TN Hen: Should you update to OFW 6.31?


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69 Responses

  1. Kobe says:

    @Tomcluse: thanks man for the info/update , hopefully wololo will see it post an article bout it on this site

  2. PSP Owner says:

    how can I play psx eboots on psp ?

  3. Chris says:

    @wololo: What does VSH exploit even mean???

  4. Picolo says:

    actually, did TN share his project to other developer?
    so that they could develop the iso loader, cfw and bla bla bla.. from now
    tired waiting @@

  5. Muffinheadicus says:

    Ok everybody,
    See what, NoUserName, said?

    This is precisely what I have been saying from the beginning about these exploits. If Sony should even choose to make a move, this is exactly what will happen. How do I know?

    A: History! Plain and simple. Nintendo does it this way as well with that whole R4 debacle.

    It would be advantageous to release the latest because it will be immediately patched anyway! Releasing 6.20 leaves a door open to patch all ahead of it, BEFORE 6.31 exploit is even released. Sony has a ‘team’ too. And, they shouldnt be underestimated. You thnk that they dont come through these forums and stay on top of issues like this?

  6. PSP Owner says:

    my post dont show why?
    I asked an help and it is been not posted
    if I asked any help regarding psp will it be posted or not ?

  7. wololo says:

    @PSP Owner: I can’t find any post from you in the “spam” folder, so I think it just didn’t get posted at all. Connection issue maybe?

  8. cevacomic says:

    Let’s don’t forget that it was Wololo to tell us to UPDATE to 6.20 … and now is telling us “The short answer is: NO, if you want a hacked PSP, NEVER upgrade, that’s the basic rule.” … Aren’t you a little confused Wololo ?

  9. wololo says:

    @cevacomic: I’m not confused at all, I’m trying to come up with simple answers that everybody can understand. The truth is much more complicated, and depends on your psp model, as well as what you are trying to achieve with it.
    My answer right now concerns only the choice between 6.20 and 6.31.

    For example, if you have a PSP3000 on 5.03 now, I wouldn’t suggest to update at all.

    If you have a PSP3000 between 5.05 and 6.31, I suggest you do not move until the Hen is released.
    If you have a PSPGo, I suggest you upgrade to 6.20 since that’s the firmware where HBL is the most tested and reliable on this machine. But then again, maybe you want to play official games…

    So, yeah, for the Hen my answer is still valid, and for HBL my answer is still valid. There are general rules, and rules for specific cases 😉

  10. sandesh says:

    @kodex, THANKS… UR A LIFE SAVER! 🙂

  11. grewolf says:

    Just stay on lower firmware because its logical. Why? because if tn releases his hen on 6.20, you’ll be the first to enjoy it, and if tn releases his hen on 6.31, you can just update your firmware. But if you’ve done otherwise,you can never downgrade to a lower firmware. Actually its just playing safe.

  12. cevacomic says:

    Why did you deleted my comment wololo ?

  13. cevacomic says:

    sorry … cookie problems

  14. ahhhh says:

    i wont upgrade to hen for about 6 months since it’s release date

  15. NoUserName says:

    Wololo, do you think that sony wont patch the golf exploit when they know that that exploit will be used after they release a new firmware.

    They will patch the both exploits (the kernel one and golfs exploits)

    So, I cant see the advantage of releaseing it for 6.20 …

    PD: sorry for my bad english…

  16. eslongo says:

    I am sad. I had to update my psp go when I bought it in order to use it and now it looks like TN will not port his hen to 6.31 unless or until Sony releases a new firmware which could be never. 🙁

  17. wololo fan says:

    wololo i think 6.31 should be released first then 6.20 because i am stuck at 6.31 so i am hoping that he just port it to 6.31

  18. wololo fan too says:

    6.31? make it only for 6.20 please? so psp owners with 6.31 can experience the agony of waiting more than a year for a HEN (or possibly CFW) to come out, lol just kiddin’…

  19. CrAzY3AGL3 says:

    dont you get it TN said its coming for 6.20 first

  20. wololo fan says:

    to crazy3agl3 and wololo fan too i herd that hes gonna do 6.31 first then 6 month after then he gonna release it for 6.31 and i hope he gonna release it for 6.31 first because i got hot shots and i got the hbl set up and the people (and me) in the world are stuck at 6.31 so i am hoping for 6.31 first and then 6.20

  21. CrAzY3AGL3 says:

    wololo fan Dont you get it the Creator Total Noob said that he release 6.20 first he never said that he will release it for 6.3x he will release it for 6.20 first then he will for sony to release new fw or see what sonny patch up,and then he release it for 6.30/31

  22. wololo fan too says:

    TNs gonna make it for 6.20, and will only make 6.31 later on after a new official firmware is released by sony…

  23. CrAzY3AGL3 says:

    and new official firmware may never happent so 6.20 is at its best

  24. wololo fan too says:

    lol heard it’s gonna be 6.20 first and 6.31 when sony releases a new firmware, it’s fair enough to be released on 6.20 first we’ve waited more than a year already

  25. Dukowski says:

    I think the best is make a downgrader 6.31 -> 6.20, If everyone upgrades to 6.31, everyone will buy hot shots golf just for that and this is a cost we can avoid. The problem will be for the PSP Go owners that wants to buy games.

  26. wololo fan says:

    crazyagle3 i think is better to port it to 6.31 and the people who stuck at 6.31 may have a cahnce for running homebrews so i prefer to port it first to 6.31 and then 6.20

  27. Ricardo says:

    hey wahts up, I wonder if I can hack my psp again, cuz I didnt know about this and accidentaly I updated my psp with the 6.31.dam….. I now my psp its not hacked anymore, is there a way to hacked my psp again? what about if I put the 5.50d2 again? please help me.

    I didnt know about this 🙁