TN Hen: almost there


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  1. Pacific says:

    Why is it saying there are 72 comments, when there are only 66?

  2. Pacific says:

    @Alex, as long as your PSP Go is at a current firmware of 6.20 or lower, the HEN will work for you.

    If it’s 6.30/6.31, you’ll have to wait for it to be ported to the Golf exploit.

    If it’s 6.35, then I’m sorry for your loss of homebrew.

  3. w7y7a7t7t says:

    since psp firmware 6.35 was released does that mean TN is now gonna port his hen to 6.31, or he is waiting for a newer firmware release?

  4. Lay says:

    do u know the means of gelivable?haha

  5. jp says:

    I have a question about hen, if this is working almost completely, can’t you run a downgrade on the psp-3000 and go back to 5.03 and then enable CFW? i’m not very knowledgeable on the model’s motherboard but if it hasn’t changed since the first psp-3000, isn’t it possible to do so?

  6. bunk3r says:

    wololo w7y7a7t7t it right, what happens now that sony already updated their firmware to 6.35 ? does noob will port it to 6.31 or he wasent expecting that sony will reac that fast ?

  7. JOJO says:

    Happy Thanksgiving !Expecting more news. ^^

  8. seitentaisei says:

    im so excited about this! i was waiting for this since i bought psp 3000 with version 5.5. thanks for making HBL coz it made the wait for HEN worthwhile. Thanks wololo and TN. 😀

  9. Joey says:

    Wololo about to contact TN, he seems to login every day between 12:00 and 14:00 @ pspking, you may try to PM him there if it’s necessary 😉

  10. john says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Wololo and Total Noob. We are thankfull for what you have done all for us psp fans. And we thankful for Total Noob for bringing 6.20 TN HEN to all psp’s.. And Wololo for all the HBL… You guys are awsome.. Enjoy Thanksgiving!!

  11. Artoro says:

    Ordered by most important:
    Will the homebrew loader run Daedalus?
    And can we please have a PS1 emulator? XD

    Yes, begging is good :DD

  12. CHONO says:

    psp programer need i dont care who u r expert or noob

    email at

  13. goku says:


  14. ?? says:

    you are good luck for you

  15. theneil says:

    since 6.35 is out does anyone know when total noob is releasing his HEN? I don’t mean to sound impatient but i can’t wait play homebrew off the xmb screen!!!

  16. john says:

    release 6.20 TN HEN

  17. ohyeahh says:

    cant wait to back up my UMDs, isoloader or not, still this is the best xmas gift

  18. cristian says:

    hey will this play any custom themes and gameboots

  19. McPhail says:

    @ Christian
    Its already been mentioned that TN’s HEN will NOT incorporate a ISO/CSO loader. As such, if its not Homebrew, dont expect it to run on TN’s HEN.

    HOWEVER, as again, mentioned in the post, theres a number of ISO loaders that depend on the exploited kernel, which are being developed as we speak. Some say they will be released within a day or same day as TN’s HEN, others say wait up to a month.

    The verdict? Be patient, and wait for the awesomesauce.

  20. Wow says:

    I bought my PSP a month ago and there has not been opened yet seals.

    Box in the PSP’s firmware is 6.20.

    Only you are the light ray for my PSP…

  21. wika says:

    when will you upload it?please quickly ?thanks?

  22. john says:

    hoping for a release by today or tommorrow :]

  23. ?STANBUL says:

    6.20 tn hennnn plzzzzzzzz commmannnnnnnnnnn
    2010 :[

  24. kim says:

    Why is that HBL109 keeps freezing my psp 3000?

  25. CrapLoad says:

    buy used psp OFW ver 5.03 and stop complaining… tomorrow may never come..haha!!! the only certain thing in life is DEATH!!

  26. Ahmet says:


    6.20 TN-A WHEN PUBLISED ??? and ISOLOADER Is it possible to add? when publ?shed :))

    thanks versiyon 5.50 :((

  27. CrapLoad says:

    ISO loader will be blocked! thats why TotalNoob worked hard on his HEN to block any ISO loading attemps. good luck to us all crappers!!!

  28. CoolKid says:

    do anyone have any predictions on when 6.20 TN HEN will release?

  29. Basilman says:

    Kill the batman?

  30. CrapLoad says:

    Total Noob clearly states that ISO loading is illegal. therefore he BLOCKS any future plug-ins that would attempt to load ISO’s. TN’s HEN will only run homebrews, no more no less. Finish.

  31. Nick says:

    @CrapLoad If ISO loading is blocked, people will find a way, if they can crack official sony code, they can crack TNs, plain and simple.

  32. CoolKid says:

    @yea i agree with nick. hackers will find a way crack TN iso loading.. speeking of TN when is it coming out?

  33. Brian says:


  34. CrapLoad says:

    @Nick what are u talking about? “if they can crack official sony code, they can crack TNs, plain and simple.” what THEY? only TN is the one who ever cracked OFW 6.20. so that it means Tn is the only one who knows the anatomy of the firmware. TN make sure that his HEN is unhackable thats why he is working so hard to protect it. its already finish and ready to be released but still he is making sure that plug-ins wont work especially ISO loaders. there is no chance that it will load ISO’s…

  35. fuck psp says:

    You can do what it says