtKickington says:

    yo i heard this was sposed to come out on 2/14/11 did this come out already or is it still a work in progress or did i hear wrong?

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  2. December 31, 2011

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