Happy Birthday HBL :)


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  1. andy says:

    Happy Birthday

  2. noobpwnr says:

    Happy Birthday HBL, I’ve been with it since r32, and i’m sad to see it go 🙁

  3. noobpwnr says:

    (sorry for double post) But, did m0squit0 only develop the first revision of the HBL, and then stop? Or did he keep coding it until his site was shut down?

  4. noobpwnr says:

    Nevermind forget that question it’s already been answered

  5. cx says:

    ?????thinks wololo

  6. www says:

    happy birthday

  7. Metroid_III says:

    ahh…i remember when you made HBL public, I went to advancedpsp day one. First homebrew I ran was Pong (with Patapon 2 music playing in the background and no normal way of exiting), back then i remember people couldn’t even get simpleturn to work 😆 where we are now, still boggles me. Glad to have been here, to be here, and to have been helpful 🙂

  8. andy says:

    there are many Chinese player waiting for hack.

  9. michi@Philippines says:

    happy birthday!!!

  10. BoNeZz says:

    ahh…looks like ill be sticking around for the hbl scene…because i just updated…
    im sry wololo i cant leav u

  11. ken says:

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday Dear HalfByteLoader,
    Happy birthday to you!!!

  12. ?? says:

    Happy birthday HBL!!

  13. Einhander.Soul says:


    Happy B-Day HBL!!!

    Without this piece of amazing software, we would be at Sony’s mercy and also would not be enjoying any homebrew at all… but, thanks to all of the devs behind it, the PSP-Scene came back to the top at the time where people thought it was gonna be all over…

    The development and creation of HBL changed it all. Not only did it paved way for running homebrew on unhackable PSPs with OFW 5.50+, it also paved the way for an upcoming HEN!

    Keep it up, more power to you HBL and of course you too wololo and the devs!


  14. Landycs_Lam says:

    Thanks for my poor English and make you couldn’t understand what I say.

    The people who got the UMD of MHP3rd said, the UMD contain a upgrade,
    then you can select to update you OFW to play the game or holp you FW below 6.36,of courese,you can not enjoy your Hunter’s life.

    As you know, $ony still not publish the OFW 6.36
    So,only the MH3rd UMD owner got the OFW6.36

  15. PowerLiner says:

    thanks dude I understand now 😀

    but the question is.. what would OFW 6.36 update?
    does it give some new feature to the psp to run MHP3rd or does it fix a possible exploit?

  16. ravander says:

    Good news!!

    I have psp3000 6.20 and for the first time now
    using r110 I got Republic of Zombies to work!!
    FINALLY! Amazing homebrew game!

    Thanks devs!

  17. Landycs_Lam says:

    I don’t know…
    I just a player and I don’t know the technology of hack.
    And $ony never announced any thing about 6.36…
    Who know?Just $ony know and the hacker who got the OFW 6.36know

    In my opinion,6.36 just delay the ISO come out to protec the sales of MHP3rd…As we know MHP is the Top Sales game in PSP,PSP2 will come out soon(may be…),$ony may want to get a great value of PSP before it disappear
    I think (*???)

  18. andryXoX says:

    Happy Birthday HBL

  19. Dallox says:

    Hey Wololo!
    Just a fan question: What project are you gonna work after HBL & WTH?

    Thx for all your work!

  20. haitechan says:

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños! You guys are awesome and I really hope you celebrate many more :D.

  21. 6fran says:

    Joyeux anniversaire !! to HBL and it’s great devs 🙂

  22. PSP Owner says:

    Happy Birthday HBL!!

  23. Golden_BARS95 says:

    Happy Birthday HBL!

  24. Total_noob says:

    Happy birthday Hbl!

  25. josu389 says:

    Happy Birthday HBL!!!!!

  26. MUD says:

    Wagic little brother turned 1, thats grate.
    Happy Birthday HBL Wagic gets no attention because of you, you little dipper stinker upper.

  27. wololo says:

    @MUD: haha don’t worry, we started alpha testing for Wagic 0.14 just today, we should have something ready before Christmas 🙂

  28. sankait11 says:

    Happy Birthday HBL!!!!!

  29. olivahh says:

    happy bday HBL! more power to all..

  30. jlo138 says:

    @Wololo, You should do a Happy BirthDay HBL and make it Revision HBD. I been here since R79. I have not gone past R99 since on my Go everything plays just fine as far as emulators with exception of N64 but I can do without that. Keep up the GREAT work!

    Question for anyone willing to answer… I am interested in the PSN Download of the new Worms game. I am on OFW 6.20 with my Go. Does anybody know if this game requires higher firmware to play? I obviously do not want to update and if the answer is yes, then I simply will do without the game.

    Also, maybe someone should start a Gaming OFW List in the forum showing what games play on what firmwares. Example: I can provide all my games in a list. They all run on 6.20. Just a thought.

  31. Lolz says:

    Merry Christmas!


  32. toBsucht says:

    Happy b-day i wish you long life 🙂 ^and 4 me a new look 4 this page – it´s heavy 2 view the latest hbl post or find anything by searching @ this site..heck

  33. sofiane de france says:

    joyeux anniversaire
    joyeux anniversaire
    joyeux anniversaire halfbyteloader
    joyeux anniversaire !!!
    1 ans dega gg

  34. Cheeseballs says:

    I hope they release HBL for 6.35 since its its birthday… I wish my friend hadnt of been stupid and updated me as a JOKE. Not funny- I punched him.

  35. amy says: