Visual Menu 1.2 for HBL


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32 Responses

  1. rafael707 says:

    thanks guys

  2. Dan says:

    Wagic isn’t a good game anyway, I tired playing it and some of the text just flew off the screen. Looks like a cheap pdf slide show to me.

  3. wololo says:

    @Dan: modesty aside, Wagic is by far one of the most polished homebrew games on the PSP. Just try a bit harder, and go past the first impression is the only thing I can recommend πŸ˜‰

  4. TN HEN :D says:

    @ wololo

    I can’t download this.
    It just says:
    You will be redirected to in 3 seconds. If your browser doesn’t redirect you, please click here.

  5. MitMakis says:

    I get the same problem too.

  6. wololo says:

    @TN HEN πŸ˜€ and MitMakis: try another browser, and try to not set your privacy settings too high.

  7. ?? says:

    It looks nice?and I love the background jpg?light and L?XD

  8. TN HEN :D says:

    I tried every browser I have

    used chrome: didn’t work
    used ie9 beta: didn’t work
    used opera: worked
    used firefox: worked
    used safari for windows: worked

  9. Irfan says:

    i cant start any homebrew using the visual menu

  10. Surfee says:

    i canβ€˜t wait for 6.20TN?????

  11. Surfee says:

    i can’t wait for 6.20TN!!

    Please God????

  12. ?? says:

    I’m sorry but the download link point to v1.1 but not v1.2,will u fix it?

  13. yellow says:

    did you try mozila firefox

  14. yellow says:

    ok what can i do with this anything i press it just crash???

  15. linrjun says:

    wow,my first time in the first page!

  16. ka0zx3 says:

    Hi, im have this visualmenu (Browse supporte version) on my psp Go, fw 6.31, with the hot shots golf exploit, hbl r107.
    And it works perfect, i see all of my hemebrews and i can play them just like in the Wmenu…. thankz 4 dizz kool MENU..!! keep it up neur0n πŸ˜€

  17. wololo says:

    @Irfan and Yellow: this is a menu for HBL, so you need to put it in the hbl/menu folder, not in your homebrew folder.

    Sorry for stating the obvious here, but does that help?

  18. Sahil says:

    Here is simple installation guys –
    1.Connect PSP to PC and open the hbl folder.
    2.You will see many folders in the hbl folder that you just opened.
    3.Delete the menu folder from the hbl folder.
    4.Now, extract the visual menu rar/zip file to your desktop and after extraction you will get a folder named menu.
    5.Now, copy the menu folder your just extracted from your desktop to the hbl folder that you opened quite a while ago.
    6.You can also overwrite the menu folder with the new one, but I suggest delete the earlier one and then paste the new one in the hbl folder.
    7.Start hbl, get the awesomeness of the new menu.

  19. Nikos0067 says:

    nice ^^

  20. Cz says:

    wow,my first time in the first page!

  21. DoS says:

    did you know that you can hold upto like 40 games on one menu so the wmenu will be better for Right now

  22. broam says:

    lol this menu is awesome! i like the first page πŸ˜‰

  23. Vince says:

    You know how if you put more backgrounds in wMenu, it will randomly loop?
    Well is that the same with visual menu?
    Also, are they looking into why it doesn’t display wagic? πŸ™‚
    thanks again wololo, this is an awesome release. ^^

  24. kirby1997 says:

    For some reason when I’m on the new visual menu the music wont play or is that the music wont play. Am I the only one who it doesn’t work for?

    I am using Everybody’s golf rev 109.

  25. 3xpl0it says:

    Right now I’ll stick with the old menu until neur0n updates this to play ALL homebrews. I have to keep switching menus to play my homebrews. So I’ll just go ahead and wait for a way better update

  26. Jorge says:

    Is going to be a very cool when is done……. but for now it has those bugs that are kind of annoying.-
    when i go to my memory stick to browse the music files can’t do anything…(What is the point on that)and when i go back to the emulators some of the icons are missing and show the one it say’s no picture.
    also.. is a cranky sound after selecting some thing.
    I have psp30001 6.20 whit HBL R109.

    Thanks anyways

  27. Magic Man says:

    Oh yeah, wagic… Whatever happened to that?

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