OFW6.35 doesn’t patch the kexploit used for TN Hen


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  1. Arvind says:

    Thats exactly my point. We have to conserve these exploits.

  2. Brian says:


  3. Roberto1 says:

    No it should work right off the XMB

  4. awais says:

    so, when you guys reckon the hack will be ready for 6.35

  5. jlo138 says:

    I have psp go with 6.20. I’m not going to update just yet. I like to know if we will be able to purchase games from psn and play them without updating using this and maybe a firmware spoofer of some sort.

  6. 409513600 says:

    ????? ????….

  7. DarkM888 says:

    So was it a bad idea updating my psp to 6.35?

  8. Suplayer says:

    I think it was the worst thing you have done… I am having a (PITA) i just bought my psp1001 and found out it has a 6.35ofw on it…. man i was goin to kill my self out of anger.
    i went back to the shop and they said it used to have cfw on it.
    so dont get me wrong i didnt update it.
    SO is there any way to rollback the old cfw?
    pleeeeeeeeeeease hlp…..wololo…… cry for hlp from africa..
    (sory 4 the long post)

  9. neil says:

    if it has cfw before therefore its hackable, then you may use pandora battery and magic memory stick 🙂 search for it, i’ve done it my self

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