Please don’t ask me to send you Total_Noob’s HEN


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  1. wololo says:

    @jccarbon: my email account was not hacked. I think “john” is just doing some kind of prank and counts how many of you will ask him for the files 🙂
    Edit: Also I think that people who have the skills to hack an email address should use these skills to hack the PSP rather than people’s email 🙂

  2. Nick says:

    Wololo and Total_Noob, you guys are absolutely awesome, the things that you guys have achieved for all us PSP users will never be forgotton. I cant wait for the HEN man, its gonna be a great early christmas gift.

    And for all the people bugging you guys (wololo and total_noob) about ISO and CSO cupport, TOTAL_NOOB IS NOT GOING TO MAKE A LOADER FOR THOSE. The only possibilities are that:

    1) Total_Noob makes a firmware downgrader (Possible but unlikely).
    2) That some other team takes on the project and makes a loader (more likely, but still might never happen).

    I wouldnt mind the ISO/CSO cupport myself but im not going to nag people about it, just be patient people! If it happens it happens if it doesnt it doesnt. If you dont like those odds, make one yourself or just shut up.

  3. alejandro says:


    man! first time I here it. What is cso cupport? you say it.

  4. Nick says:

    Hahahaha! Oops, i meant to say “support”, my bad.

  5. Nick says:

    Just noticed i spelled it “cupport” twice… LOL, i fail.

  6. thiago says:

    as I said before.
    guys take your time.
    I’m ashamed for the other guys bad arguments to have the hen.

  7. chris says:

    Is Half Byte loader ever going to be released from now on???

  8. chris says:

    Is Half Byte loader ever going to be released from now on????

  9. chris says:

    Sorry about the double comment.

  10. Iggy says:

    “My wife had to sign a NDA for the privilege of being in the same room as me when I tested this.”

    And why did you bother marrying a woman you obviously don’t trust? I REALLY hope that was a joke.

  11. chris says:

    @Iggy: I think it was joke.( To people who think how I’m commenting on school time: My 4th period and 6th period lets me use the computer:-)
    @Wololo: I was wondering how old you are.( Because I don’t see much adults playing games and hacking psp’s )

  12. chris says:

    btw, what does NDA mean????

  13. Pako says:

    Hey Wololo!!! I’m about to graduate and it’ll really be nice to have Total noob’s HEN sent, so I can play homebrew… how does that sound? will you send it to me??? My daughter who is 8 months would like to have it too… LOL

  14. Pako says:


    I’m one of those adults who play videogames, not only psp, but also at home. My wife hates me when I play and don`t listen to her!!!!

  15. Norml says:

    Sweet so this means your giving it away to everyone! YES! Thanks.

  16. Ameretat says:

    @JullinXboX A principio, rodar ISO’s não é a intenção do Total_Noob.
    O Blog do Wololo é em inglês, logo se pressupõe que esta é a lingua que ele entende e que ele quer que o povo utilize aqui, mesmo que ele entenda outras é falta de educação postar em qualquer outra lingua que não inglês.

    I’m sad for the ISO’s, at first sight, because of the piracy we will not be able to play our PS1 games in our portable, but lets keep with the hope that someone will work on it.

  17. Dos says:

    100th comment hahah in your face!!!!!!!!!

  18. Alien says:

    HEN Davee restart of the PSP and the HEN of TotalNoob not. Both have the same access privileges to the Kernel?


  19. equis says:

    It’s very funny to see people asking for the T_N HEN send to them in a post asking for not asking for the HEN 😀

  20. williand says:

    wait what wollo is giving the hen out??????????????????

  21. williand says:

    im right their with ya equis people need to settle down and just wait for the TN hen

  22. wololo says:

    @Iggy : that was obviously a joke lol, I’m surprised you even ask. My wife doesn’t give a *** about PSP hacking by the way. The only thing she has to say about it is “I never realized there were so many otakus in the world” 😀

    @Chris: I’m 28. I think more than half of the PSP hackers are adults actually. But we don’t play videogames, mostly, no time for that 😀
    Regarding HBL, we are still working on it, we have a few things in progress, but progress has been slow since moskito left, and both JJS and myself are busy with other things. Obviously, the upcoming release of the HEN has made us “relax” a bit, and we’ll see what’s going on in the weeks to come.

  23. D0nk3yPunch3r says:

    I didnt know moskito left! thats one lest dev. what happened?

  24. bloodymary says:

    ok man

  25. joejoejoe says:

    Wait mosquito left :'(

  26. wololo says:

    moskito announced after the closure of his forums that he would not be active in the scene anymore, although he’s still monitoring what’s going on of course 🙂
    (Edit: his main reason is that he’s very busy with his new job if I remember correctly)

  27. Lukz93 says:

    jaja no viejo por favor diganme que hay algo para 6.30 pq me la corto .

    wololo , plz tell me there are something for the 6.30 , holyshit

  28. John says:

    obvious though, “how come the hen is on torrent sites” it confirmed to be real too… thats how I got mine. dont believe me then look for “6.20 TN HEN Beta 2 torrent”

  29. John says:

    @Wololo, could the HEN use hellcats recovery app on it? and Yay wagic gonna run in full !!!!!!! lol lmao

  30. williand says:

    Theirs no way john u got it nah i dont beleive ya im trying to download the torrent but it no want to u should send it to me at i wanna c 4 real

  31. wololo says:

    @everyone: I wouldn’t trust these “6.20 HEN torrents” if I were you. Google search leads to TPB links that do not exist, and the file is apparently roughly 30MiB which is way too much.
    Be careful not to download something that might be dangerous for your PSP.

    @John: Wagic already runs perfectly fine on HBL, you don’t need a HEN for that.

  32. PSP Owner says:

    hey does anyone know where TN lives? so that we can check every weekeds his blog

  33. PSP Owner says:

    his last blog was at 16/10/10 and it’s a way big days !!
    will it be release in Nov 1-5 ?

  34. PSP Owner says:


    Do you know which are the features left for the HEN ?
    I will love to read 🙂 :}

  35. PSP Owner says:

    hey plz everyone wololo TN and all plz make a CFW because PSP is made to play PSP game not Homebrew games and I know it Illegal but plz I am counting on you all plz plz plz Ibeg you !!!!!!!!!!!

  36. rafael707 says:


    1.Does this “HEN” have access to all system resources, like cfw?

    2.Is this HEN capable of High Memory Mod, to allow the use of the full 64Mb of ram?

    3.Is it more stable than HBL at the moment?

    4.Does this HEN have access to kernel prx modules?

    hope you reply, and thanks for your work

  37. Wolfdawg says:

    did you already pick the person for the PS3break?

  38. chris says:

    @Pako: Thanks for the reply.

  39. chris says:

    I agree to “equis”.
    We just have to patient.( I know I’m not a patient guy, but there is nothing I can do about it. I just got to be patiet )

  40. chris says:

    @Wololo: Thanks for the reply!!
    And did you know that “otaku” is a Japanese word?( I can speek, write, and read Japanese better than English. ) I went to school there for 7years. I lived there for 8 and half years )