Day 1 HBL on OFW 6.35!


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  1. VllnHalf says:


    Google translate makes me laugh so much: “Look at 6.35 it is also a cup”

  2. PowerLiner says:

    @ brian “how do i buy hotshot golf on my psp go if i cannot access the psn store because it requires me to update the firmware?”

    1- get media go
    2- sign in
    3- buy and download golf game
    4- connect psp to pc.
    5- as soon as psp is connected and you here are *tu-du* sound in windows go to you’re downloads folder in media go and click pause on the psp update.
    (media go recognizes that you have older version)
    6- then select the golf game and drag it to your psp > Games folder in media go.
    7- after everything is transferred disconnect your psp.

    and you’re done 🙂

  3. brian says:

    i cant get media go on my computer because it requires windows xp and up but i have windows 2000 and also i have no internet on my computer because of viruses. i only use my psp go and ps3 to use the internet to avoid getting viruses.

  4. PowerLiner says:


    wow, talking about stoneage (no-offence) 🙂
    well I don’t think there is an other option left… (atleast for now)

    but there is a possibility someone releases an OFW6.30/31 demo exploit
    OR someone finds an exploit in OFW6.35 and releases it before OWF6.36…
    OR (even better) you can ask a friend politely if you can install media go and delete it afterwards.

    hope you get hbl before Total_Noob releases T_N Hen. 🙂

  5. brian says:

    why do i have to get hbl before tn hen comes out? isnt hbl and hen the same thing almost?
    i dont think a demo exploit will be found because psp demo come out like once a month
    but cant i buy hoyshot golf on a ps3 and copy it to my psp go?

  6. brian says:

    so is 6.20 hen and 6.31 hen going to be released at the same time?

  7. noobpwnr says:

    Hahahaha sony fails

  8. ohyeah says:

    any website you can refer me to an official 6.20 firmware? Still using 5.55, and looking for a good game that has 6.20 update…

  9. PowerLiner says:


    as far as I’ve seen the videos on youtube.
    I don’t own a ps3 so I don’t know if copying is possible..

  10. kirby1997 says:

    Sorry for double post.
    Whats this about? Is this a different exploit to the one that Neur0n had found or is this a different one and it says “with thanks form wololo and mamosuke”.

  11. Lolz says:

    One day is impressive. This guy needs to work for Sony.

  12. Shinny says:

    hey wololo hows your progres on ofw 6.35 btw is there any links for neoron hbl???

  13. Shinny says:

    sorry neuron

  14. Noobpwnr says:

    I believe you can buy the game on your PS3 and copy it to your PSP

  15. jack says:

    can anyone know how to hack psp go 6.31 for gba game or whatever

    just give me the link of those homebrew

    and step by step to hack it. appreciate!!!

  16. evil_iori says:

    does HBL for this FW already exist?